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[When the feed clicks on it's Lindsey who - driven perhaps by his associations recently and his choices in friendship and companionship, he's taking Sunday seriously for the first time in...who can know? He certainly doesn't remember. Needless to say that his hymns (no matter how hard they might come) attracted some attention. He'd be grateful for that if the urge to offer something public hadn't come upon him and his partner.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, enjoys singing, and doesn't mind at all singing for others. She looks bright eyed at the prospect of singing with a friend, for a change, and already thinks Lindsey is far more talented than he perhaps gives himself credit for. She's sitting with him, slightly facing the man, as they occupy a bench in the garden. Surrounded by the new spring life of the flowers, there couldn't be a more lovely location for a duet.

So here they are after some discussion with him picking out the opening strands of something on his guitar. Dressed in what amounts to a suit, he looks frustrated for a moment or two. Singing religious songs should not be this difficult.]

[They launch into a Hymn, with Lindsey harmonizing and Elizabeth singing like an angel. Occasionally he looks frustrated, but the moment his parts pick up he looks more and more uplifted. He's even smiling a smile that no one in his world has probably ever seen. When they finish, he's still grinning.]

Take a bow Elizabeth, you deserve it.

[ed note. Song starts at 1:05. Tag one, tag both, get both!]
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[Lindsey was moving some things around in his room perhaps, library books and he's managed to wedge his phone between what looks like a pot - someone's been growing his bonsai tree. It's pressed down so that when the phone turns on Lindsey is really going at it singing a song.

He gets halfway through - all the way to that last part -]

Side on over here, I've got more then Whiskey in mind...

[He stops, makes a note on a piece of paper in front of him before looking up. His expression is one of absolute annoyance. Fury even.]

...Aw Hell.

[The paper's crumpled, tossed across the room. He's always been a little off about his music. It's something intensely personal. He shifts, looking embarrassed.]

Go ahead and laugh all you want at that. I know it's dumb. [He reaches over to turn the feed off.]
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[Lindsey is disgruntled by his brush with the undead to say the least. Which is why he's sitting in his room today with something on his lap. It's a beautiful, absolutely beautiful acoustic guitar.

He even seems more human. Less lost.]

...Okay so those are the events that y'all were talking about. I get it.

That being said, I really don't want to be caught with um' around my ankles so to speak the next time something like that happens. That said, I'd like to learn how to fight.

[inhale. exhale. He holds up the guitar gently] I'll trade music lessons for it.

I'm not much of a teacher but I can try.

[he holds up a hand] to prove my point.

[To prove his point he starts to play. It lasts for four minutes before he finishes with a flourish and smiles tightly.]

Trade that for being able to defend myself in any capacity.

can't get any better then that right?
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[When the image flips on there's a flash of a flower, then grass - then a nose and a panicked eye. It withdraws and there's a young man staring at the camera. He's unaware that it's on.

Scrambling to his feet he stares at the image again, peering close before it's turned off.]

[Hours later he can be found wandering the halls, occasionally peering at the mirrors but unwilling to touch them. He looks wide eyed and terrified like a frightened rabbit.]

[ooc: He'll respond to anyone who happens to pick up the video - in an audio post. People feel free to grab him with prose or action wandering the hallways.]


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