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[Even before everything that's happened these past few months, Rip hadn't been one to openly broadcast over the network. Each time save the last has been out of simple necessity. And in a way, he supposes this time is too.

They had friends here, each of them. They had made their impact.

He's in his room when the feed starts. Maybe some would recognize it after that ridiculous karaoke party Leonard and Mick decided to host there following the whole Chronos affair.]

For those that were acquainted with them, it would seem that Sara Lance, Mick Rory, and Leonard Snart have been sent back to their world.

[Two to live (in spite of Rip's best efforts, in Sara's case). One to die.

Perhaps he should say more. The feed continues on, Rip's eyes looking down rather than at the camera. In the end, however, a minute or two goes on in silence before he simply reaches for the device to turn it off.]


Jul. 21st, 2017 04:34 pm
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[When the video starts, Riley's there—she's got a nervous sort of smile, though, like she's really unsure on what to say or think about anything right now. There's a giant pile of pool floats, pool noodles, innertubes, water guns, water balloons, etc. behind her and the lake is apparent, too.]

Soooooo... um. Does anyone want to do anything fun? Like right now? Because there's a lake and I just asked the closet for a bunch of stuff and it's way more than I can use on my own.
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Okay, so everyone's panicking and I get that. But it's just bites, right? Everyone's saying it's from bites. So if it's only a scratch and didn't go anywhere near their mouths, that's okay right? I just.

I need one of you people to tell me it's going to be fine. So if you can't do that then don't bother.

[She glances back over her shoulder, and then records the rest in a lower tone.]

Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you kept your voices down if you could. I don't really want her to know I'm asking about this.


[As it turns out, "just a scratch" really isn't an issue that can be easily dismissed. And while two infected friends might drift off together in a tight hug, the creatures that emerge care less about things like friendship and togetherness. They separate, and then they wander.

Maya's not sure where she walks after that. She doesn't see much through the milky-white film blocking her eyes. But what she does know is that she's hungry, and that following the herd might make her less so.]

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[ ooc: consider this a party post. feel free to tag around as much as you want to others, chiming in and giving advice. be anonymous like clementine or don't be anonymous, up to you. cw for underage drinking, probably mentions of violence, death, etc. ]

( the first time clementine ever had a drink, it was in a shed with nick. they thought they were going to die. it was the grossest thing she'd ever tasted. burned down her throat. moonshine. the second time, it was rum while they all sat in a circle, toasting to the people they'd lost. the third time, it was rum with coke when she checked in on shaun after georgia left.

the fourth time, it's rum again with coke, and she's had a little more than an eleven year old should, but she hit the anonymous function on the post before writing )

how do you deal with all the bullshit life throws at you?

like death and losing and surviving and wonderland and assholes and babies

and cannibals.

or whatever else you've been through. too much free time here.

( definitely feeling the rum now. but with the alcohol, it's like she's finally found some feeling she's been missing. her eyes burn. trust has become so hard that she doesn't trust anyone completely, because everyone has their own priorities. it's how the world works. it's what she's learned. iris is gone. everyone died back home. she has a newborn to take care of there. she's still got walker blood in her veins like michonne, like georgia and shaun have zombie blood in them. when she dies, she'll turn into one too unless someone shoots her first or she does it herself. and she doesn't know how to have emotions anymore. things should reach her and they don't. or maybe she just doesn't let them, and she can't tell the goddamn difference. )


Jun. 28th, 2017 11:21 pm
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[Perhaps on the heels of such an interesting event, one wouldn't expect a person to be bored--and yet.

The message is short: a simple text, offered up without context or commentary.]

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

[Let's see what comes of it.]

[ video ]

May. 22nd, 2017 12:20 am
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[Okay, fine. The whole "assaulted and used as a hostage to torment someone else" routine was kind of traumatizing she guesses. But the aftermath of it has been so much worse. Why don't people talk about how much the healing process sucks? Everything is itchy and annoying. And now people are gossipping about a lake.

Recovery is dumb. It's dumb enough that Maya's gone to the network with the webcam on full blast, even though she's fairly obviously propped up in bed with her arm in a sling and patches of bruising smattered across her visible skin. Everyone's probably like this. And if they aren't, then something's wrong and horribly unfair.]

Hey, so is anyone else going kind of stir-crazy? Medical lockdown's pretty much the worst and I'm probably gonna punch someone if I don't talk to someone soon.

So come on. What'cha got? Extra points if you don't say anything about current events or mirror-anything.
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Okay, which of you losers has my rat?

[Mick isn't going to waste time with pleasantries. He's back, he's got new deets on how crappy his life is gonna get and he's about ready to bust some heads together.]

And whichever of you geeks tidied my room, I'm gonna pound you into nothingness once I get my hands on you. I had everything how I liked it and you came along and messed it all up. [It was all perfect. Just. On the floor. In a heap. O r g a n i s e d. Why did people have to meddle while he was gone? He wasn't even gone that long. Like a week, tops.] You put all my junk in drawers, my towel ain't on the floor and now the whole place smells like chick stuff. Candles and flowers and--

Whatever. [He doesn't want to get into this, he wants to move on to the things he wanted to ask. He leans back a little against the wall he's against and sips his beer, contemplating his next words for a moment because he doesn't want to come across as cracked or nothing but he's got a few things on his mind.]

This whole back and forth to Wonderland bullshit, it's kind of weird. If you're going, you should stay gone. Doesn't make much sense to come back. [He grunts and pulls a face, clearly not impressed.] Anyone ever go kinda ... screwy from it? Like it starts messing with you or something? [He taps his head a few times to illustrate.] In here, I mean.

When you go back to where you're supposed to go, does wonderland keep messing around with you or what?
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[ Early in the morning if someone is looking outside towards the gardens they will probably see a giant metal....something falling from the sky and crashing into said gardens. It will bounce a few times leaving behind sizable craters until it stops in the final crater. At that point it will sit up and its a...person? A person made of metal? One that seems to be very surprised by the entire situation. ]

[ So it’s taken him some time but he’s finally figured out how to not suddenly be made of metal. It was a relief to actually see his skin again. After that panic fest was over he started to explore. He found his network device, sort of explored the grounds, trying to stay mostly out of the way. This place didn’t make any sense but after scrolling through the network that seemed to be par for the course.

He was seated in the garden when he turned on the video feed, one of the the giant craters he made when he landed was slightly visible in the background.

So uh, hi Wonderland? I guess. Just gonna warn you now, there’s a giant hole in your garden...or three. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to mess up the decor.

[ Also didn't mean to turn into a giant metal man, although it did save his life. ]

I guess I should introduce myself before I start asking you all questions. I’m Nate Heywood, historian, time detective, legend- that seems a little pompous when I say it aloud. Legends are what my team calls themselves. Speaking of which, if anyone knows anything about them, or say the Waverider, or how I can get back to it, that would be great.

[ He goes to sign off but pauses. One more question. ]

Right and, this might be weird. Did anyone else...change when they got here? Like one minute you’re a normal person and the next suddenly you’re made of metal...or something like that? Is that a thing this place does to you?

[ He looks at the camera for a moment before nodding to himself and switching it off, now all he had to do was wait- he hoped. ]
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[She's been in Wonderland a few hours now and already met up with Mick and Lenny, so the panic is out of her system. Not that she'd admit there was any panic to begin with. She'd been fairly threatening to hide it.

But now, she was lying on her back on a bed with a smirk on her face. Her curls were splayed about her head, holding the camera up so the video shot down at her.]

So, this is Wonderland? I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the magic, but I'm sure that's common for the new kid on the block, right? I'm Lisa Snart, [Why yes, she did just wink at the camera when she said her name] and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do first. It's a bit cold for the beach, but that's definitely high on my priority list. Are there any clubs around here? I feel like dancing.

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[The feed comes to life and Leonard's sitting in his room, mostly illuminated by candle-light, which does soften the still visible bruises (as a result of this) on his face a little. He's playing with a lighter in one hand, turning it, palming it and flipping it open and shut, but never actually lighting it.

Mostly he looks at the camera, both eye by now able to open fully again.]

Time doesn't really seem to do much in the way of passing here, but things happen anyway. So, guess this is still a worthwhile question.

You got any resolutions?

[Which of course also begs the question whether he has any himself. He looks as if he wants to keep talking at first, but his mouth stays shut and he looks off past the camera, the flame of a candle reflected in his eyes. Finally he cuts off the video.]

[ooc: This post can be used as a jump-off for New Years and other talk among other people too, so feel free to threadjack! ALL THE THREADJACKING, always encouraged.]


Nov. 1st, 2016 09:27 am
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Last month I discussed a training mission for Steve Rogers with several people in Wonderland. I'm now putting the training mission into effect. Everyone who has a role to play, please get ready.

Everyone who isn't participating, please bear with us. This mission is meant to sharpening Steve's spy skills, so he may not know if you're participating or not. The pretense of the training mission is that he's stranded in an enemy outpost, which means he may treat you as if you might be an enemy agent. Feel free to play it however you like. This is an assessment of Steve's skills, no one else's.

Steve, please see me in my room.
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So uh...it seems I owe y'all an apology.

[ Joel appears on the feed, looking sheepish. He scratches the back of his head, then drops his hand again. ]

Name's Joel. I'm the one who burned down your library. I guess you're used to people comin' through from different worlds. Mine's, uh...it's pretty bad. [ He sucks in a breath, then lets it out. ] Place I was at before I got pulled through, it was really bad.

[ Cannibals. There were cannibals. It was a whole thing. ]

So. Yeah. I set fire to your library, and I hurt a lot of people, and I'm sorry about that. There's, uh, too many to name here, and I don't know who most of y'all are anyway, but... [ He pauses, eyes flicking down to a scrap of paper in his hand. ] Miss...Evelyn. I'm sorry I ruined your library.

And...the guy I killed. Didn't catch your name, I'm afraid. As I understand it, death's not quite so permanent here. But I'll bet it still hurts like a bitch, and I'm sorry about that too.

[ For a moment, it seems like he's had his say. But then his expression changes a little, shoulders firming up a little and eyes going hard. ]

One more thing. This is all on me. You got an issue with me, that's fine. I understand. But anyone tryin' to take it out on Ellie, make her feel scared, makin' her upset...you'll regret that. Trust me on that one.

That's all.


Oct. 25th, 2016 10:23 pm
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[When the broadcast starts, the camera swirls in every direction. There's obvious rustling, as well as a lot of "Hey. Stop shoving!" Eventually, it settles on one of the Lost Ones, a blonde with wild hair and feral eyes. She's flanked by children on either side, occasionally elbowing one or another to keep her spot in front of the screen. She tilts her head at the thing, scanning for replies before she's said anything.]

Okay, so this thing's on right? And it means they can hear me? [She looks offscreen for confirmation.] Okay, but if you're wrong I'm letting them feed you to the croc.

So hey. You outsiders. There's a whole lot of you we haven't killed yet, so we figured maybe the rest of you needed a better warning. We don't care why you're here or what you want while you're on our turf. We don't like grownups here.

Some of you brought kids along. We figure it's probably 'cause you don't want them anymore and came to drop them off. You probably even lied to them about why they're here. We get it. You're liars and cheats and we're used to picking up the people you throw away.

So get on with it already. Say your goodbyes and move. This is our turf and we don't like you old folks stinking it up. You're not welcome here. This is the only warning you're gonna get.

[Is it even still a warning when they've been attacking people for several days already? Whatever. They were here first.]

{ OOC note: Maya is posting using a network device stolen from Riley. However, lots ones being as lawless and wild as they are, it doesn't have to stay with Maya just because it started with her. Lost One threadjacking is fully encouraged, as is topleveling extra things they'd want to post. I'd love it if this post managed to become a free-for-all with tags just coming out of everywhere. COME AT ME. }
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[Cisco had gotten the basic run down of crazy that is being dragged to Wonderland from Jesse already, so he's calmer than he could have been. A part of him is still in awe of the whole place. Literal living piece of his childhood, here. How is a person even supposed to process that? He's not sure. But Wonderland is probably better than all the crazy that was waiting for him back home, so he'll take it.

When the feed clicks on, Cisco gives an awkward wave in the general direction of his invisible audience.]
Greetings, Wonderlandians! Is that right? I don't know. [He shakes his head.] Anyway! Hi. I'm Cisco and I have the most important question for your right now. Seriously, my level of alert every morning when I get up hinges on your answer, here.

Where's the best place for coffee around here?

Also, headcount of my people is a go. Where you at, guys? Jesse told me you're here.
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I'll make this quick. It's Ellie. I've got the guy who was... in the library. He's someone I know, somebody from my world, and he's not a threat to anybody anymore.

[ Probably not reassuring, considering how much actually happened before she was made aware of Joel's arrival, but... better late than never, right? ]

He acted like that 'cause he was looking for me. He thought I was in danger. If you're gonna be pissed at someone, or feel like you need to get revenge on someone, then blame me.

[ Not that she'll lay down her life (or, one of her lives) for somebody pitching a fight, though... ]

I'm watching out for him now. Nobody gets to see him and nobody is allowed to come after him. If you try and do anything to him, you have to go through me, and it'd be pretty shitty to kill a kid over this.

[ They're in a world now where people don't actually kill kids, so she figures it's safe to play that card. With that, and with a decisive sniff, she closes the feed. ]
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[The camera comes on to show a redheaded teen, tossing a small mock-salute to the camera. She's obviously pretty well-versed in video tech, and looks... pretty relaxed, all things considered.]

Alright, so roll call- who else showed up last week and now mysteriously isn't gone? Seen a couple people around to witness the, uh, whatever-the-heck happened, but I figured it wasn't just me.

Anyway, hey. Name's Wendy. 'Mm from a little backwoods town called Gravity Falls where nothing ever happens, ever. [The sarcasm is thick on this one. From what Dipper's told her- and how long he's been around- she's pretty sure EVERYONE here knows about their screwed-up hometown. She looks thoughtful for a second, and then decides to add one more thing.]

Oh, right, important question. Where's all the cool places to hang around here? This place is way too ornate and breakable. Unless we're allowed to break stuff, at which point, I totally retract my statement, and this place is awesome. Let me know.

[She gives a little wink to the camera, and disconnects.]
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Name: Ray Palmer

Also called: Boy Scout, Haircut, Stop, No

Last seen: On the roof, giant-sized. Before that he was hornet-sized. Basically he's never just right, it's very Goldilocks.

Characteristics: Puts his foot into his mouth. Metaphorically. Stumbles over his feet. Literally.

Suspicions: If he shrunk down again, he might have been sat on. Or eaten. Or been trapped under an upturned teacup. He fits, I tried.

Reward upon safe return: I'll take him off your hands, you won't need to pay me.


4th video

Jul. 20th, 2016 07:45 pm
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[The video turns on to show a large goat woman- the background seems to be recognizable as the kitchen.]

Greetings! This is Toriel.

Perhaps this is a strange question to ask, but... would anyone care to discuss what your favorite food is? I am curious!

You see, I enjoy cooking, and it has been a very long time since I have been able to work with ingredients that are not found in the Underground. As such, I am not entirely sure what kind of foods I can prepare with all these options!

I have found a few cookbooks in the library, and there are so many different selections, I am not quite sure where to start. So I was hoping that someone might provide some suggestions for me! Additionally, I am sure I would be happy to share anything I make with you.

Personally, I have always been fond of pies. There are several flavors I like, but today I decided to try making a snail pie. Though, that might not be enjoyable for humans, in my experience. Or... monsters other than boss monsters, come to think of it.

Still! It is here in the kitchen, if anyone would like to come try a slice. I would be happy to share the kind of food I like, while you share what you like in turn.

That is all! Goodbye.
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[ So Simone might have been keeping her eyes open ever since the lizard had shown up on the Network a few days past. One of the local Residents showing up often prefaced things going whacky, but despite being on alert for it.... nothing seems to have happened.


Which is why she's flicking open a Network feed from the bar today, her expression faintly puzzled as Joe takes care of a few of the customers they've got in the bar. ]

So is anyone else getting a sense of anticlimax or have I been I missing something interesting happening somewhere that's not here?

[ For the duration of the event "Simone's" responses will be coming from an alt journal at [personal profile] runnerthree ]
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Hi, I'm Farkle. [It's such a simple statement, but the boy on the other sides seems proud of it. Spoilers: He's very proud of it. It doesn't take much more for him to continue on.] The first place I went to see here was the library. Libraries usually have answers, it's the best place to start. Then it's people, but a lot of the ones I'm coming across aren't really good at straight-forward answers. It's getting annoying.

[He shrugs his shoulders before continuing.] So if any of you could possibly add something useful in that'd be great. I don't know like how many people don't leave or where can you find a teacher. 'Cause I'm not about to start not getting grades now. [He seems greatly offended about the idea.]

Yeah-- Yeah, anything would be great. I'll keep up and I can help you, too. [He seems amazingly confident at being able to without knowing what anyone might want. He just offers a grin and a two-fingered salute before cutting out. Huh.]
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[Kanji looks nervous as he turns on the feed, shifting uncomfortably with one hand at the back of his neck, eyes darting off to one side as if to make sure he's not being watched by anyone other than the folks he's broadcasting too-- it looks like he's in the diner at the moment, taking a break on one of the stools at the counter as he clears his throat and focuses his attention back on the device in his hands.]

So, I was just wonderin'-- would anyone be interested in some kinda arts and crafts workshop?

[He's been wanting to offer some kind of classes for awhile, if only to find other people with interests that are in line with his own, but he's been a little anxious about stepping up to actually say something. Events had given him plenty of reason to push it back, but if he was honest, being somewhere other than Inaba made him a little hesitant to take that big first step again, especially with how hard he'd had to work to make it back home.]

Nothin' fancy, but we could do different stuff each week maybe. Puppets, crochet, painting-- whatever. We've got this great youth center, thought it might be a good place for it. If-- if anyone's interested, let me know what days work for you, yeah? Thinkin' maybe some weekday afternoons. Y'know, we don't get events during the week for the most part, so-- probably seems like the best bet.

[He's rambling, and trying hard not to trip over his words, but he manages a hopeful smile as he closes out the message all the same.]

Hopefully I'm not the only one into this kind of thing. If you wanna talk in person, I'm in the diner most days, and I've been hanging out in the youth center in the afternoons. A-anyway-- thanks for listening. Lemme know if you want in.

[He cuts the feed, but he'll be working in the diner for most of the afternoon, helping Souji out both in the kitchen and behind the counter, wiping down tables whenever people finish up their meals. Afterwards, he'll be down in the youth center, where he's claimed a corner table for himself with a number of supplies laid out across it. Anyone who walks in will see him working on the finishing touches of a small knit doll: a monkey, to be specific, which he seems to be intent on dressing in great detail now that the doll itself is complete.]

[ video ]

Jul. 4th, 2016 07:10 pm
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So there's really no internet. I mean, someone already mentioned the "no internet" thing a while ago, but I just figured it was really bad wifi or something. There's seriously no internet? I saw some guy out there using magic to paint roses, but nobody thought there could be some magic fios hookup or something?

[There's a huff then, as she flops sideways against a person who's chatting away on the device already. The lets out a noise that's half-moan, half-whine, then returns to the complaining at hand.]

Don't you think it's a little cruel and unusual? We've got all this free stuff coming out of everywhere, and I can't post it. I can't like it, can't share it.

[She trails off, then sits up at a slouch.]

I get that it sounds spoiled to whine about stuff a lot of people don't have. But... The internet was always how I kept up on fringe artists. Art is so important, and here it's kind of just... Not a thing. Is there even a place for creative types to go? I heard a lot about the bar, but I'm not really sure that's my scene.

001 | video

Jul. 4th, 2016 06:03 pm
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Soooooo. How many bunnies are there around here? I thought I saw a bunch in the gardens, and they were really cute—[Wait. That wasn't what she wanted to talk about, but even if she wanted to talk to people, she was still nervous. She refused to drop her impressively huge smile, though. Everything was going to be fine.]—Wait, that wasn't what I wanted to say.

[She pauses for a quick second before continuing, thinking her words over carefully.]

Anyway, hi! My name is Riley. I'm kind of new here and I wasn't really expecting to be somewhere not high school or New York, so if anyone could help me I'd really like that.

[What she says comes out in a bit of a rush, though not so fast she can't be understood. Probably. She laughs a little.]

Everything here looks really nice, though!! I think I just went—[She holds her arms wide open for everyone to see, before shouting:]—YAY!!! when I saw some of the things here.


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