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M e s s a g e 3 5

Hm...I've been wondering about Superpowers lately! Does anyone else wonder what it would be like to have them? Or what it would be like to have a different one, if you've already got one? There's no need to leave anyone out of the pondering just because they've alr͕̦̤̝e҉͈͇̦̼̕a̹͢ͅd̡͖̼̹̤͈͎̟͡ỳ҉̗̟̜̖̹ ͡҉̳͔g̡͈̪͇̪̻̲̼̬o͏̸̛̰̗̰̦̲ͅt̻̠̜͝͠͝-͕̙-҉̣͈

[Curiously, the audio glitches out of the post and becomes something else entirely. The video feed is still there and everyone can see Alice excitedly talking about something, presumably different superpowers, and occasionally shaking her head and going on a different excited tangent. Even without her eyes, her moods are crystal clear. The audio, however, sounds more like a radio broadcast. The voice that comes through is not Alice's and does not match up with her movements at all. it belongs to someone a bit older than her.

--ecent attacks? [A small, polite, controlled laugh.] I should think everyone knows who's responsible. Clearly we ought to be investigating the Humans! We should have never allowed them to live among us. It was doomed to fail from the start!? You simply can't expect them to live alongside people who are biologically superior to them in every way. It was never going to work! It was only a matter of time before they began lashing out. They won't be happy unless we are suffering.

[There something garbled, another voice - perhaps an interviewer?]

Their inherent jealousy should not be the problem of my people. Thankfully, our task force is working their absolute hardest - my "heart" goes out to every one of you! [There's some more static, as a small group of people laughs at the pun.] My honest opinion though, is that none of them belong here. Not a single one. And if I have my way, EVERY last one of them wil͝҉̱̳̦̦l͏̷̱̳ ̶̯̖̜͔͍̗̩͘b̢̧͙͇͓̻̯͈̺̤̀e̛͏̖ ̢̧͚͡ḓ̢̰͙͕̦͉̜͢-̸̫̦̺͡-̥͉̠̣̯̝̪̕͝!

[The audio cuts out once more and returns to Alice, speaking as she normally does, with her mouth matching up to her voice again.]

--and that's why I think flying would be the best power. Don't you think so? What sort of power would you want, if you could pick anything at all?
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[Just like that, it all gets dragged right back to the source, doesn't it. Well that's just...fine. He still has most of his notes stashed away. He still remembers what he's here to do.

When he types, he types slowly, deliberately, with none of his earlier slapdash carelessness.]

You got cut off halfway through.
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[Figures. He has to look that unsettling face in the...well, "in the eye" wouldn't be the proper terminology, would it?

He hates the blank canvas where her eyes should be. His expression twists, and he obstinately continues to text his response.]

Not literal cutting. Someone else's broadcast interrupted yours. I doubt it was intentional.
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You didn't hear her at all?

[Because it sounded a bit to him like her Royal Majesty. No one else sounds like they've got a perpetual stick up her ass quite like she does.]
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I've been away for a while. Four years back home.

[Snow sto - oh, right. Because of his little electrostatic tendencies, right. Ugh. He grimaces in apparent distaste.]

Maybe I'm more of a hurricane now.
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Don't I know it.

[Goddamnit, how's she simultaneously manage to be so endearing and infuriating all at once? She figures him out real quick, and he can feel himself softening up to it and he needs to cut that shit out because that is an attachment, and attachments are unhelpful. He needs to stop fucking caring.

Why'd she have to go and be so nice for?]

You read my mind. Not literally. I'd hate to have that power.

[And now he's playing right into her childish question. Get your shit together, Kralie, and stop acting like a damn moron.]
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Flying, right? That might be better if you weren't in Wonderland. There's not a lot of places to go to.

But what are your thoughts on invisibility?

[He tries to relinquish any lingering affection he might have for her.

He fails.]
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[She can't imagine not being here. Well, maybe she's not the only one. Fleetingly, he finds himself wishing desperately for the same. Then he tries to scrub away the thought. It's useless.]

I've heard lots of arguments for shapeshifting. You can just shapeshift to get whatever power you want.
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[That contortion of her facial muscles has the dual effect of being both oddly reassuring and incredibly unsettling. Comforting because It never looked that way, it was always blank and featureless, but -

Faces shouldn't look like that.]

Power duplication, then. That's definitely a thing.
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Hey, that's fine. You can be Copy Cat. I can be Hurricane. Sounds more like a Dairy Queen than a superhero duo, but I can work with that.

[He can work with pretending he's something that's semi-functional, a fractional amount of his old self leaking through, when he's...not.]
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It's an ice cream store. Makes some pretty good stuff.

[Not that he'd know. He hasn't really had the opportunity to grasp at normalcy for some time.]

Weather powers, sure. Shooting lightning at things seems pretty fun.
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I guess it's a pretty good skillset to have, yeah. Sure. Weather powers. I'll take it.