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[Chloe adjusts the camera so that it's pointing directly at her face. She angles her device just a bit more.]

So, hi.

[She shifts in her seat, a little uneasy. Jeez, this is awkward. Chloe clears her throat.]

Right. So, I was hoping to get a little help--

[Chloe stops abruptly, realizing that Max could see this video. She briefly adjusts the settings on her device (her face suddenly out of focus) and locks the video from Max. After making sure that her settings are updated, Chloe angles the camera one more time.]

[Locked from Max]
Right, sorry about that. Didn't want Max to see this. But anywaaaay...

[She stretches the last word a little longer, then returns to her usual clipped tone.]

So, the thing is, I wanna take my girlfriend out on a date but I have no fucking clue where to bring her in Wonderland.

[Yes, it's Chloe's fault for not exploring. But the lure of her bedroom is always sooo tempting.]

All we've done is watch movies.

[She tries not to roll her eyes, but fails anyway.]

Max is a real geek and all but I really wanna take her somewhere more exciting. Ideas, anyone?
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So, one moment you're on video and the next it's... gone.

[She's not saying that Chloe's hiding something, but Chloe sure is hiding something.]
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video; private

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[Which is true. Max has been cooped up in her room, feeling all mopey and depressed.

All the same she tries to put on a curious smile.]

Who were you trying to message?
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Because I was spying on you. Obviously.

[She smirks.]

Videos don't watch themselves. [She shrugs.] Was it Tim? [She kinda hopes it wasn't.]
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[Max crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow at the screen, the corner of her mouth threatening to break into a smile.]

Do you often greet your phone with a hi and ask it for help?

[But meh- if it's not Tim, or some other crazy person, then she won't push so hard.]
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[And there's the smile. A grin, even.]

Har har. You know- yes, my phone does help me out. It can do this.
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Sorry. Couldn't resist. [Max smiles back, sheepish.]
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[Trying to get rid of Max, huh?

Well, fine, she's play along, but don't think Chloe's little mystery is forgotten so easily!

She waves back.]

Bye, Chloe.
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[ the girl in the video looks kind of awkard to be asking for advice, but elena finds it endearing, tbh. ]

Does she like bowling?
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[ her smile twitches softly. ]

Fourth floor, room 116; it's right across from the movie theater. My best friend thought this place could use a youth center. There's bowling lanes, a video arcade, a laser tag room, roller skates... I'm pretty sure you could find something you'd both enjoy.
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Yup. [ elena's smile widens into a grin. she loves her bon bon. ] We both know how it feels to go stir crazy in between events when there's nothing to do. [ all that's left, in that case, is to find ways to make things interesting on your own. ]
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It's been there for a while now, and if I'm being honest, it could probably use more publicity, but ... [ a sheepish shrug of her shoulders. ] Something is always happening. [ if it's not an event, someone from home arrives, or an original vampire kidnaps her.

u know.
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[ the mention of booze makes her smirk. ]

You're actually not the first person to suggest booze.

[ with damon, there's always booze. specifically bourbon. ]
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Locked from Max

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[James does't know Max or Chloe, but he understands these woes so, so well. He's excited for them though, so he babbles on for a while.]

That's always a tough one, but luckily for you my wife and I have become experts at improvising Wonderland dates, and I'm willing to impart out wisdom onto you.

One of the best things you can do is take advantage of all the empty rooms here. Since they can be magically redecorated, you can always make one into whatever you want for a change of scenery. [He puts a hand to his chin and hums, thinking about it.] ...It's probably a bit cold now, but picnics are a good idea too. Lily and I go on them all the time.

Finally, just be ready to take any opportunity that comes your way. Naturally it's hard to plan for events, but now and then Wonderland will toss something at us that would make for a good date. Almost like a vacation of sorts! It hasn't in a while either, so we're long overdue.
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Whatever you want to, really! Even though we can't really go anywhere, you can make any sort of room you want, whether it's a fancy restaurant or even just an exceedingly elaborate pillow fort!

[Someone sent him on a blind date to a pillow fort room with Sirius once, but he person who did that had several fundamental misunderstandings about that situation. Still, his first thought had been that he wanted to show it to Lily, so it wasn't a bad idea for a date at all.]

What sort of things do you like to do together? That might help a bit more.
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Hm...too bad it's getting colder, since we've got the beach. There's an indoor pool though! And you could probably put one of those muggle hot tubs in a room just for you. Or maybe...what was it called?

[He snaps his fingers a couple times until it comes to mind.]

Or a hot spring! We went to one in an event once. That's almost like swimming, sort of?

[Not really, but he's trying.]
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[Did you want advice from a fancy Victorian gent? Well, here he is.]

I know one way to charm a woman is to take her out to dinner. I've heard there is a coffee shop on the first floor and a diner on the eighth floor, though I haven't gotten around to seeing it for myself just yet. [But he will.]

Or, if there is a performance scheduled, you could take her to the preforming arts theater. There is nothing quite like the magic of a live show.
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... Well, somebody's decisive.

[Dorian chuckles softly to himself.]

As far as I know, the performances are usually announced a few weeks in advance. Last one I've been to was a live concert held by Mettaton, who happens to be quite the celebrity where he comes from.

[Looks like someone's promoting your brand, Mettaton.]
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[Dorian raises an eyebrow as he tries to figure out what "artsy-fartsy" and "hipster" mean.]

... I'm not sure about bohemian activities, other than the coffee shop, but I suppose you two could relax in the music room. Do you play an instrument of some sort?
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text [locked away from Max]

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can't really help you there, sorry.
i guess you got tea rooms and stuff.
or you could cross your fingers and hope the next event features high end restaurants.
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i'm not the best at this. can you tell?
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text; private

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[ohhhhhhhhhh shhhit.

Should've expected this.]

we got paired up during that weird mind event thing.
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[video, locked from Max]

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[Alphys is so, so enthused about this. She is all about cute dates people could go on.]

What if, uhm, you w-went out to the beach at sunset and drew on the sand or, uhm, made sandcastles? Though I guess it's getting too cold for that. You could go to the a-attic and scavenge for cool stuff!!!!

[... she's not very good at date ideas.]
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[She blinks for a second. Ohmygosh, she actually likes this advice??? Holy crap!]

Yeah! I go up there all the time for, uh, s-supplies. It's huge! I think it's where, uh, everybody's stuff goes when they leave Wonderland or something like that. It's great!
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[That's pretty much what it's like! Come, revel in the secret possibilities of the attic.]

Well, like, scrap metal, and uh, old things I can take m-motors from and stuff. It depends what I'm working on.
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locked from max

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[... To be honest, the words "geek" and "more exciting" were what really caught Ford's attention.]

The beach and attic were already suggested, and as of a few months ago there is now a multidimensional portal leading into the air above the swimming pool from one of the basement labs. We tested it trying to escape and found it to be utterly useless.

[If it's safe enough for Dipper and Mabel to jump through it, then it's safe enough for anyone else. It's stable and completely pointless to have but everyone keeps forgetting to go down there and bother with shutting it off.]