May. 13th, 2017

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so i mentioned this to someone a little while ago, but superpowers can have some serious downsides. like the fact that i'm really durable? means i've never been drunk while also having my powers

but i've also never been in a magical pocket dimension that could provide liquor from all across the multiverse and i'm willing to bet that can change. what i'm looking for is drink recommendations--give me the strongest drinks you've got back home. no need to mention if they taste like lighter fluid or not

and since you're not supposed to drink alone, my door's open if anyone wants to join me. third floor, room 50. if you're a creep i reserve the right to kick your ass and then kick you out ♥
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hey wonderlanders, let's talk about something happy for a change. because not everything that happens here is bad, and not all of the events are awful. some of them are actually pretty fun. my first one was like that. it was hogwarts, and i came out of that one pretty okay with the fact that i couldn't remember who i was during it, and i actually kind of treasure what i remember of that time. is that weird?

tell me what your favorite events have been. would you mind experiencing them again?
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Oh no! The Queen of Hearts is furious! Whatever happened?! Well, as you UNDOUBTEDLY all figured out from Leo Fitz's announcement, science is the thing that happened! The consequences are as dire as they are inevitable, and The Queen has ordered her Mirrors to cross sides in order to right all those dreadful wrongs. Anything else you need to know is under the cut! )

AND THAT'S ABOUT IT! The event begins today, May 13th and will run up until next Saturday, May 20th, when you can expect another announcement. So head right down to the comments section for questions, plotting, as well as a sign-up comment for any Mirror who would like the honour of catching those darn Mirror traitors personally.

Enjoy, have a great time and a lovely weekend,



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