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'Terrified of commitment and abandonment. Desperate attention-seeker.'

Scribbling at random, aren't we?

Watch me go! I can put anything down and pretend it's my deepest, darkest secret. Worth killing over. None of you excitable lot would know the difference. How about...

'Adroit lover. Bashful. Sprouts wings and breathes fire. Actually a dragon.'

[If it walks like bullshit, talks like bullshit, smells like bullshit. . .]
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Shit, what? More shit. Enough shit. Why shit on top of, of everything else that's the matter? Bullshit!

[The initial frames of the feed don't show anything visually interesting, unless stables, horse stalls and dirt are popular with this crowd. Dust flies up in a cloud. A perilously clawed gauntlet is flung over the stall, gouging the wood for purchase. Is that blood...? Rust?

The redness shines wetly. It drips. There are shreds of meat caught on points. It's not rust.]

'Bela? [This is a voice hoarse and raw from shouting, and here's more blood, and guts, and spiked armor rising over the stall's edge. Hawke's hair is tousled, matted, caked with nastiness.]

'Bela, blast it, if it's you who threw me into filthy horse manure... come out and giggle to my face, just don't leave me like this. [“Don't tell me I'm on my own.”]
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Oh by the Maker, this is why I never wanted to be a Mother. If anything, I was going to adopt a street urchin some day and teach her how to be a wisecracking rogue like her not-mother. At least then I could skip over the rest of... of this.

[It's almost a little hard to tell the baby is really Hawke, except for the mop of messy black hair on its head, nearly covering her eyes.]

Aveline, for the love of Andraste tell me you're willing to babysit. I may not be the best person in the world but you know as well as I do that if this child is left in my care it may not survive a day.
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[The video opens to a horizontal profile of a woman staring at the ceiling, her crystal blue eyes focused intently upward. After a moment, she grunts, and sits up, brushing short black hair back from her face. The red mark across her face is more evident when she looks in the direction of the camera, staring at the wall behind it.]

... Okay. Can't say I'm familiar with this style of interior decorating. Orlesian, probably.

[The video times out as she rummages around the room, picking up and pocketing anything that looks valuable enough. Only fair since most of her stored equipment seems absent save for what she had on her. When it starts back up again, it looks like the device is being held in her hands as she monkeys around with it.]

-ome sort of artifact or something? Probably not worth much, either way...

[She taps at the camera inquisitively; someone will need a crash course in electronics before the day is through.]


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