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[video forever] Jesus loves the little children.

[Alice looks severe. Not angry or happy or anything in particular just...severe. Intense. Intimidating, even in her rouge and lipstick. Maybe because of the lipstick.]

So. It's come to my attention that our morals have gone a bit...lax. While I can't claim to be perfectly sinless, I do think I make a daily effort to better myself and those close to me, and if I'm doing that much, why shouldn't I offer to extend my efforts to the entire mansion?

[She holds up a book. The Good Book, to be precise. You know-- the Bible.]

Starting this Sunday, I'll be hosting a class once a month to remind everyone of the values I know you all hold deep down. As I can't expect everyone to get up at six AM sharp like I always do, I'll simply record my lessons for you. Feel free to reflect on them whenever you have time, but it would please me very much to see some of you in person. I'll be using one of the tea rooms for the recordings, more info TBA!

[She pauses, clearly trying to remember what else she meant to say.]

Oh! There will be coffee and freshly made donuts after every meeting! Everyone is welcome to stop by just for the snack if they so desire.

[The tone of her voice suggests that Alice wouldn't exactly suggest anyone do that.]

Well, thank you all for listening. I hope to have some intriguing discussions this Sunday! God bless!
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six in the morning
are you high
how good are the donuts and coffee

[Alice cannot hope to get Dave up before noon just to attend some Sunday school unless there is a lot of incentive.]
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whoa i think this requires a sample to make sure its up to strider standards
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Donuts sound good. The rest isn't for me.
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I'm Jewish. And also if my Mom turns up here and finds out I've been going to Bible study, she might literally murder you.

[Right after she finishes freaking about everything else her bubbé has been doing.]
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[Just gaping right now.]

...Wow. How did you think that was an okay thing to say?

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I've spent so much time in the company of trolls with lax morals that I'm afraid that... I may have... succumbed to their influence.

It's good to see someone who believes in the value of proper decorum.
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I think I may need a significant amount of... refreshing. Without immediate intervention, it's possible that I may become very.

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What kind of morals?

[Generally, he thinks that that is a really good idea, but... but. He is currently on the way to discard a piece of morals from his own place, very deliberately and it isn't all that easy yet he is doing a relatively good job. So he does not want to undo the process that he has made, because he has been convinced that it is alright but... but it would be easy to complicate things further by strengthening his doubts.

Yet that sounds like a really neat idea in general. He'd be interested.]
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That is a very broad field.

fff I was wondering

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What's that?

[Aang points towards the book. He's never seen it before.]
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What's "the Bible"?

[He's confused. He's never heard of it before.]

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Your pitiful God matters not to my species. We are a race of reality and of law, and what gods we do have are held by few and bring the dooms of many.
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It is necessary and, when the right case arises, very enjoyable.

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