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video + action

[Having captained the Waverider for well over a decade, there is no one more familiar with its twists and turns, long hallways and corridors. Rip strides down the halls with purpose, his goal being the bridge. They have a time jump to make, comrades to rescue, and a man of unspeakable evil to at last put a stop to.

What he does not have on his agenda, however, is taking a swim.

There is no explanation for it, no rational one anyway. He takes one step, attempts another, and instead finds himself taking what is both an unintentional and impossible dive into freezing cold water. He almost chokes out of sheer surprise, but training kicks in over panic. Air first, and Rip finds it easy enough to do: wherever he's fallen isn't so deep that he can't stand, breaking the surface while sputtering for precious oxygen.

Countless curses run through his mind, but none of which he can say just yet. He's coughing up the water he has inhaled, gasping for breath between, and each intake of air is cold enough to feel like daggers puncturing his lungs. A look around reveals absolutely nothing resembling his timeship; instead there is snowy landscape, a massive building a short ways ahead, and an impressive fountain which Rip is now standing in. All and all decidedly not the Waverider, and Rip finally manages to speak, calling out to his ship over the communication device he wears while making his way towards the fountain's edge. ]

Gideon, what the bloody hell is going on?!


[Well. Now that Rip has had an introduction provided by Mr. Snart paired with the opportunity to change into dry clothes, he decides to get straight to business. Never mind that he's been assured that time does not move within this realm, that somehow this fictional-based fantasy world is even more separated from time than the Vanishing Point. Despite that safety net (which he has not yet bought into, for the record), Rip possesses no desire to linger within these walls. Luckily the outdated technology provided for communication is simple enough to figure out. He turns on the video feed, making little attempt to put on a pleasant face—but he does have a British accent, so his voice sounds nice?]

Yes, hello there. My name is Rip Hunter, a just newly arrived prisoner of this—this sadly real version of seventies-era drug-induced hallucination.

[He might be a little frustrated here.]

I've been given an overview the way this dimension functions from one of my comrades here, most relevantly the supposed fact that escape is impossible. I would like to confirm this with the population at large.

[More to the point, he wants to know who is working to defy that rule. Raymond can't have been the only scientific mind brought to this world. Whatever efforts are being made, Rip wants in. He simply won’t say as much over the network, in case it is being monitored. Just as he remains certain that someone is trying to escape, he is equally sure someone is responsible for their imprisonment, even if their identity remains yet unknown.

Of course, wisdom dictates he be prepared for anything, and he pauses but a moment before continuing.]

I suppose I should also ask about some of the other things I’ve been told. While I have no reason to disbelieve those present from my own universe [liars and thieves though two of them may be], some of the things they described go well beyond the limits of what should be possible—and trust me when I say that given my own background, that is a definite point of concern.

Has there been any data collected on these so-called “events?” Any success in discovering how this world and the people within it are altered, seemingly at random?

[Anything at all that might show a successful resistance to all Rip has been told—ah, but he stops himself before that much spills out. Probably better not to piss off the general population on his first broadcast. He’s already got a disgruntled crew to manage, after all.]

That should suffice for now. Thank you all, for both your time and your cooperation.

[Now please, give Rip the answers he wants to hear.

With that done, Rip makes a few adjustments to the broadcast settings. The feed has ended for the population at large, but two particular residents get their own special message.]

Dr. Palmer and Mr. Rory. Mr. Snart has informed me that you are both present here. I'd like to check in with each of you to compare notes, as it were. There's a great deal I'd like to confirm before proceeding with...whatever it is we are meant to do here.


[With that, he ends the transmission, though his wait won't be idle. He has a sprawling landscape to explore now that he's no longer soaked from his earlier arrival. If he is to be stuck there for the duration, Rip intends to know all he can about this prison--which means in turn, he can be found almost anywhere over the course of the next few days.]
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[Leonard - theme and personality appropriately - likes the cold. Even more so as he still has some steadily fading bruises that appreciate the cooler air, so it's not that surprising that he spends quite a bit of time just wandering around outside these days.

Suddenly coming across his captain causing a splash in the fountain? That's admittedly a little surprising.

By the time he reaches Rip, the man had already gotten up or he'd have helped him not to drown in knee-high water.]

Don't think she can hear you, Rip.

[The words are drawled as usual and he waits for the reaction he'll be faced with. Is he a dead man walking yet to Rip?

He almost wants that, if only so he can see the reaction to Rip thinking he's being greeted by the dead.]
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[That look Rip gives him tells him what he needs to know, especially since for once Leonard actually has more information to go on than Rip, something that shifts the power balance. Not that it should matter so much, here, but there's a certain satisfaction in that anyway.]

Been here a while.

[He watches him, taking a step back to avoid being hit by any errant drops. Between Rip and Ray, that's two teammates feeling the urge to strip in front of him. Neither of them he'd want to do so.]

You fell down the rabbit hole, Alice. This is Wonderland.

[Truthful and ever so unhelpful.]
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[When Rip stops he just keeps walking, aware that not everyone likes the cold like he does and that very few people appreciate hypothermia. He may not always be on the same page as Rip, but he doesn't want him to die of exposure either. Or to expose himself much further, for that matter.]

For once, I was just saying the truth. This place is supposedly Wonderland. [He's aware of how stupid it sounds.] Some strange pocket dimension. Takes people from different universes and times, plants them here.

[And then, tactfully.] How long have I been dead, Rip?
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action foreverrrr

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Still don't always believe it myself. [Which is to say that - no - he isn't overly offended and he holds the door open for Rip to go inside. What a gentleman.]

Yeah. I came here right upon impact. [He opens his hand to mimic and explosion.] So to say.

[He lets the door fall shut and turns to look at Rip, sliding his hand into his pocket.] I owe you an apology. You somehow only lost one member of your crew, who'd have thought?
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Hard to fully convince me of anything. [No need to point out that he's never been fully convinced by Rip either, that's pretty much always been out in the open and he's just alluded to it. He does note what Rip tells him, realising that he has to be from before Ray. Interesting.]

Raymond's here. At first he was from the Fifties. [Which should explain enough. Time travel.] Then he left here for a while and when he came back, he'd been at the Vanishing Point.

[He leaves that for Rip to dissect while walking past him up the stairs. He's sure he'll know what questions to ask.]
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[There's a hesitation before he answers, because he doesn't think Rip necessarily has the right to learn this from him and he's fairly sure Mick would prefer him not to. However, the very fact that he hesitated is likely enough to give things away to Rip, because who else on the crew would have him do that?]

Mick's here.

[As his bruises may be enough to illustrate. Some things are hard to hide and these might be enough to draw some more conclusions.

Moving on.]

Way it works here is that you can pick a room, any room, and the closets provide just about anything you want, within very little reason. You might want to do that, don't think it's the right season for anyone to walk by and crown you King of the Wet T-shirt contest.
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No, he hasn't been. Close to his first visit there though.

[And there's nothing he can do about that. His partner will be changed forever, again, it's on him, again, and he has no way to stop it from happening. He'd rather Mick hated him forever than to know that there'll be a stranger looking at him from those eyes again. But there's nothing he can do either way.

He pushes it back and turns around himself, now that they are on the second floor. One hand in his pocket, the other pointing at doors.]

My room. Mick's room.

[He points at the tiny door next to his own, unmistakable.] Raymond's.


He had some size issues at first. Can happen to all men, I hear.
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Seems like it. He was tiny for a time when he first got here, then he was too big for a while. Now he's as close to "just right" as Goldilocks is going to get.

[He follows Rip, only to stop in the door-frame, leaning against it as he watches. No, it doesn't surprise him to see him fail, it took him a while to figure it out himself and acceptance? He's not even sure he's reached that yet.

Wonderland is a lot for any rational mind to wrap around.]

You just gotta believe with all your heart.

[Dry. Dryer. The driest.]
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You're asking me to explain Raymond. I don't even know how he doesn't fall down more.

[For his part, he just misses being able to put an upturned teacup over Ray and call it a day, but that's another matter.

He's still glad he's normal-sized now, at least as normal as Ray can get. Seems safer, on the whole.]

Oh, yes. You don't know half of it yet.

[At least there's some dark amusement to be found in Rip's obvious frustration. He doesn't disagree with him, but it's still more fun from the outside.]

I'll be outside.

[No further explanation needed, he's just done having people strip while he watches. So he draws the door shut and waits for Rip to come back out.]
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[He moves back inside the room, stepping next to the door so he can lean back against the wall. His eyes fall onto the small version of the Waverider and there's a smile for a moment. He lowers one hand, fingers ghosting over the handle of his gun.]

Some things you can't pull out. I had to build the gun myself too.

[Given that obviously he hasn't had it with him, but Rip ought to know that. He draws the gun finally, aiming it without even looking and using it to take out the mirror in the room - however temporarily.]

Don't like being watched. There's a mirror-world, mirror-versions of everyone who gets here. They can see us, we can't see them. And everything rebuilds itself. That mirror will be good as new in an hour.
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[He inclines his head in acknowledgement as he puts his gun away.] My mistake. If it helps, if your mirror watched, it ain't nothing he hasn't seen.

[Always one for comfort. Leonard looks at the remains of the mirror and considers the question. He purses his lips finally and lifts one shoulder for a shrug.]

This place is strange to begin with and can get even stranger. Varies widely. Sometimes for a few days, your entire being gets changed. I was a meta once. Another time I was a child again. It's disturbing. Supposedly these... "events" are drawn from the same places the people are. Which is unsettling, given not that long ago, everyone was in Hell for a week.
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I realise. I've been here over six months. [He's realised quite a lot, but he's also aware that it's not something one can just take in quickly, so he lets Rip summarise it and finally he nods, looking down at his own hand as he runs his fingers along his thumb.]

A whimsical place, yeah. [Obviously said in a dry voice, hardly surprising coming from him.] If there is rhyme or reason to the 'why', I don't think anyone has caught on to it yet. There's theories abound, but nothing to give you a clear answer. Or a target.
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Certainly. But I've also met people who have been here for years.

[Another detail to take in. Leonard, well. He's dead. His drive is different than Rip's, who's very much - who always has been - a man on a mission. He understands that. He just doesn't think that it will get him any further.]

Plenty of scientists doing their thing, trying to figure the place out. I talked to someone who could tell me patterns of the events, but actual data is insubstantial, as they say.

[He can talk science, he even has a good understanding. Dropping out of school has never hindered him much.]

I want to try going to the mirrorside. No other reason than that whatever authority does exist around her doesn't want us to. Seems like a good starting point.

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