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[Tweedledee stands beside a tree, her arms crossed over her chest, her back against the tree's trunk. Her eyes are trained on the ground in front of her. The camera angle is off to the side somewhere, the shot partially framed by grass, but no where in the frame is Tweedledum. Where could she--]

I can see them!

[--In the tree. She's in the tree.

Tweedledee sighs, but doesn't move.]

Well, it's no good yelling about it.

They're coming!

There's nothing to be done now. Best to come down and find a place to hide.

I think I'm quite safe up here, thank you.

[Tweedledee thinks about that for a moment, then, with a nod, turns and begins to climb up the tree as well, quite quickly. Soon there's no one at all in the frame, and after awhile, the abandoned feed is cut.]
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[There's a fair amount of bustling being done on the part of the Twins in the vicinity of the kitchen's freezer. Both of them have their heads half inside of it, and Tweedledee is shoveling things out onto the floor with both hands.]

I know I put them in here.

Sometime in January, wasn't it?

Yes. And I wrote our names on them so that no one would take them.

[A ham, several cartons of ice cream, and several bags of peas hit the floor and Tweedledum shunts them aside with one foot. It isn't until several moments, with a cry of victory, that the two emerge with several bags of snowballs each clearly marked "T AND T".]

Isn't it a little early for them though?

Nohow! This is just what we need right now. A good old fashioned snow day.

[Satisfied, the two of them flee the kitchen, leaving the behind the mess and the freezer gaping open.]
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It's getting a little hot in here, isn't it?

It sucks the life right out of you.

Ah, I'm exhausted. Can't you just figure it out for yourselves?

We're going back to sleep.

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[The Twins appear on the network, completely ready for whatever they're about to announce.

Functional yet fashionable.]

You might want to start preparing, lovelies.

Right away. If you wait, you won't be pleased with the outcome.

[Tweedledum turns to adjust her sister's gas mask. Tweedledee tries to shoo her away, but it doesn't really help any, and Tweedledum hovers around her as she talks, fussing..]

It might be a while before you can find what you need again. There might even be rioting in the streets--

There aren't any streets.

--Though you probably won't have time with all the running and hiding you'll be doing.

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[The Twins appear on the network ensconced at opposite ends if a very steamy, very large bath. Tweedledee's hair is piled up on her head to keep it dry, but Tweedledum's is soaked and clings to her face and shoulders. Nothing *ahem* unseemly is visible, and they don't appear to be aware of the feed (though of course they are and of course this whole thing is on purpose).]

We haven't been boys in a while, you know. Nohow.

I like being a girl.

But really, we ought to give it a try once in a while--

[Tweedledee sinks down further in the tub, disinterested. Her mouth is so close to the surface of the water that her words cause ripples.] Maybe, maybe. But let's worry about it when we're done soaking.

You're right. It is still our turn for awhile.

Contrariwise, if we were to be boys soon, it would be our turn again right after.

[The Twins grin at each other from their respective sides of the bath and begin to laugh.]
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[The Twins appear, one of them dressed in a pencil skirt, stockings, and a cardigan, and the other wearing a blue-green track suit. They're standing in identical, albeit mirrored, positions, one hip cocked with a hand resting on it.]

There's a lot to do to get everything ready.

They've known it was coming for weeks now, and they're only just getting started.

It's their age. They've got no world experience, and they think they have all the time in the world.

Were we that irresponsible when we were teenagers?

[Tweedledee waves her hand dismissively.] No, it's just natural, you know? Every generation gets a little less virtuous than the last.

Then we were irresponsible compared to our elders. [Tweedledum poses this as both a question and a statement.

Tweedledee sputters, then stalks off with her sister at her heels.]
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[ A transmission, you see, must be like a song: Voice and instruments alike, playing its tune. Her instruments are the pans and pots, the clinking and clacking, the bubbling and boiling, the rustling of pages from the book of recipes in her hand. Truth be told, this particular song may be a little out of tune. ]

Mustard, custard, cream of eel. Salt and pepper, same old-- herrings?

[ Her eyes frantically dart across the pages- ] No, no, no! [ -searching line after line for the origin of this atrocity. ]

Here. 'Twas the wrong page in the right book, and you-- [ The Duchess turns sharply and glares, glares at-- at you. ] --could not even think to tell me sooner!

[ She rips page after page from her book, and stuffs them all into a big pot. ] Of course I'll start again, what choice do I have? But you had better do better this time!
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Were you always this ugly?

What a thing to ask!

I really think you're uglier today than you were yesterday, though.

Contrariwise, it's just that the whole world is getting uglier, bit by bit.

Shouldn't you be getting prettier then? By comparison.

Not at all! What I mean to say is that I'm not the only thing getting uglier.

It can't be helped then, I suppose.
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You know, a shadow isn't like a reflection.


Everything has a shadow. Anywhere light doesn't touch, there's a shadow.

And they always, always follow you, no matter where you go or what you do.

Somewhat like you.

What was that?!

Oh, nothing!

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I'm afraid I've been thinking--

A dangerous pastime!

I know!

What was your thought? Perhaps if you share it, the pain will be halved.

Do you think people ever get the wrong idea about us?

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Do you think now is the same as then?

Only if you can make it so.

But how can we make it so? How can we meet the us of before? Contrariwise, how can the us of then meet the us of now?

Perhaps we've only got to go and find them.


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What would we do if there weren't two of us?

I suppose there'd be only one.

No, no, I mean, wouldn't it be strange? Just one of me and one of you, and not having the other there, too?

Contrariwise, having two of us means we've got to look out for one another.

Yes. You always do get into things and I'm the one who ends up having trouble.

What? It's you who gets me in trouble!



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