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[River has done everything you are supposed to do. She has wandered the grounds, played with the fish, admired the flowers, then suddenly took notice of the giant mansion that had been looming at the corner of her eye the entire time. She then dutifully entered and took a long walk straight to an empty room. Because that's what she's supposed to do.

It's then that she addresses the communicator that's been in her hand the whole time.

everyone gets bored always saying the same things
i got told i wont wake up and this planets in a corner of the verse no one can reach
no need to threaten anyone

[She pauses to gather her thoughts. There are a lot of them and some of them aren't hers and those ones are making her brain itchy. She's trying her best to be clear.]

people say strange things that have nothing to do with this place
but thats only as important as you make it
whats important is

[What is important? River is not sure she even knows. She scratches at her head and continues.]

too empty for a place thats full
wish i was lost

[That's enough for now. She hits send and leaves the room, and sets off wandering the mansion the way she did the grounds. Her footsteps are heavy in their big combat boots, but she gives a kind of grace to it regardless. She can be found anywhere, looking very lost with big confused eyes that stare like she's constantly in the headlights. She pointedly avoids the labs and the clinic, but has no qualms stepping into, say, the bar or the magic study, although she has no place in either. She touches things a lot.]
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[ Papyrus is just making his normal rounds-- wandering around and making sure that everyone is doing okay, even if he doesn't necessarily talk to everyone. He walks past the bar (pointedly avoided, because alcohol would only slow down his patrol!), and spots the girl, looking lost in every aspect of the word.

he, a towering 6'4 individual, walks into the bar to greet her. ]

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[ A hand touches his chest. he makes a motion as if he were being choked by something... ]

A-A-A GENUINE COMPLIMENT?! SO SOON?! [ he ducks into a small book that he seemingly pulled out of nowhere. He looks like he is absorbed by the contents... ]
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[ If she wanders into the bar while Adaline's there, she'll be treated to a blond with her own sort of grace, seated primly at the bar - not behind it - with a bottle of bourbon and a clean glass. Adaline doesn't drink her bourbon with a n y t h i n g in it. Just neat, with a twist of lemon peel.

That's all you need. Bourbon is to sip, not chug.

When she looks up and sees her new companion (ha), she'll smile and tip her head in greeting. ]

Hello. Are you lost?
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text and preemptive apologies on alex's behalf

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are you high or something
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[ New but not lost. That's lucky. She smiles, but River looks a bit young to partake in what Adaline has in her glass. ]

I was terribly lost my first few days. Still am, sometimes.

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har har
whatever your smoking fork some over to me sometime
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i see you've discovered the closets
whats your deal anyway
afraid to show your face

[Says Alex, like he's not a complete hypocrite.]
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not so much afraid
just physically can't
long story
but enough about me
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do you mean like
god or something
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What the fuck are you talking about.

[Mark him down as more than a little freaked right now. He capitalized that sentence and everything.]
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[Oh holy god what is this.

Is this some kind of sick joke? What the hell?]

alright. i think we got off on the wrong foot here
let's start over
My name's Alex. What's yours
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[Okay. Okay, then. Assuming that isn't some kind of code-name, sure. Now he's got a name to go with the creepy, slightly-maybe-fatidic texts?]


[He really doesn't want to pursue this. God but he really, really doesn't. But, shit, he needs to be sure.]

what was that you meant before about "he"
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depends on who you're talking about

[He's still playing this close to the chest. No guarantee this person's talking about the various "he's" Alex is thinking of.]

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