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[Good morning or afternoon, Wonderland, have a lady scientist!]

So, um, nobody is going to burst out in song anytime soon? Or break out in a case of the egos? Because the giant ego is so not a good look. Anyways, hi, I'm Jane Foster and I'm a physicist. Wormholes are my specialty, and considering how we were all brought here, I would presume the 'rabbit hole' is actually a trans-dimensional wormhole.

Also, this is confirming what I've heard, but the power that's running Wonderland is about to run out? Could I get a confirmation on that? Or is it hysterics?

And finally a question! What's the prevailing theory about this place? Or any theory at all. Curiosity and cats, but knowing has never killed anyone. Yet.
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[It's been a while, hasn't it, Wonderland. Tom doesn't have the balls to approach the network any way other than text. He doesn't want to show his face. He doesn't even want to do this but it's only fair to post a public warning. This is stupid, asking for trouble, he knows. But. Well. Event.]

This is a public notice.

I've relocated to the 1st floor. I'll try to stay out of your way.

For what it's worth, I'm so sorry. If it were up to me I'd disappear completely, but it's not fair to any of you to be in the clinic.

I've never been a man of words but sorry doesn't even to begin to express what I am. Sick, maybe. Sick and without any way to make amends for it. My future self could have prevented this and I can't pretend to understand why he didn't.

But what I know for sure is that I am not dangerous.

[Tom has relocated to room 025 on the first floor. He will be spending most of his time trying to avoid every living being but if you're after a confrontation or just curious to meet Wonderland's resident nutjob, he's there.]

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[Now here's a Kid who's looking distant and contemplative. He's staring into space rather than looking at the camera.]

So...did th' numbers, an' turns out I been here jus' 'bout a year. [He's quiet for a moment.] I figger I should have some kinda...celebration or somethin'. Gonna be in th' bar with plenty o' Caelondian spirits an' some vineapple chowder.

Y'all are free t'join me.
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[ Crowley sets his device recording and sits up straight without a hair out of place. ]

I've been thinking these past few months about that future that Wonderland let us spy and the one thing that we haven't managed to address is a plan to take out the Jabberwocky when it inevitably rears its ugly head.

Failing that--and it seems that not a one of us does have a plan for that--I'd like to propose that we trap the thing. We did something similar back in my world with the devil. The only difference is that here, we'll have to build the cage ourselves.

I'd like to propose a bit of teamwork. We could be like the Justice League.

[ He smiles and ends the video. ]

( OOC: feel free to use this post for all plotting/handwaving/etc. )
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[Ellen's got a bandage on her hand, and looks, well, semi-happy about something.]

Got a couple good batches out of the still. You wanna try some, come on down to the bar.

Legal folks only. I don't care how badass you think you are.

[Yeah, she sounds cranky and looks like she's been at the Hunter's Helper. She has. Whoops.

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[ Early this morning - early this morning those who are observant might have noticed a woman dressed in black skulking about the mansion. She paces, long brown hair tied up in a bun behind her neck wearing what could pass as a Halloween costume. In fact that's probably the explanation that she gave to you if you encountered her before vanishing.

The woman on the video feed is far from that calm, cool, poised individual. From her overly frizzy hair to the thick coke bottle glasses and bright green contact lenses, she's peering into the camera and stifling her tears as best as she can.]

My name's... My name's H-Holly. [She runs a hand through her hair] I think I've been kidnapped? I-If anyone is h-hearing this please c-call my roommate Barbara? I-I-

Whoever kidnapped me I have n-no money...

[She laughed weakly] Like none at all. I'm an art student! Like, I work for starb-b-bucks...

Okay. [Deep breath] Okay. Okay. I'm sorry just. If it weren't for the cat... [And she holds up a squashed looking dark gray tabby. The room knows who she is.] I'd probably be a complete basket case.

[She sniffs, offering a tremulous smile. Despite the wide shiny eyes,the frizzy hair, skilled, skilled, skilled observers might notice it's too forced? Might? Might get an unusual feeling? Like she's...well. Faking it? Or not. It could go either way]

01 | Video

Apr. 7th, 2014 03:12 pm
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[It's a video post, showing one smiling, neatly preened Richard Roman. If he's disturbed by being dragged into a new place, this one isn't showing any sign of it. Dick looks like he does this every day for a living.]

"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent," is always a good quote to inspire to. I've forgotten who said it, but hey who's counting?

[Dick is counting, oh yes is he counting. And if there are any from his own Universe who had a hand in his downfall, they should be prepared to read that quote for the threat that it is.]

So it looks like I'm at your mercy when it comes to knowing what the deal is here, or however it is the kids say it these days. Though go easy on me with all that information, wouldn't want any of it to get lost in translation. The name's Richard Roman. Oh and please, call me Dick. We're going to be in this for the long haul.

[With that, Dick gives a toothy smile before turning the feed off.]
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[ figuring out how to use the device isn't the hard part, no, it's swallowing the fact that either purgatory changed on him in what could only be described as seriously trippy as shit way, or he's in yet another new dimension. so have dean, wonderland, covered in dirt and grime from head to toe. it doesn't take squinting to notice the obvious splashes of blood either, though all of it's dried as if he hasn't changed his clothes in a while...

in his hand is a massive weapon; axe-like in shape, with a blade made of something unrecognizable but decidedly dangerous. ]

Alright, listen up. This is how it's gonna go; whoever thought this-- [ he gestures vaguely around with the tip of his weapon. ] -- was a great idea? Hand up now. You and I are gonna have a couple words, and how pretty they end up bein' depends entirely on you. [ a threat is laced in every single word. ]

Or I can always just start demandin' answers-- [ you know the violent way. purgatory kinda rubs off on you after a while. ] -- 'cause you know what? I don't have time for this. Not today. [ not when one minute benny had been going on about something or another and now the vampire isn't anywhere to be seen and his search for cas is interrupted.

which leads him to adding, after a pause; ]

Cas, if you're here for some messed up reason, lem'me know. Same for you, Benny.

[ end feed. ]


Mar. 17th, 2014 07:19 pm
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[With the arrival of Bill the Lizard on the scene, Souji has been considering some important things. Naturally, he takes to the network to poll the other residents.]

Bill's new, isn't he? Where do you think they come from?

[He adjusts his glasses, which he is actually wearing for once. They just make him feel more sexy focused somehow.]

Speaking of them... Has anyone seen the Duchess?


Did she take the sword with her?

[Those who know him can probably hear in his tone that he's legitimately worried about this. It doesn't show on his face, though.]


Mar. 13th, 2014 12:14 pm
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[She's on the roof. No mirrors up there, you see. Though this might not necessarily be something they could do anything about.

She's looking at the sky, but there's no dramatic pause for her to work up to what she's saying, or hesitation. She wouldn't have started recording if she wasn't certain she had something to say.]

If events are Wonderland "crashing" into other worlds...

What if you could "jump off" during one?

[The last event got her thinking, you could say.]
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[ alright, let's get one thing straight here: clarisse hates mazes. so, as luck would have it, she finds herself surrounded by bright green shrubbery in every direction and she is not happy about it. she doesn't even bother asking why she's here. she just gets straight to business and the feed roars to life. kind of literally, actually. the daughter of the war god is someone to be feared when she's angry and she's not going to take no for an answer on this one. ]

Alright, listen up, punks. I don't know where I am, nor do I care. But someone thought it'd be funny to stick me in this godsforsaken maze.

[ a beat. ]

Yeah. Well, guess what? I'm not laughing. And if someone doesn't get me out of here, I start trimming hedges and busting the head of whoever's bright idea this was. Got it?

[ she holds up her sword. her very, very lethal sword. she may not have her spear anymore, but she's just as good with a sword. and she knows she can't get out without help so this is her, er, "subtle" way of asking for backup. just don't expect her to thank you for it. ]

See this? You don't want me to have to use it.

[ she's about to cut the feed, when something else occurs to her. ]

Oh, and if anyone's seen a guy named Chris Rodriguez, you sure as hell better tell me or it's your head next.
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[The feed is turned away from Kid, showing a view of a shattered Wonderland, chunks of land suspended in midair, some of them connected by bridges made out of debris, some not. Some are small, some are large. The feed catches a door and a section of wall tumbling out into the nothingness below with a crack of wood and metal.]

Yeah, this one's mine.

[Kid keeps the camera pointed out at Wonderland. He doesn't want to look at the camera right now. Of all the events to happen only a week after his death, it had to be this one. It's adding insult to injury, this reminder of what his world has become, and all the things that go along with it. And all of this on top of hearing that Dean has vanished.]

[It's just been a miserable month.]

Looks jus' like Caelondia. 'S uncanny. [That's one word for it. "Disturbing" is another.] Figger things're pretty obvious here. Don' bother tryin' t' jump, it jus' ain't worth th' risk 'nless ya got some Hop-Scotch on ya, an' I dunno 'f the closets are gonna work. S'ppose Wonderland ain't gonna be kind like Caelondia an' form up bridges 'neath yer feet. Keep t' ropes an' such. We got folk what kin fly here, yeah? They might be willin' t'help.

I'd gen'rally say jus' stay in one place, but that means settin' fer three 'r four days without food an' water fer some. 'F th' diner's whole, I'd say head that way. 'Course I ain't got no idea where it's ended up.

Jus'...look out fer each other. An' don't fall. [He pauses.] Th' gods sure ain't gonna catch ya.
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[ It is Tuesday. Oh so very Tuesday, oh so very early. Night's not lifted yet at all, poor sunrise, so very far away. But 'tis time. And perhaps you'll hear her all the same. Or perhaps you'll not. ]


[ ...No, suppose you probably would.

(She's there in plain sight, after all, on the monitors and on that meadow by the forest, with an array of patterned bags and colourful suitcases at her feet, packed and ready for departure.)

'Tis all fallen to pieces, and you'll insult me no more with it! I wash my hands clean of your mess, and may you all stay here, stay here, and put it back together bit by bit by bit by hideous, hideous, crumbling bit. After all I've done for you!

[ The Duchess sobs loudly into her sleeve. Behind her the forest rustles gently, as gently as any ominous forest by night ever could. The piglet in her arms squeals tiredly, ever so patient with the Duchess' display. ]

I tell you now, I tell you the last thing I shall ever tell! You've stretched my patience oh so very thin, and now the land stretches as well. Too high, too wide, too far to reach. Beware! Beware, that is all I might tell you. Tread more carefully with it, as you've trodden with me, else you'll fall--

[ She sighs, ever so deeply. ]

--as far as your morals have fallen.

[ With that the Duchess gazes pointedly at the mansion one last time, stuffs her little pig into a chequered duffle bag, and lugs her belongings off into the forest, where she vanishes between the trees. ]
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I need everyone to listen closely.

[It's unusual for Angel to show his face on the network, especially if it comes to leaving a message of his own. He'll reply to people here and there, but largely, he doesn't think it's worth the effort -- phones being the invention of a bored warlock and all.

But this is different. This is urgent, and it's written all over his face, his jaw squared and his mouth set in a hard line, tense.]

Your pal Tom that started warning people over the network, apologizing for this creep from his world? Don't trust him. In fact, stay as far away from him as you can -- lock yourselves in, do whatever you have to do, but do it immediately. He's the one responsible for these murders.

[He hadn't been sure at first. He'd smelled the blood of more than one of the victims on Tom when they'd gone to investigate one of the more recent crime scenes together, but it hadn't been enough to go on -- Tom could have just gone to two or three different sites to help handle the aftermath and picked it up that way -- but then Angel himself had gone to each and every point of discovery. Every one.

And at each one, he caught the same scent. None of them belonged to this 'Harry Warden,' but each and every trail lead back to the same place.

He hadn't wanted to believe it at first, thought he had to have been mistaken, but his senses had never lead him wrong before now. People were surprising where demons and other vampires were predictable. Angel expected better from humans, admired humanity for what it was -- there were always bad apples, but even after two and a half centuries, he wasn't used to them coming in mild-mannered packages like Tom Hanniger.

Just goes to show. And yet, something about it still didn't sit right with him, like it couldn't possibly be as cut and dry as Tom lying, but there's no time for him to try and pick that apart now. What matters is keeping people away from him, getting Tom contained somehow and keeping him from doing any more harm than he already has.]

Every one of these crimes leads back to him. There is no Harry Warden, that story is nothing but a decoy.

Do not try to go after him on your own. He might be human, but that means he's unpredictable-- this guys is killing like he's got nothing to lose. Get yourselves somewhere safe, each and every one of you. Arm yourselves if you have to, just in case.

This will be over soon. I promise.

[He plans to see to that personally.]


Feb. 13th, 2014 05:27 pm
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[Dean's hands are covered in blood. Some of it flecks his temple like freckles. His eyes are hard and jaw is set when he addresses the network.]

Charlie's dead. She's not the only one. Sam's been attacked, and people are dropping like flies. Whoever did this...

[His voice drops an octave, and his head dips forward intently. A lip curls dangerously.]

I will find you, and when I do, I'm gonna put a bullet in you.

[It's a promise, and he lets it hang a moment before moving on.]

Everyone else, travel in pairs. Lock your doors. Stay away from underpopulated areas, and carry a weapon with you at all times. If you see anything, anything, you call. Network, me, Blake, Cas, anyone. False alarm or no, it doesn't matter.

Stay safe.

[Private text to resistance members:]

We're doubling patrols. I want two pairs of two sweeping at all times until we figure out what in the hell's going on.
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[Kid is outside, bandanna tugged high and scuffing a boot through the snow.] So how's long this whole winter bizniss last, anyhow? What's a body meant t'do, all this snow an' such? I been cooped up indoors way too long. S'quiet 'nuff 'round here 'tween events--now I reckon I'm goin' stir crazy.

They's gotta be a way t'pass th' time durin' th' cold.


Got a piece of information fer y'all, s'well. Meant t'say somethin' sooner, but life an' such got in th' way.

Las' time I talked t'the Duchess, she said somethin' 'bout handin' th' Vorpal Sword t'the Jabberwock. Jus' lettin' th' monster have it. Dunno 'f that was the crazy talkin' or 'f she was serious, but either way--monster wi' a sword like that ain't somethin' I wanna think on.

Ain't sure what t'do 'bout it, but figgered y'all should know.
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[ Hannah's sitting on the bed in her room, jacket off. She's tapping her wand against one tattoo'd shoulder and looking quite put-out. This has been quite an unnerving week. ]

Okay, so, fucked up stalker statues aside, color me curious. Are there training areas here? Or any place I can practice a few spells without potentially killing someone by accident? Mostly because one, I don't want to get rusty if this kind of shit's a regular thing here. And two... Trying to blow up something that doesn't blow up? Talk about a mood killer. I've got some magic frustration to work out.

Also. Anyone here good with ink? I hate to cheat on my tattoo guy, but this whole "bam, suddenly you're twenty years older" shit has me thinking. I'd like to get my sleeves done before I'm wrinkly. I can't be a bad ass tattoo'd grandma without the tattoos, right?

[ Priorities. She's got 'em. ]
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I. Every boy needs his hideaway. )

II. audio;

    [Speaking of invading people's personal space, it's time to play a game called "Where's Waldo Pan?"

    The young boy some mansion residents might have met under a number of different appearances and by a number of different names hasn't seen fit to make use of the network until today. Regardless of whether he personally enjoys it or not, an avenue of communication is a resource, and luckily he's talented at figuring out puzzles even if he doesn't understand them at first, like the devices.

    There are no accidental button presses or phone misfires when Peter Pan's audio feed clicks on, though it might seem so at first. For the first few seconds, there's nothing but the sound of movement, hinting at a device being carried by hand as clothing rustles.

    Then a dog barks.

    Where is he, Wonderland? That's your first hint.]

    It's so quiet around here now. Such a shame when a child goes missing, more so than pets. Such a loss.

    [In case you weren't sure that was a dog you heard, there's another canine yip, closer now, followed by a soft, muffled whump whump of rhythmic movement. Someone's petting the dog's head.]

    You're looking lonely. Miss your friend?

    [Something comes close enough to bump the receiver: unmistakably a dog's nose, huffing curiously and excitedly. Peter's tone turns amused.]

    As trusting as your master, aren't you.

    [The feed cuts.]


Jan. 18th, 2014 12:17 pm
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[Early in the morning, not long after the Midnight Channel broadcast, Souji decides he has some 'splaining to do. He fires up the old network device, but isn't really sure how to go about this.]

I can't explain the armor, but these broadcasts...they come from my world.

[It's not easy to tell from his tone whether or not he's affected by what he saw, especially for people who don't know him well. In reality, it's hard for him not to feel agitated in response to it. He spent a year hyper-alert to this thing, after all, and even after the time he's spent in Wonderland, it's become a habit to react this way.]

I don't think you should worry about what it shows you. It's probably not real.


This sort of thing used to happen sometimes. Where two events got mixed together. It's been over a year though, I think.

[He can't think of anything else to say that would actually be helpful. He had thought of offering to explain the broadcasts, but he's alarmed by the fact that he can't remember what they're called. After a couple seconds of dead air, he shuts off the feed.]
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[Somewhere around mid-morning, Martha's face shows up on the network. She's seated at the desk in her room and while she has an air of business about her, she starts off with a smile.]

Hello, everyone. I had a few things I wanted to ask you all about. [She draws a hand through her hair.]

First of all, I was wondering about memory. We all know that it's a large part of why we're here, so I wanted to know what your experience was with losing memories. I don't mean like when someone leaves and comes back and remembers nothing, but... less noticeable things. Gaps, things that don't quite make sense... [Martha's guess is that there's a more subtle kind of memory siphoning going on here, and she'd like to know more about it.]

Or if you have any experience with selling a memory to a vendor, that would count too. [She knows a certain someone who would fit into that category, but there may be others too.]

The second thing is... [She lets out a sigh and straightens in her seat.]

I know we don't have much in the way of medical professionals around here these days, but with the jabberwocky in our future, I'm going to need all the help I can get. [She had Peter for a short while, but he's gone now, which means she's essentially been running the clinic on her own.]

If you have any experience or if you're willing to learn some basic first aid, then I'll do my best to teach you. I can't exactly be choosy with who I take on as help right now, so let me know if you're interested.

[This does not mean that America should volunteer, however. Martha's hoping he's too busy feeling sorry for himself to notice this. Fingers crossed.] And that's all for now. Thank you, everyone. [She reaches forward and the feed cuts off.]
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Uh, so, hey. Howdy. [Beiste gives a little wave, clears her throat.] I know we've been getting lots of new folks and it's been a while since I talked about this all public-like, so. I teach self-defense on Wednesdays. Mostly what they'd teach you in one of the ones for ladies, along with judo throws and just basic workout stuff. Some events separate us, so each of us learning how to defend ourselves somehow is better than leavin' it up to only some of us, I figure.

Basically, I'm putting this up here to recruit other teachers for things, if any of you know anything about defense. I'd prefer stuff that ain't lethal, since there's always the chance that we'll be fighting one another. Just something that knocks them down or out and lets you run away.

And as far as people taking lessons or just coming to train, y'all are welcome. Anybody, any skill level. Me and any other teachers that volunteer will figure out something you can do to keep yourself and others safe.

Just lemme know if any of you are interested, 'kay?
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[While looking for his cell phone, Akihiko finds a different electronic device instead. He wonders who it belongs to, and his first thought is to turn it in at the campus police station.

It doesn’t take him long to realize that he isn’t at the university anymore. He doesn’t even recognize the area itself, which is strange. There is a brief instance of hesitation before he decides to try out the device, since he can’t locate his cell phone at the moment.

When Mitsuru’s number doesn’t register on the device, he frowns with confusion. Well… maybe it isn’t meant to be used as a phone.

Akihiko accesses the network and starts posting a message.]

Hey, whoever this thing belongs to, just let me know, and I’ll keep it safe for ya.

[He pauses for a moment to glance around, still feeling confused. There’s no harm in asking, even if he doubts his teammates or friends are really nearby.] And if anyone here’s heard of the Kirijo Group… or SEES… I’d like to get some info. Thanks.
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Unnecessary information about the man behind the curtain... )

[When no one is looking, signs appear in the hallways of the mansion. Anyone following the arrows on the hand-posted notices will find themselves in front of a typically empty room on the fourth floor and a door propped invitingly. Inside, every surface has been wrapped in festive paper. Against the wall, opposite the door, a single table sits in front of a trap door. On it, a sign reads:]

Secret Santa Gifts For All
(Just announce yourself.)

[[OOC Notes: This is an open post and an opportunity for any and all characters to receive a (seemingly) random gift from an anonymous Secret Santa. For this, characters can request up to three gifts!

So that all those interested in participating (here's hoping that's everyone in Wonderland) can be accommodated, threads will be short and limited to gift requests and receipts (unless by request, so feel free to PM). All efforts to uncover the identity of the mystery Santa will be met with resistance, but if you want to plot something out, PM me and we can discuss that, too! Have fun~]]
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[ On the conveniently pre-dated evening of December 24 the Duchess and her pig are busily dancing from stocking to stocking. Wonderland has yet to fill those with its magical gifts, and so the Duchess is ever so pleased to spread a little Christmas spirit in advance. In each stocking she places a thoughtful token to every single person in Wonderland, picked with love by her very own self. ]

Forgive and forget, 'tis what they say, but above all they say that those who, yes, those who do not have Christmas in their hearts, shall not find it under a root- tree! Tree. Those shall... not find it under a tree. But you- [ she spreads her arms open wide ] are all in my heart, my dearest, and so you shall find this wonderful day in your stocking. A very, very Merry Christmas to you all!

[ She smiles brightly, shoulders her pig, and begins to hum Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, cheerfully covering the cracks in the floor with sprigs of pine as she walks away. ]

[ And once you look into that stocking... ] )
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[Kid's at the bar, nursing a glass of unidentifiable amber liquid. He looks tired and distant.]

S'ppose y'all have heard from th' future folk by now. Figger a lotta ya have seen th' ghosts, too. Saw one o' mine, 'tleast. [He takes a drink.] I suggest ya don' go lookin' fer yer own. Curiosity ain't really worth it.

[He looks up at the feed then.]

I got a few questions 'bout time travel fer folk in th' know, not jus' them that came back. 'M also wonderin'...should we start preparin' now? An' if so, how? How d'we find that sword?
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[The mansion decorating itself for Christmas should have been expected, really. There isn't much about Wonderland that surprises Jo by now, if only because she's learned that anything can happen. General expectations aside, the place has been overdue for something, and as events go, Christmas decorations are pretty damn tame. Definitely better than zombies.

If it were just decorations, she wouldn't be bothered. She might be anxious and waiting for the other shoe to drop for a day or two, but she's been starting to grow confident -- perhaps foolishly so -- that most things that Wonderland will throw at them are largely up front about being terrible if that happens to be the flavor of the week.

It's the fact that people seem to be missing that has her worried. Waking up to an empty bed in the middle of the night hadn't been strange on its own, but Tom's hoodie and sling being left behind was. When morning rolled around and there was still no sign of him, she'd tried to get in touch with Dean. No luck. Then she'd tried James. Same story. By the middle of the day, she's tried messaging the aforementioned parties several times with no response and found no sign of them anywhere they're supposed to be. She's sent out a few other messages as well, but not all of them have turned out to be duds.

Seems like reason enough to go out and become a one-woman search party, but it's worth addressing the network with, too.]

I'm missing a few people. Tom Hanniger, Dean Winchester, and James Potter.

[She's beginning to think it's safe to assume there might be others missing, too. Might as well ask.]

If anyone has seen them-- hell, if you guys are out there, let me know right away. If anyone else is missing someone, give me their names. I'm going to go look. They've been gone long enough that I think it's time to worry.

[She can only measure the time by Tom's disappearance, but he's been gone since-- well, about the time the sound of the mansion decorating itself woke her up just after midnight.]

Feel free to get in touch with me if you've noticed anything else strange beyond what the mansion has done to itself. If there's anything out of place, I'd like to know.

Private Text to Ellen Harvelle & Sam Winchester; mid-morning. )

Private Text to Allison Argent, noon. )

[Any resistance members will be able to find Jo out in the hideout around noon and for about an hour afterwards. After that, there will be no standing still. She'll dedicate the rest of her day to searching the mansion and grounds as a whole, often backtracking and retracing her steps or double-checking certain areas. By late night, she can be found in the bar, but this time she won't be serving anyone: instead, she'll be seated on a stool at the far end, looking frustrated as she makes her way through her second beer while obsessively checking her phone for messages.]
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[The feed cuts on suddenly to the sound of someone clearly having a good time. Or at least there is singing. And that singing person is none other than Aziraphale. His voice has always been something of an embarrassment to him as he was criticized in Heaven for not having as good a voice as other angels. But by human standards, the tone if pure and his voice is clear despite all the alcohol in his system.]

--lay. Lullay though little tiny child. Bye, bye, lully lullay. O sister too, how may we do, for to preserve this day. This poor Youngling for whom we sing, bye, bye, lully lullay.

[Okay, so maybe that song is in a minor key. But still. The angel is wearing a hideous Christmas jumper and is decorating his own room as he sings and occasionally sipping some mulled wine. He switches up to something a bit cheerier sounding.]

Good King Wenceslaus looked out on the Feast of Stephen, when the snow lay round about deep and crisp and even. Brightly shone the moon that night, though the frost was cruel, when a poor man came in sight gath'ring winter fuel. Hither, page, and stand by me. If thou know it telling: yonder pea--

Oh, dear! I didn't realize this thing was on. Er... Sorry about that...


Dec. 6th, 2013 01:27 pm
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[Hi Wonderland, him again. Tom is sitting back a few feet leaning into the camera. It's a tight frame but you can see the strap of his sling still present over his left shoulder, right arm securely nestled in it's little hammock. Contrary to the oddly cheery, community building posts he seems to be known for, this is about information. Someone just got a little clued in and he wants to know more. And since everyone talks over these god damn things it's the best place to start. No beating around the bush.]

Who has been in Wonderland the longest? I mean, who knows the most about it, who are the experts?

I'd like to ask you a few things.

[He hesitates for a moment, clenching his jaw and looks as though he's about to speak again but decides to leave it save for a short nod and a-]

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[He debates how to send the message for a few hours, and then whether he wants to at all. Tough call. Stay quiet and let the people who know you in Wonderland wonder if you've lost your mind, or put yourself out there and make them seriously question it?

In the end, Adam figures there's got to be weirder stuff out there than just what he's seen and experienced. At least in this place.]

Anyone else seen a dragon around? Big black thing with wings that can understand what you're saying?

Where does it live around here?

[Color him curious.]
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[IS THIS THING ON? First actual network post is go, here's to hoping it doesn't broadcast into the ether!

Jesse's face pops up on the feed, and if he looks a little worn out, the reason will be clear soon enough. He looks to be in decent spirits, though, cigarette in hand-- no Debbie Downer here!]

Uh, yo. [Great start! Nailed it.] So I don't know how many smokers we got here, but it's getting mad cold up there on the roof and we got all these empty rooms so I figured yo, why not make 'em work, like--  [VAGUE HAND WAVE.] -like a lounge or whatever.

[A beat, and then:]

I, uh-- I guess I got kinda carried away... [He turns his head and pulls the camera back to reveal a tastefully decorated lounge area, complete with a number of small tables all housing giant ornate hookahs and a bunch of oversized couches with a range of extremely cozy looking pillows.Fucking VIP.

How did such a scrawny dude move all that stuff around? Who cares, it's awesome and that's all that matters.]
Whatever. This's Wonderland, you can't do Wonderland without hookahs. And since the caterpillar's like majorly slacking in the pipe department I figured somebody's gotta hook it up.

[There's a stereo, too, but he doesn't really need to say anything about that- it's loud enough that anyone watching will undoubtedly be able to hear the sick tunes he's got playing. Is it anything resembling the right genre for the atmosphere?  Of course not, but Jesse gives zero fucks about that.  AND THAT SOUND QUALITY. You're welcome.  

He turns back to grin at the camera.]

So come smoke it up, bitches! Eighth floor, yo, open for business free of charge. No cover.

[Aaaand he cuts the feed there. Time to try these suckers out... For quality control purposes, you understand.  He'll be around for a while, though once his lungs get tired of the abuse he'll probably be stretched out on one of those couches and cranking that dope sound system way, way up.]


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