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What does family mean to you?

[It's a question that has been on her mind since her arrival. The answer isn't coming to her and she feels like she should know it.

A memory of a memory.]

And love?

[Somehow that question is more important. That emotion is far more distant.]


Sep. 28th, 2014 02:14 am
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I get it. Wonderland is fucked up. The worlds we come from are sometimes more so. People die, we move on. And I don't mean Wonderland dying, by the way, where they just come back after. I mean back home dying. People die. A lot of people die. A lot of people died when Galactus showed up, not just S—

[She stops. You're rambling, Lana. Deep breath. Get to the fucking point already.]

But does anyone... have a problem with that? The moving on part, I mean. Any tips on how you just... keep living your life when a part of it is gone?

I don't even know why I'm doing this, this is stupid. Should've asked at Parker's thing...

[She ends the feed.]
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[There was a brief moment of fumbling as Hange tried to make her recording private to her squad but she failed miserably. She finally moved it away from her and revealed a pale face. She looked tired, fatigued- even the color seemed drained from her lips and the happy smile that normally painted her face was far too weak in comparison. She moved slowly, holding onto the table she was in front of for support as she slowly sat down.]

What a trip last week ended up being.

[Normally she would be laughing about this but she seemed to be more ashamed at the fact she had been bested. She moved slightly, wincing. She couldn't even do her hair the way she normally did because of this pain.]

I might have bitten more than I could chew this round. Well, more like I got bitten and now I think it might be killing me. I am aware there are people here with amazing abilities and I was hoping to receive some aid from any of you who can heal. [She moved around and winced. Her yellow shirt turning crimson. Guess who just soaked through her bandages. She groaned, breath hitching and hesitating before she addressed the video again.]

I'm not sure how I could pay for the service but if anyone knows how to regrow flesh on someone else, we can negotiate some payment.


Sep. 24th, 2014 04:57 pm
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[The word "hiding" would perfectly describe how Kaneki has spent the last few days. He's in the garden now, sitting under a tree, behind some bushes. For the last few hours, he's been trying to read, but he's barely gotten anywhere. He just can't focus.

He also can't face addressing the network via videa, so when he finally closes his book and picks up his device, he opens a feed that's audio only.]

Um. [He hesitates and only continues when he realizes the silence has lasted an unnaturally long time.] This is Kaneki Ken. I-I don't know how many people might have run into my Mirror last week...

[He swallows and takes a breath. He's been avoiding this since he arrived in Wonderland and it's just as hard as he imagined it would be.]

I'm sorry. I can explain it. Him. What he is. Just--

[He stops himself from saying too much. His Mirror couldn't have met everyone in Wonderland, so everyone doesn't need to know.]

Please let me explain.
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[ One cannot guess from where the Duchess might speak this time, as her transmission shows nothing but her mouth, and dark lips pressed together into a thin line. ]

You think my patience is endless? You think I offer you forgiveness in the palm of my hand, so you might devour my arm whole? I am a woman of my word, but I'll not have you twist my words so you might seize a thing you do not deserve!

[ She flashes her teeth, all bared into the hideous image of a snarl. ]

You think my patience is endless? No, its end grows nearer and nearer by the hour, and so does your last chance to prove yourselves to me. Solve the riddle and redeem yourselves, or suffer the consequences of my displeasure.
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This is an emergency, Scouting Legion report!

[Okay, so there is some weird stuff going on and Hange is in full-on business mode. Not only is she sporting her three dimensional gear but she's got her swords out just in case she needs to beat anyone else down.]

This is your commander Hange Zoe ordering you to report! Unfriendly's have been engaged. I repeat, unfriendly's have been engaged. I want all scouts in uniform. Be advised, running into potential replicas of our own comrades is possible. I advise extreme caution when approaching anyone. Report back to me for more orders!

[She came across a corner and edged closer around it before continuing her jog down the hall.]

Lumi? Killi? I better hear from you both. Report in! Lightning, don't you stay quiet now. Where are you guys? To everyone else fighting off these intruders, if we work together, we can prevent them from getting what they want. We can't let them find that sword before us!
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[It's about time someone put the gym to good use, right? Lightning isn't holding back as she beats the stuffing (metaphorically speaking) out of a punching bag. Truth be told, she's holding back, but it does feel good to be active. With a final, merciless, kick, she sends the thing flying off of the chain.]

You should've been prepared for me. [The words are gruff. She doesn't even spare the damage a second glance as she moves to a floor mat.

Now it's time to prove that gravity isn't a force that is going to hold her down. The young woman flips, turns, driving an invisible weapon into an equally invisible opponent.

Then things get weird. With a mere wave of her hand, she summons a wall of fire. It flares and crackles, reaching out to lick at anything nearby. With a somersault, Lightning vaults herself over it and ends the spell with a flick of her wrist.]

Show me where to strike and I will wear your defenses down. [She outstretches her arm - like she is holding a sword.] But you won't say anything.

Maybe you are afraid of us. [A small, satirical smile follows that statement.] We're stronger than you think.

You're not allowed to give up hope. [That part is directed at anyone watching.] Do you want me riding your case?
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[Look at that, he's on the network and not under the influence of an event. That's a rare sight to behold. He's no longer hiding and he has an inquiry on his mind.]

Greetings fellow unwilling... and perhaps willing inhabitants. Allow me to pose a question to any and all willing to answer. But first, I must clarify something. The definition of a lie is an intentionally deceptive statement. The intention to mislead or deceive. A falsification or a fabrication. Put simply, something untrue.

Now, many of you are aware of who I am and of what I am capable. Others may know just my name and the implication it provides. Fewer still actually recognise my face or the sound of my voice. [Yes, he's talking to you, dear. Fandral, honestly. Lovely, intelligent, but so gullible.] For those of you with that knowledge, fear not. This is in no way malicious. I have no hidden motive or deceitful purpose save for the slaying of my unyielding boredom. Truth? ...or a lie? [He smiles somewhat knowingly, but doesn't provide an answer.]

What I wish to ask is, for those of you with such self-righteous morals, is there any here that can claim not to be guilty of a lie? The answer to that is a simple 'no'. Lies take many forms, be they malevolent or innocent. Withholding the truth or altering it, both qualify. Omission of truth or using the truth to paint a different picture are both still considered deceitful.

Lies are not only used for ones own benefit. They can be used to protect others. Tell me, would you lie to save a life? To save the lives of many? I'm curious just what would be the breaking point?

[He raises an eyebrow, inviting an answer just before he ends the feed.]
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Hello~!? Is there any one- woah.

[There was a new face in Wonderland and at the moment she was covered in dirt. After spending the night inside a dirt hole (thanks for that, Illumi) she was finally making her way about the mansion. She had just walked into the dinner room and pulled her glasses up in awe.]

This is fancy. What did I stumble upon, some sort of palace?

[She reached a table and picked up a glass flicking at it just to make sure she wasn't dreaming all of this up. Luxuries like these were rare if not non-existent in her world. She took a seat bouncing on the cushioned chair just for the hell of it. This definitely was a new standard for her. She picked up a glass and examined it, tapping it with her nail curiously.]

Too bad this place seems to be abandoned, I could really use a glass of wate-

[Just like that, the glass began to fill forcing the girl out of the chair and the glass out of her hand. It landed on the floor with a loud crash.]

Did that thing just...

[She moved to the table picking up another glass. Again, it filled up with water. She didn't drop it this time and instead brought it slowly to her nose. It smelled like water. She peered through the glass at that clear liquid. It looked like water. She slowly brought it to her lips and took a sip.]

It is water. [What the hell is going on here.] Where is it coming from?!

[Guess who is going to get all the glasses in the room filled with water at this rate...]
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[ when alayne speaks her voice is calm ( I will not cry ) betraying only a hint of an edge beneath its polite yet hard (polished) surface. ]

There were ones who were in the Mansion and are here no longer.

I would seek them, if I can. I would care to know how far I'm allowed to look.

[ that is all in terms of the question asked. you may find her in the gardens by the fountain if you seek her out, holding what seems to be a handkerchief of simple grey cotton. ]
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[The feed pops on to show the scruffy man, hair slicked back, and wearing what appears to be a long hooded leather coat over a simple zip-up black cotton top.. His brows are knitted and lips pressed together with thought as he plays around with the strange little device. He tilts his head and slowly realizes the feed is on with a soft "whoops". His expression changes into something a little less focused and a little more friendly, brows raising as he slaps on a smile. Gabriel speaks with a mild English sounding accent.]

Hello there, sorry about this, bear with me as I figure this odd contraption out. I've seen them before but never really had the chance to use one. Seems like a useful little device, but are all these little things on the screen really necessary?

[He's tapping at it loud enough with the little stylus that you can hear it.  A concerned hum.]

Well hopefully you don't mind my face for a bit, it doesn't seem to want to turn off.

Good thing I'm handsome. [And a smarmy smirk with the slight quirk of a brow, flirting a little with the camera.  Though he's quick to go back to fiddling, clearing his throat.]

So then, I may as well introduce myself.

[And lifting the device a little for a more dramatic angle as he tries to look regal and heroic, squaring his shoulders.] I am the Archangel Gabriel,

[Then relaxing a bit.] and this is clearly not where I belong, so if anyone could give me information about this world, I would be very grateful.

[Pause, pause, tap, brow furrowing, tap, then a look of 'oh look I found something'.] Ah wait, here, I -- [And the feed shuts off.]


[Gabriel can be found wandering around the Mansion and checking everything out so you can find him just about anywhere if you'd like to run into him. He may be on the roof, or sitting comfortably in a chair, further fussing with his device, or perhaps you'll see him fly by over head? Either way, the Archangel will be attempting to orient himself to his new surroundings while waiting for replies.]
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[ Not all actions observable in Wonderland are of greater significance or entertainment value. Sometimes, such as is the case this morning at the greenhouse, one will simply observe a man with gloved hands uprooting a specimen or two from a bed of plants, before meticulously wrapping them in layers of cloth to carry away. Ah, gardening! What a delightful pastime! ]


[ Buckingham's wardrobe is no deviation from his usual design, indeed today it plays a small part only, as it is the sword in his hand which deserves special attention. Drawn and held in front of him for display he addresses the network with his intentions: ]

I never thought to ask before, but he-- [ The duke nods to a well-worn wooden dummy at the back of an otherwise empty room. ] --has rather exhausted his use for the day, yet I still... have a mind to spar.

[ He lifts his sword for show, before sheathing it swiftly, and addressing the camera with a wide smile. ]

A mobile opponent, I've not had that pleasure for too long. Perhaps someone would... care to join me? Eighty-five, on the tenth floor, to whomever it would suit today.
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[Crowley's back in video form. He's a demon again, which means his confidence is back. Though he doesn't exactly look pleased.]

Right, certainly hope you all had fun during your stint as occult entities. And you even managed not to blow the whole bloody place up. Ugh. Incredible powers does not mix well with a complete lack of experience and restraint.

It's not as easy as it seems, now, is it? You humans take your free will for granted far too much. Take it away and look what a mess you become.

[Of course suddenly gaining proper free will is no fun either, but he's not going to mention that.]

I daresay I owe a few of you some drinks, so. I'll be in the pub.

And Dean Winchester, you and I should talk.
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[ Crowley's dark wings loom dangerously behind him and not much of his surroundings can be see in the video, but it's probably hard to pay attention to the wall behind him when there's a livid angel on the screen.

His face is tense in a way few people have seen during his time in Wonderland. He's not annoyed or frustrated. He's angry.

John Blake is dead, but at least one of you already knew that, didn't you?

[ And, oh, is he going to teach them a lesson. ]

If you know anything useful, do share with the class.

[ OOC: All network responses are welcome. Action responses from demons will probably end in severe damage from Crowley, so if that's your bag, let's discuss it OOC first. If you would like your character to interact with Crowley about this after the event is over and he's a demon again, I will direct you to his IC contact post or you can just mark the thread as such here if you're concerned about it counting for AC. ]
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The fate of humanity lies in my hands. Should I miss even one soul, the new world would be incomplete. [There is passion in her voice - perhaps not as much as one would expect considering the subject matter - but her expression is impassive.] The god Bhunivelze woke me from my slumber and charged me with this sacred duty. I am not only following his orders.

[Here, she attempts a smile.]

I wish to see you, smiling within his new creation. Do not fight me.

[She holds out her hand, gaze entreating.]

It won't be long. Those you have loved and lost will be returned to you and your pain will fade into nothing more than a vague memory.

[Is there any difference between Angel!Lightning and Savior!Lightning?

Maybe not.]


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