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Happy New Year. :)

[ Which is, of course, notable only in that it puts her give or take six months ahead of the timeline she was working prior to her arrival here. But putting words to it anchors her. ]

This is Natasha Romanoff. Looks like I'm experiencing a little WonderlandTM Amnesia. If you could fill me in on the particulars of how we knew each other, I'd appreciate it.

And, while I admire everyone's patience with new arrivals, feel free to spare me the welcome packet. "Welcome to Wonderland, you can't leave by your own design, sometimes people come and go +/- their memories of Wonderland." I think I've managed to sift through most of the basics.
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How we knew each other.

What if I just made something up?
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Not really, I just gotta believe in myself.

What about two lies and a truth?
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[Hey, he knows the Black Widow relatively well on that basis, fun enough to play.]

We shared ice cream. Filled a room with glitter. Tied someone to a chair.
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Only one of those actually happened, but I'll maintain all three seemed likely.

Sure you did. I'm very likeable.
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Not even each other. Whatever, day's long.

[He's likely not serious and even though it's hard to convey tone over text, especially given she's never to her memory talked to him, he figures that would translate anyway.]
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Seemed festive. Also an annoyance, which is fitting.

[If she knew the person whose room it was, she'd understand.]

Ice cream I can do. The weather's just right for it.
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Oh, I know. I spoke Russian for a while. But I just like the cold.

[Theme appropriate and true. He thinks the weather's lovely right now.]
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So that ice cream offer stands. Whenever you're done being told what you think about people.
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Either that or I don't like people. Don't think you're all that trusting though, so this has to be interesting.
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That's what I like so much about you. The charming naivety.
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Me? Nah, just your average crook.
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I've had it for years, you get used to it. Leonard Snart.

Nice to meet you again.
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