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video; attention everyone: stan pines is the worst, probably

[ Hello Wonderland! Have a girl who may or may not be familiar to some of you appearing on screen, curly hair wild and her face trying to hold a serious expression but failing. Her amusement is cracking through, and she's not doing much to stop it. ]

Hey everyone. You're probably wondering what this is about, but gimme a sec. There's just a little bit of explanation that needs to be out there first.

[ Just casually clearing her throat for effect. She wants to enjoy this, okay? ]

When I first got here about five months ago, Stan Pines and I made a bet. Very loose terms were negotiated. Stan lost, and I've been holding out on giving him his "prize."

[ Because she wanted to be able to spring it on him as a surprise, which she's finally doing today. Surprise, Stan!! Happy unbirthday. ]

I'm changing that today, though. That's why today, I'm calling Stan Pines out! I probably could have just gone up to him in person instead of broadcasting where everyone can see it, but where's the fun in that, right?


Stan! ...Stanley? It's gotta be Stanley, right? [ She never asked what "Stan" is short for, in his case... ] --Whatever, you know who you are! You're officially being challenged. For losing our bet, you must run up and down one of the hallways of the mansion--I don't care what floor--in your underwear while screaming about how much you hate money. Make sure to sell it. No half-assed yelling, got it? Make sure the floors above and below can hear you.

[ Pointing at the camera now, Selina offers a cheeky look. Is this childish? Yeah, very. But what do you want? He was the grown man who agreed to such a ridiculous bet in the first place, he should have known what he was walking in to. ]

And in case anyone can't make it to watch, don't worry. I'll be recording it. You know, we should really start a Wonderland video scrapbook.

[ A laugh, and the feed cuts out. Hopefully Wonderland has a sense of humour. ]
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sell tickets
even better I'LL sell tickets
i want front row seats to this

[If there isn't already a "Stan Pines is an Asshole" club, Alex wants to found one like, immediately.]
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alright fair enough
you make a good point

so i'm kind of a film director
mind if i bring a camera
you know for posterity's sake
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you know what, just for you and just because this whole thing is solid gold

i'm gonna do it
i'm gonna make stanley pines wonderland's first meme
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our meme economy is seriously deprived
we're gonna turn this into a chain-email
play unfitting music
the whole nine yards
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someone get me a soundbyte of ave maria stat
if we're gonna do this we're gonna do it right
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oh never fear i know all the little touches to add
we're gonna forward this to every sucker in wonderland
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we're about to usher in the golden age of memes
man how have we not met yet
i'm alex btw
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video doesn't really work for me
long story lots of bitching and not a lot of explanation
text is better trust me
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tell you what i'll bring popcorn for this little shindig and we can get acquainted
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you know it