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[The video shows a disheveled looking Gamora who appears to have been in some sort of fight. There are scratches all over her face and her arms, wherever skin is visible. Her blood is dark green, by the way, if you were wondering. She looks into the camera, not caring how she appears to issue the warning.]

A strange creature entered my room last night and assaulted me! He kept hitting me with a sharp branch, but I managed to fend him off and escape.

If you see him, take care. Call for help immediately. He's large, with black fur, horns, and a long, disgusting tongue. He also carries a sack.

[The sound of chains rattling is then heard and Gamora turns to look. She might be in for round 2 very soon.]
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i thought grinches were supposed to have fur
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your green
and like
not just green your luminescent
like the grinch get it
its not funny if i have to explain it
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so whats this thing
goblin gremlin what
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lol alright then
did you piss off the fucking jabberwock or somethin
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good point
did it go down easy at least
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that blows
the holidays here are fantastic
goblins and wendigos and yetis oh my
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oh no it totally is
definitely have not ever been here before

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your loss

[Does it count as his first holiday here if he doesn't ever remember being here?]