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one. audio; open

[Sam knows this isn't a dream, he doesn't have the imagination for it. What he doesn't know is where the hell he is and if anybody from home is here, too. He should play it cool right? Yeah, he should play it cool.]

So, I'm lookin' for a guy, well three guys. One's always on my left.

[Nice. Kinda cryptic, too. He's not much of a spy, but it might be enough to make Nat proud.]

The second guy's real small and no fun at picnics. [Even better.] Third, uh, likes birds? Might've been a bird at some point, it's hard to tell.

[There's a pause. He's gotten off track.]

And there's a girl. Sweet, has an accent, could kick your ass if she thought about it long enough. If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, cause I sure don't, hit me up.

[Here's to hoping they can crack that code.]
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Have you tried looking to your left yet?
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Girl sounds like someone I know, but that's just cause most women I know are like that.

I know a guy who's real small part of the time. Always annoying.
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I'd guess she has a couple names. Natasha's the one I'm thinking of.

Not by voice. Show your face, maybe it'll strike a chord.
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[He doesn't recognise Sam, but he'll switch to video too. Might as well.]

Sorry, don't know you. But yeah, she does. Russian-sounding.

[There's no need to be secretive, but it's still not really his place to reveal a spy's last name to someone he doesn't know.]

But that leaves the question of if we know the same incredibly annoying shrinking man or we just both struck out in weirdly similar ways.
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Not the same one then.

[He pauses for a moment. They actually know two sometimes tiny men that are annoying and not the same. Where does one even go from here?]

Did you ever put yours under an overturned teacup?