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Hello Eway!

We have a third mod chair that's been very empty lately, so we are opening up moderator applications! We are seeking one additional moderator to help out around [community profile] entranceway.

We are not, however, just looking for just a co-mod or helper mod. [community profile] entranceway does not have a Head-mod/Co-mods set-up, so whoever is selected as our new mod will have all the powers of a Moderator. We work together and collaborate to get everything accomplished, with certain people doing certain jobs as needed (for example, Kristen is AC mod). It is important to us that all mods stand on equal footing. The application below contains more detail on what we are looking for from a moderator.

Moderator applications will be open for one week and will close at the end of the day (EST) on Thursday, June 27th. Please submit your applications to this post - comments are screened. We will contact our choice as soon as possible after applications close.

Good luck to all of the applicants! Thank you very much in advance for your interest in helping the game, and we'll see you in about a week with the results! ♥

EDIT: Applications are now closed. We will be making our decision and contacting our newest moderator within the next 24 hours, and the new mod will be announced to the game at large within the next couple of days. Thank you very much to everyone who filled out an application!

~ Koji and Kristen
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Hey guys! I know it's almost two days late now but really that just emphasizes why we needed another mod, doesn't it? but I'm here to announce Eway's newest mod.

Before I do that though, I wanted to give a very genuine thank you to everyone who applied. I'm really sorry we couldn't pick everyone, but it means so much to me that you applied. I've got some really bad "real life" things going on that I won't go into here, so I'm really grateful to everyone who even wanted to step up and help. Seriously, thank you so much, even if you thought about apping but couldn't do it. It means a lot to me. ♥

Anyway, it was a very, very difficult decision, but after much deliberation, we've made a decision.

That being said, we're pleased and honored to add Tian to our mod team! You know her here as our Minato player. We hope that you guys will all give a nice, warm welcome to your newest moderator! ♥

~ Koji
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Hello everyone!

No one is leaving us at the moment; don't worry. But, due to some circumstances on my end of things, we could use an extra pair of hands in the Mod Kitchen right now, so we're opening up mod applications!

Now, so we're all clear, Entranceway does not have a head-mod/co-mod situation going on. Whoever accepts this moderator position will have all the powers of a mod in this game. We work together as a team to get everything accomplished, with certain people doing certain things as needed. There's more details about what exactly we're looking for in the application itself.

Currently, we have an opening for one more moderator to add to our team, though this is subject to change if needed. Moderator applications are open from now until Thursday, September 27th. Submit your applications to this post in the comments (comments are screened). We'll contact our choice as soon as possible after applications close.

To all applicants, I say thank you very much, and good luck! Your desire to help means the world to me. ♥

~ Koji
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As you might have noticed, I'm [Linda] am heading out of the country soon to do some crazy study abroad action. Because of this, it means I'll be stuck in Stupid/Busy O'Clock nonstop which makes modwork a little bit difficult. So, we need one more moderator to complete our Trinity of Entranceway Glory.

So, what does modwork actually entail?

1) Answering questions - If players need to know some information, want to do plots, want to do OOC things with the community, want to know what to do with a given situation, you need to be available. AIM is preferable-- quick and easy.
2) Lists - This includes all the organization lists (Taken Characters, Reserves, Rooming, Drops, Adds). I normally do them when I'm procrastinating doing homework/papers. However, I won't have that luxury as much anymore, which means if you've got the free time to do them, even just a little bit, we'll need your help.
3) Applications - Knowing canons, judging characterizations and personalities. It's all in there, baby.
4) Dealing with Problems - Plot twist: Moderators moderate. Amazing, I know. You'll need to be diplomatic and capable of dealing with tense situations. A moderator's job is to act as a neutral judge with all player concerns, especially where they involve other players.
5) Events - These are the weekly events AND plot events. We'd love to hear your ideas!

Of course, YOU WON'T BE DOING ALL THIS ALONE. Despite Stupid O'Clock, I'll still be around. So will Koji. However, you will have to carry your own weight. We're a little communist here-- everyone does his own work.

Here's the application:

Applications will be open until January 27th. We are accepting ONE extra moderator. Post your apps via commenting to this post-- everything is screened, don't worry. If you have any further questions, feel free to message Koji at goodhotcocoa on AIM or myself at Pb2Ag. Just a warning about me-- I'll be missing for the first half of the week. If you don't have AIM, feel free to PM the question to the mod account.

Best of luck!
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Just as the title says, moderator applications are now closed. I know some of you are surely dying to hear the results right now, but Kytha and I are going to spend time deliberating over them - You haven't given us an easy choice! The results will be announced after this event is over.

Thank you so much again for all of your applications! ♥

~ Koji
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We hope you enjoyed the event, everyone! Now though, for something just a little different from usual. Moderator applications!

Don't get scared - nobody's going anywhere. We're a little shorthanded here at Entranceway though, and so Kytha and I are looking for a third moderator for the game. It's a decision we're not taking lightly, and we want to absolutely make sure we find the best person for the job, so we've created a moderator application.

" Wow guys, this sounds awesome, but how do I go about trying to join the mod team?" Why, I'm glad you asked! It works as follows:

1) Fill out the application, we're giving you in this post as honestly and accurately as possible.
2) Slap it in an E-mail and send it to
2a) Really, e-mail it to us. Don't comment it to any of the contact pages on LJ, don't PM it to us, e-mail it to Thank you for your cooperation! ♥

And that's it! Applications will close at the end of the day on November 18th, and after that Kytha and I will deliberate on all of the applicants and make a decision from there. In other words, applications will be open for one week.

Application! )

So again, if you're interested in being a moderator at Entranceway, please fill out this application and send it to! Kytha and I both thank you for your interest, dedication, and love for this game, and we look forward to having a new addition to our moderation team. :)

~ Koji

Aaaaand time! Thank you for your applications! <3


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