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[The concept of other worlds isn't as surprising as it would have been to him a year ago, but Kanji is used to jumping into them on his own terms-- aside from his first visit to the other side of the TV. His first thought is that this is some other part of the TV world, some corner of it he's never seen before, but there's no fog, no shadows-- it doesn't feel the same. That doesn't mean much, considering they supposedly fixed that place the last time they were there, but who knew? Wasn't the first time they thought they'd solved the case, though he'd been pretty damn sure it had been for real this time around.

After some exploration, he finally stops somewhere on the third floor and turns his attention to the device he'd shown up with in his pocket, his cell phone from home nowhere to be found. Probably a good idea to make sure he's not wandering around here on his own, anyway, though if it is anything like the TV world, there was a good chance he wouldn't like whatever answered him.

If something nasty did turn up, at least he wasn't helpless. Nobody ever would have used that word to describe him, he's pretty damn sure, but shadows were a hell of a lot less intimidating when you had a Persona to help you out. He'd put his Teddie glasses on out of habit, but it hadn't taken long at all to figure out he didn't need them-- so what the hell was this place?]

so uh
anyone out there? not just shoutin into the void, am i?
dude if this is another kidnapping, lemme tell you, this ain't my first rodeo
i've had a lot of practice beatin the crap out of assholes like you!
if there's anyone friendly out there it'd be good to know, but anyone who tries to screw with me is gonna get their ass pounded!

[He probably could have phrased that better.]
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text 1/?? stay tuned

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no really gold star
really frightened the pants off me for a minute there
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definitely the first person to try threatening wonderland
not done to death at all
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ohhh man i wasn't scared before but now
shit buddy i'm shaking in my vans
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so i'm guessing your reasonably intelligent
and not a total dumbass
so let me ask you this

are first impressions always this tough for you
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i'm so sorry alex is a douche

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frankly i'm offended you even had to ask
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he's just being trolled by this obnoxious hipster asshole oh god

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wow that is just so unique
such a unique response
your a real special snowflake aren't you

two words my friend:

rosswood: most of them could tell you their favorite radiohead song (if you lined up every white person)


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dead serious

[Little joke. because he died like a few weeks ago. Ha. Hahahahahahaa.]

this is like some straight-up close encounters shit
abduction counts as the fourth kind i'm pretty sure

better watch it buddy
by the time they get to seven your getting into probing territory
that's butt stuff no one likes that
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what kind of other stuff are we talking here
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alex is never letting him forget this

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hey man i gave you some fair warning
seems only fair you give me the same
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you don't mean literal shadows do you

doesn't have the same ring as aliens
there way scarier
all slimy and like, eight feet tall
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virtual simulators
place is all in your head man
you ever seen the matrix
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are you
telling me
you have never seen
the masterpiece
that is the matrix?????????

[Clearly this must be fixed immediately.]
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only one of the best movies ever made
i am ashamed sir ashamed
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past tense buddy come on we're not savages

i lived in fucking alabama i still saw shit when i wanted to

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