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[when this message begins broadcasting, it’s very clear the person responsible has NO IDEA this is actually transmitting to a large population. in fact, the shrill voice just sounds like she’s calmly- possibly too calmly- talking to herself.]

Log Date Seven-One-Six-Two.

I seem to have found myself- inexplicably- in some sort of bizarre, unstable dimension. The primary population appears to be Earth humans, though they refer to themselves by specifications rather than the traditional names that humans identify themselves by. What’s more is these humans do not find rain to be…. pleasant, and would prefer to stand in awful, cramped conditions, rather than be out in it.

Earlier I drew the conclusion that these may not be humans at all, but rather some sort of strange herd creature that greatly resembles a standard Earth human. However, before I could test this hypothesis, something happened and I found myself in this strange, and thankfully, much more sizable Earth dwelling, which I am having trouble rationalizing, beyond that clearly the reality of this place is in some sort of state of flux. However, this is purely speculation and that suggests it’s more a fault in my perception of reality, than the reality itself.

As to why I am here, rather than back at the temple, or why this dimension exists, or if any of it is, in fact, real, and I am not so given to my current madness that my vision spheres cannot be trusted…. [a small, pained gulp] I have no idea. I can only continue to document my findings and hope that if the Crystal Gems discover this after I’ve well and truly gone far beyond being helped, they’ll remember that my destruction was entirely their fault.

This is Peridot, further tilting towards madness, signing off for now.

[and the feed clicks, so she can… curl up on the floor in a fetal position and cry for a moment, not realizing that PEOPLE HAVE HEARD THIS.]
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what are you some kind of nerd

[Warm welcomes. Kralie excels at them.]
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i'm sensing a theme here
you know what a nerd is though right
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wait so your literally gems
what do you look like

[No wait okay this is actually fascinating]

are you just this floating rock pressing buttons
can you do a video
i want a video
i wanna see a rock
i wanna see your rock face
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[text] - [video]

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[The reply doesn't come for a little while. It doesn't come for a little while because Alex is laughing. Honest-to-god cackling in the privacy of his room.

That isn't a rock. It's an angry little slice of key-lime pie.

He can't keep this to himself, but he knows full well what happens when the camera's on too close to himself so he has to set it on a chair several feet from him. When he shows up on video the picture's a little fuzzy and he's a little distant, but static isn't completely tearing up the screen so hopefully he's understandable.]

Oh my god. You're like - fluorescent.
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[What is with this place and green people. It's an epidemic.]

No point, no. Except that, uh, [he tries to say it with a straight face but the innocent expression cracks almost immediately,] You're not just a nerd.

[God help him he's going to lose it again.]

You literally rock.
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[Ohhhh this is goddamn priceless. Low-brow Earth humor. She's...trying, clearly. To what end, he can't even guess. Alex concedes with a barely-contained snort.]

Yeah, sure, okay. Uh, have fun in winter Wonderland, I guess. It's a real blast.

[He's going to put her down in his contacts as: π ]
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You're in Wonderland? And it's winter? Y'know, the four seasons?

[She seems...genuinely surprised about this. Oh geez. Is she like actually an alien because he was prepared to laugh at it he was not prepared to take actual responsibility for that

responsibility is scary okay]

Do, uh, do you have those where you come from?
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It's not really a planet. More like a...uh, a place.

[Okay, so he doesn't have a big word for it but no one else explained that either, they just said you couldn't LEAVE and that's not likely to make Pi here feel any more at ease. He doesn't know what would make her feel more at ease, on account of her being a rock...alien...thing.]

Uhh, yeah, so that's snow. You've seen snow, right? It's cold and squishy and don't eat it, seriously. That's bad news bears.
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but yeah she's totally right]

I dunno if it really counts as Earth. I mean, it looks kinda like it? But there's stuff that's, uh, different. Like, um. The mirrors. And the fact that no one can leave. And the events. And, uh. Wait.

[Hang on, she's the sort of person who likes information and official stuff, right? Definitely.]

Gimme a sec.

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Yeah, but it covers all the basics.

[The Crystal Gems. Is this rock for real. Who is he kidding of course she is.

He feels a little bad about it, cause obviously she's stuck trying to assign logic to a place that really has none to speak of. But still, there are plenty of nerds here, right? They don't have any problems with finding neat nerd shit to look at. But they're also human, so.]

Well, uh, if it makes you feel better, sometimes people get sent back. Kiiiind of without warning, but it's been known to happen.
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Kick back and relax? And try not to die. You lose stuff if you die.

[He could console her by saying there's plenty of nerd stuff here to do but he doesn't actually know what that stuff is. Does he look like a nerd. Heck no.]

There's a library, if you're into that sorta thing. Might even find stuff from...wherever you come from. Is everyone rocks where you're from?
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Right, rightrightright. Gem. You are a real gem, you know that?

[lmfaooooo. he even does some fingerguns.]

I gotta say, I haven't seen any other talking rocks. Though I guess if any others show up you'll know. We gotta whole network thingy.
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Well, there you go, that's one thing to do.

[Look on the bright side here, right!!

nvm he's not very good at that.]

So you do know that everything you post here goes public, right?

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