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His time in Wonderland has actually done Alex some small good. Here's an example.

He's been wandering around his Land for a while now, picking his way through the broken city, finding no other living things except for sickly greenery and yipping labrador puppies. And now, instead of lone wolfing it out 5ever as he might have done back home, he pulls out his handheld communicator and sends a message to what he hopes is the rest of the mansion.

"Anyone else out there?"

He's holding the screen at an angle, crouched on a miniature concrete hill where the roots of a tree have shoved and broken the sidewalk upwards. The trunk of the tree is visible breaking through a wall behind him; the wall, if you're interested, is plaid. It's hard to tell through the perpetual evening gloom.

In the background is the unmistakable yipping and squeaky barking of a horde of somewhat overexcited puppies.
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[Evan had just returned to his room and pans the communicator through what should be a bed and his things, but is now replaced with a never ending field with clumps of grass bigger than he was. The only discernable feature was a towering oak tree that met in the center of his room. A large congregation of white rabbits were surrounding the tree, looking in Evan's direction, trembling anxiously.]

Alright, I understand that weird events happen in this mansion or whatever, but how the all loving fuck did my room turn into a-- [A sudden a loud crunching noise could be heard, followed by a high-pitched, blood curdling, scream that lingered in the air for a few seconds. The grass a few feet away from him rustled, leaving Evan frozen in fear and staring wide-eyed at the camera. He started to sprint as fast as he could towards the tree, the rustling chasing closely behind him. Finally when he reached the tree panting in exhaustion, the rustling stopped, and whatever was in the grass had left him alone.]

...son... of ...a bitch.
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Hey!! Is anyone else getting harassed by dogs in bandannas?

[And as if on cue one of the aforementioned dogs pops its head on screen and headbutts Stan lightly in the shoulder before saying in a forced high-pitched voice.]

Oh Mister Hero~~ Come and play catch with us~~ Pleaaaaaaase~? [The dog dramatically throws itself against his shoulder and whines.

Stan seems a little put off by this, but pats the dog on its shoulder.

No!! I won't play 'catch' with you, get off me! I'm trying to find out what's going on!


Nov. 23rd, 2012 07:06 pm
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[The camera flickered on to a semi-content looking Evan who appeared to have splatters of food on his clothing as well as an apron (but a very manly looking, he will assure you) with the trite and overused phrase, "Kiss the cook" embroidered on it.

He waved at the camera, holding up what appeared to be a plate of a poorly cooked turkey with stuffing messily surrounding it. This of course, was his attempt at a Thanksgiving dinner, even though it was in fact the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Still, it was obvious he needed help with how to cook the damn thing, and what better way to ask for help than to send a video out to everyone?]

Hey everyone, uh, I know I'm a bit late and I'm pretty sure not all of y'all are American, but I'm tryin' to make some dinner and I was wondering if anyone knows how to baste a turkey. 'cause I sure don't.

[He laughed awkwardly as he leaned onto the counter and slapped the turkey. There was a pause before he turned back to the camera and pointed behind him.]

...but yeah, I'm in the kitchen so. Help a brother make a Thanksgiving mean, yeah?
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[Jay had never expected that once he left Wonderland he would make it back.If he was honest with himself it wouldn't have been over the fact that coming back was something he believed to be impossible more so than the fact he believed he would have been killed before it had a chance.

Alex attempted to murder him nearly a year and a half before, the only person who had been willing to help him had been attacked by that thing back home, and there were days he would wake up and wish he didn't have to anymore. He didn't want this anymore, if he could find a way out than he would have done it in a heartbeat but there hadn't been a way except get help from Tim who was most likely gone for good.

But here he was; back in Wonderland and surprisingly he was more relieved being here than home. The thing following them wasn't here and sure he wouldn't trust anyone anymore but- at least no one from his world was here...or at least he thought. So now he was sitting on his old bed staring down silently at his hands trying to figure out where to start first. Maybe he should attempt to see if Pinkie Pie was still here, maybe he could attempt to eat, or...attempt sleep though he knew that wouldn't come again for a few more days. He sighed and stood up to his feet and went to the communicator before realizing it had been recording him. He stared at it a second before forcing a small smile.]

Uhm...hey, I'm back.

[He shut the communicator off after that.]

[He found himself wondering the hallway towards the kitchen silently, his eyes looking at the doors as if he had been expecting someone to attack him. Instead all was silent for now.]
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[Evelyn is in the library.

Now, this isn't abnormal. This is routine: very nearly every day finding something new, spending time looking up a subject not previously explored, clearing her head, getting a little alone time at the top of a ladder, reorganising the stacks because she has nothing better to do.

She is frustrated, though, because a mad extraterrestrial is strutting around in Philip's body somewhere in Wonderland and she doesn't know if she'll ever see him again and maybe she should just try to move on or should she wait until more time passes and see what happens then and perhaps if this damned book would fit into its spot between the copy of Theoretical Time Travel for Dummies and Theocles: Origins of a Gladiator, then she could get on with her da-


[That's when the spring holding the ladder to the shelves snaps free and she teeters back, wobbling precariously a good fifteen feet in the air before gravity beckons its seductive finger and the ladder collapses against the nearest case with a booming thud, upsetting it.

...And every single one in the row after that, leaving her in a crumpled pile of dust, books, and broken shelving.
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Uhm... Hello? [Meet Ted. He's looking at the device and sheepishly smiles.] Hi. So, two questions.

One? Where am I.

Two. How do I get out?

[He nods a little as if satisfied with his questions and then shrugs.] 'Cause you know, that would be cool. I kinda need to get back home before people start flipping out and asking where I went and all that.

....But this thing is cool, I like it.

[Taps screen once.]


Oct. 18th, 2012 06:27 pm
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[ Usually when Evan found himself in a room he didn't recognize it was either a) he had too much fun the previous night or b) ...well, fuck he almost always woke up somewhere he wasn't familiar with. Regardless though, this was one of the nicer places he had found himself in (i.e. not being in a random shack or in a pool of someone else's blood). He sat up slowly, a camera sitting sideways on the floor beside him. He rubbed his head and groaned, his hand knocking into the camera as he reorientates himself. The camera makes a loud pop as he picks it up and carefully pans it around the room. It's almost to average to be a hotel room, but at the same time, what else could it be? ]

...What the fuck?

[ His voice is quiet at first, but then grows to a shout as he runs towards the door clutching the camera, hoping to find some help by doing what he does best: screaming and looking like a psychopath. He runs out into the seemingly endless hallway and does a 360, having absolutely no clue where to go. ]

Hey!! Jeff? Vinny? Are you guys trying to fuck with me, 'cause if you are... [ He mumbles something inaudible to himself. ]
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[Jay was staying in his room, his eyes peeled to the door in case anyone tried to attac him. After the event had unfolded he didn't really want to be running aroud in the open again by himself. He had resumed the role of a hermit.
He figgited with the sheats on his bed, obviously nervious before getting up and going to his dresser drawer; pushing it the best he could towards his door to keep everyone ad thing away for a while, though the thought of leaving Evan out by himself with a head injury was eating away at hom slowly. He paused a second seemig a bit unsure before pushing at the dresser again getting it to budge a ways further, closer to the door.]
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[Easily audible over the quiet sound of steps on stone tiles, you'll hear someone humm curiously. His tone is soft and perhaps unusually calm for a new arrival.]

No, this certainly isn't Kansas anymore.

Now. Some information about this place would be appreciated.

[You're likely to spot him wandering about the Mansion's first floor, entrance hall, library, the like. Specify where, if you'd like to run into him.]
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[Stand by, there's an Angry Wizard-Werewolf sulking. Remus crosses his arms as he sits moodily under a tree, staring at the little device that he'd found upon his arrival... here.] What the hell is this place? [He mutters angrily to himself. After a moment, he reaches forward to pick up the device, experimentally pressing some of the buttons and tapping at the screen. A few minutes of him fiddling with the communicator pass, and in the process, he finally manages to turn it on.] Honestly, actually. Can anyone hear me? I don't have time for this nonsense, I need to get to school.

Alright, let me say this first - If this is the result of some sort of prank you three have cooked up, it's really amusing. Ha ha. You're awfully funny. Now get me out. 

If not, um... I'm Remus Lupin.
 [He tugs at his collar, slightly embarrassed.] This certainly isn't London, is it? I'd just... It'd be nice if I could get back home, yeah?

And if this is some sort of hallucination, then-- I suppose it doesn't really matter what happens, does it? Just... if anyone knows how to get me out of here. I'd rather not be late for the first day. Um, thanks.

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[Now that everything is settled and back to normal, Rapunzel seems a little nervous, but determined.]

Um...hello, everyone. This might sound kinda strange, but I can heal people, so...so if anybody's been hurt I can heal you!

I'm on the 10th floor, but I can move to where you are if you need me to.

[She plays with her hair a little bit before tentatively asking:]

Um, so...who was that person who killed the Jabberwocky, anyway?


Apr. 7th, 2012 05:25 pm
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[The first thing Pinkie notices when she wakes up is arms. Not legs, like she's used to, but those funny thin human arms. She rolls over to see who they're attached to and finds no-one else in the bed. Confused, she sits up, and realises they're attached to her. And she is no longer a horse. Is this an upgrade or a downgrade from being a ghost? Pinkie doesn't know, but she does spend the next half hour playing with her fingers.

She stumbles over to the communicator in the hopes that someone will have answers. She knocks it over as she switches it to video, so at first all anyone can see is the ceiling. Hands are hard!]

Hello? A really weird thing has happened!

[Her voice is croaky and robotic, not at all like her usual high pitch. It's even slightly slower than usual. With great effort, she lifts up the communicator so people can see her face.]

I'm in a human body and my hair is a weird dark colour and and and what's happened to meeee? I'm not even pink now! Does that mean I have to change my name from Pinkie to - to - I don't knoooow!

[She bursts into tears, terrified by this latest prospect.]



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