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Given the various reactions so far, I'd have to speculate that this isn't normal. Even for a place such as this. Despite my short stay here, I've managed to gather that most events - as wildly unpredictable as they are - have some order to them. Whether that order intuitively makes sense or not is subject to debate, of course.

This seems a bit ... chaotically sporadic, if you will.

[ there's a pause, and the tone remains pleasant, though it does sound a bit more curious now and much less authoritative. ]

Has this happened before? This variety of chaos? Looking at the reactions of others, I'd assume that's a "no", but... it doesn't hurt to ask, after all! Are we all just lucky winners of a contest we didn't enter?

[ read: he hates this. every bit of this. you don't even want to know the rips he's encountered. ]
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It's happened before a few times. Last summer there was this like.... huge Wonderland party and a gazillion new people showed up only to vanish when the party ended. And there were all these puzzles and things. And every Christmas there's usually something crazy.

This kind of event usually lasts longer than the normal ones, though. Maybe because it's from Wonderland, not any of us.
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More the time of year. Like I said, Christmas there's usually a thing. Then some time in the spring and sometime in the fall, though those ones aren't as predictable as Christmas.
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Two and a half years now.
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Time here. No time's past back home. Well, except for the times Wonderland sent us home for a little bit. But time hadn't moved while we were gone.
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This level of chaos is rare, but not unheard of. I believe the reactions may be born from the lack of regularity of such events, or that those people have not been here long enough to witness one before now.
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Is there something in particular about it that unnerves you?
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Ah. Yes, I do see what you mean. We don't often see this level of disorder in the events thrust upon us.

Whatever it means, should it have underlying meaning, I imagine that we will discover it in due course.
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It has not been in the time I have been present here.
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'A bit strange' may be a drastic understatement in this case. Have you been in Wonderland for long?
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It was summer when I left. It's been over a year now. I dare say you've been here long enough to get an idea of what the 'events' are usually like.
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It can be. There appears to be little pattern to it.
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Maybe we're winners of the most ironic contest in history. What kind of sick, sick person gives a bird a banjo?
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Well, I mean, I was a girl not that long ago. But the entire time I've been here, I've been a bird.

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Other than possibly someone being a ridiculous jerk even by my standards, no. No I haven't.
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Oh, uh, why I'm a bird?

That's not Wonderland. It's a curse I got back home. In case you were wondering, throwing rocks at birds is actually a bad idea.
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I know what I need to lift it, but it requires scissors that I don't have right now.
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For cutting my wings off, obviously.
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Yeah, it really does.
With my luck, the witch who has these scissors just enjoys watching birds bleed to death.

Wow, that got dark.
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[...Who is this guy, and why is he so interested?]

Yes. Please don't cut my wings off with random scissors.
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[personal profile] pleasereset 2017-09-25 06:41 am (UTC)(link)
this is the craziest i've ever seen it
but i haven't been here that long anyway
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really? i think i'd be a little more alarmed...
but i guess if going to a world with giant trolls in it or running from zombies doesn't scare anyone, then nothing will