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▲ 5th Cipher ▲ [Audio/Video]

[Hey look guys, it’s a network post from your ole pal, Bill! No, not the lizard and shame on you for being disappointed by that revelation! Yes he is a triangle, yes he is stunning and thankfully he doesn't seem to have packed any extra entertainment to explode into his broadcast today.]


I GET IT. OUR ROTTING BRETHREN are CHARMING ENOUGH. IF anything the REST of you MORTALS should be like THEM. At least ZOMBIES ACCURATELY DISPLAY the TRUE HORROR of what BEING ALIVE FEELS LIKE—slowly SHAMBLING towards your DEATH every PASSING SECOND, you CAN’T KEEP YOUR PIECES TOGETHER and all you WANNA DO IS GRRRRROAN-- But I tend to LIKE a little VARIETY in my TORTURE! SO I wanna KNOW, just how many more MINDS do we gotta CYCLE THROUGH before we’ve VISITED ALL of your TRAUMA-- because I swear, if I have to GO through ANOTHER REALITY where I FAKE a BLOOD TEST, I just might have to START STOCKING UP.

[The triangle’s lid narrows at that, an unpleasant memory from Genosha flashing momentarily into his retina.]


[And if it’s the latter, he really would like to know.]

“Anyway, you KIDS LOVE CONSPIRACIES; so LAY EM on ME! I think we ALL KNOW what HAPPENS when you DON’T~
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[It is video, though slightly brief. There's a flash of a t-shirt, and a more comfortable looking hoodie than the white shirt and red tie ensemble he was wearing on arrival.

Then, there is a solid clunk, a close-up of the floor, and an audible sigh.


[The video tilts, wobbles, and there is some effort taken in picking the slim phone up in half-numbed fingers.

Then, it's the same zombie whose sentience gave Bill such a surprise. He looks cleaner, though still too pale to be mistaken for alive, and is sitting up with a plain wall in the background.

... Speaking of zombies.


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[Hey, so... Wheatley's connected directly to the network, so from his perspective the triangle is in a little video box in the corner of his vision. He also can only record what he sees, so normally he just uses audio... But he forgot this time.]

[Hope Bill wanted to see the inside of the movie theater.]

Um... Hi?

Look, I don't really know if there are zombies in my world thanks to mostly living in an underground laboratory... But if there were, as a robot I don't really need to worry about them. Much. Assuming they can't chew through steel. Which is a pretty good assumption to make when most zombies fall apart easily.

And I dunno why we're getting so many zombie people, but maybe they do need a break from 'em. It's only fair. They deserve some time off from fighting the undead horde. Don't you think so?


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No, there are no zombies from my world that I know of.

More importantly, must everything you say have some layer of morbidity or being pointlessly threatening to it?


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We already got mine. If any other ones show up from my world, it's not my fault.

[Blame her uncle. But he hasn't mentioned zombies, so Jolyne thinks Wonderland's probably safe from more Jojo zombies.]


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audio | also GOOD LUCK HACKING THIS--BECAUSE YOU CAN'T it is very much on lockdown

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[There are times when Ford wonders if Bill is still in Wonderland but he can't quite bring himself to see for certain--and then something like this happens, where he shows up quite publicly.

Ford isn't sure whether he's angry or relieved, or if he's angry at himself because he felt the slightest twinge of relief.

He quickly and thoroughly buries those thoughts, feeling slightly better after launching a pillow across the room into his bedroom wall, shouting an obscenity, startling his dog.

The thing about hate though, is that it's exhausting. It burns and it burns you up inside; sometimes bright hot, sometimes it smolders, but it's always there consuming energy you could be using for feeling anything else. Hatred of Bill, hatred of himself, hate for his parents' neglect, hate for his own twin--they've always fueled the fire. And now that his life has reached the happy ending he feels he doesn't deserve, most of those have burned away, leaving him to feel empty.

Happiness and love have replaced the bulk of his emotions in earnest--it's not that he ever stopped feeling those things of course, but after many trials by fire (trials of his own making) his motivations have changed. What propels Stanford and the trajectory it takes--those things have changed for the better.

Where does that leave Bill?

It's a human trait to try and resolve conflict, Ford tells himself, but there's a point when he knows he has to let go. And yet, the last time he did his best to put the triangle out of his mind, Ford was woefully unprepared for the disaster of Bill possessing Mettaton. Keeping his eyes off Bill and his motivations could have had catastrophic consequences--motivations Bill eventually shared with him while they were plagued by, wouldn't you know it, invisible zombies.

Months have passed. The two haven't really bothered each other at all.

If there was a conclusion to their relationship, it wasn't very satisfying. When Ford is unsatisfied, the inner furnace of vanity lights up again and he just can't help himself.

He should be more irritated that they both agree on something, but what would be the point? Bill is occasionally right.]

Please. Like knowing who comes from a dimension populated by the "undead" [you can practically hear him using finger quotes] could actually stop Wonderland.

I suppose keeping a catalog of who has what kind of zombie makes sense, but it wouldn't really accomplish anything.


We just don't know.]

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You're just mad that Wonderland turned you human like everyone else.

[They're pretty sure that's the case, anyway - they'd not remembered any monsters, aside from the signature and very much unseen zombies, which means he must have been just as affected as the rest of them.]

[And none too pleased about it.]


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[Video] 1/2

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I must say, that's an interesting take on things. What if the events are a test, and you're right. With zombies, we've been failing all of them. A fairly terrifying thought but we may have to consider this.

Perhaps then we can find a way to solve it, and make them stop.


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Don't ya have anythin' better to do?

[Like, not existing, that's a good activity you could get in on.]


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[ Because she's not responding to a talking triangle that seems pretty angry with video. ]

You know, I don't think this place only goes through people's memories once and then moves on. Pretty sure we'll get hit at least a few more times by zombies or worse things.

Also two questions:

1. You faked a blood test?
[ Triangles bleed? ] 2. Do you actually have a plan to change the way ppl influence events? Because last I checked, it wasn't in our control.
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What you like is being the one doing the torturing, not getting tortured.

[Pain is only hilarious when it's not your body and you can leave it.]


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[things he never thought he'd say include "the talking triangle had a point", but he can't disagree with what bill is putting down here. he's tired of zombies too y'all, ok.]

Not me. Do you think Wonderland is trying to teach us some kind of lesson here?
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[video forever]

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[That...sure is a talking shape. Maybe he's some sort of rep for that one god? Or the other one?

Except you'd think that gods wouldn't get stuck in a place like this.]

So the popularity of zombies is recent, then? I mean I was here for that dumb one in the canyon, but it sure does seem like this place just really loves dead guys.

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[Stan's personal policy regarding Bill Cipher is either a. openly mock or b. put him on planned ignore. The guy likes attention way too much, and one of the only ways to get one up on him is to refuse to let him rile you up.

Unfortunately, today he's hit one of Stan's buttons, and Stan can't resist chiming in one the subject to complain.

The whole zombie thing's overdone by now - besides, what's the point of zombies in a world where everyone comes back to life? The whole thing's stupid! Wonderland's obviously runnin' outta ideas if this is the best it's got.

[Then again, Stan is rather biased on the subject.]

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