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[ when allison comes on the feed she's drenched. head to toe, shaking from the cold, and pale. her lips might be turning a little blue and she should probably be heading back to her room right about now. scott and isaac and lydia and stiles have probably been looking and woried and should know she's here. she should go get them, but there's a particular slant to her jaw as she clenches. determination, her overall stubborn nature, and something else. something she's swallowing down with every second, every passing moment. ]

When I first got here- [ she stops, cuts herself off, because her voice is shaking a little more than she'd like. one breath, two breathes, and then she looks back into the camera. ] They told me time doesn't move back home, and that no matter how long we're here it doesn't change... [ another pause, allison swallows and her eyes get a little more dark. ] I need to know if that's real. Proof, anything, but I need to know.

[ it's only then that allison's face breaks, just a moment where it almost looks like she's going to cry, because so takes a breath again and tries to force a smile. it's small and exhausted and strained, but it's there. ]

Sorry about...disappearing, I guess.

private messages for scott mccall, stiles stilinski, isaac lahey, lydia martin and derek hale )
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[ Charlie is shivering, her breath misting in the night air. Well, more than just shivering... it's the bone-deep shuddering, teeth-chattering kind, and the tip of her nose is red and frost is tangling in her red hair and it's just... miserable. Getting stuck outside today in a light jacket and whatever else she had on her was pretty much the worst idea ever... a cloudy day turning everything into a winter wonderland in pretty much no time flat.

And turning this pretend queen into an ice queen. Hah. Okay, that's a bad joke she'll just keep to herself. ]

I don't know what's up with this weather, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume it's par for the course. Anyway, I'm freezing to death. Maybe literally.

[ She rubs her hands together and breathes on them, but they're so cold that she can barely feel them, let alone move them. ]

Anyone wanna be a hero and spare a girl a blanket?

[ { ooc note: charlie ventured out into the cold and is enjoying the effects of Lucifer's weather effect what a douche. backdated for the 17th! }
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[ As someone with a policeman--not just a policeman, but a sheriff--father, Stiles Stilinski has gotten very good at two things. One, (1), is learning how to look at evidence and make connections, because he's his father's son and the two of them have solved cases together before, much to his dad's chagrin. Two?

Two is sneaking out after "curfew".

So it's after ten pm that Stiles slipped out of the room he'd more or less been barricaded in with the rest of the people from Beacon Hills. It's a little more difficult than usual, considering he's currently in a room with three werewolves, but Stiles does the whole mannekin under the covers trick (thanks Ferris Bueller), and slips out into the hallway late at night. It's probably a little suspicious and definitely exactly what he's not supposed to be doing, but the teenager makes his way towards the cafeteria, and stops at the edge of the crime scene. The amount of blood makes his stomach do a flip, and Stiles turns his head down to look away, briefly considering turning around and going right back to bed, because nope, but a part of him feels like he's sort of duty bound to do this. It's what his dad would be doing if he was here, and if he has the means for it, he needs to act on it. Besides, he's curious, damn it, and curiosity plus law-related-guilt equals one super high school level sidekick step forward, on socked feet, and it's when he takes out his device to take notes that he accidentally clicks on the text feed. It was clearly meant to be private notes.]

- creepy high school replacement for the diner
- m.o., convenience. unsub was looking for someone to kill, wrong place, wrong time.
- unsub male, removal of skin/muscle like clinical [ew] despite crap weapon
- remains disposed of in the trash can (already found by someone)
-call scott/derek/anyone to check them but i think i know what's going to be missing already
-possible case of lecter-ing
- find someone in this damn place who knows how to dust for fingerprints

[ He's not the first person to go over the room, but that doesn't mean Stiles doesn't trust the judgement of the people who've already looked--he's just being careful. His dad always said that it was important to get fresh eyes on crime scenes, which is why half the time he (begrudgingly) let Stiles look over cases with him. So the nosy teenager is currently scouring the cafeteria top to bottom for evidence, carefully avoiding bloodied footprints, and taking pictures of everything he can with his device. He's trying not to make a lot of noise, but seeing as how it's Stiles, and he's sort of talking to himself as it goes, it mostly just makes it sound like there's someone bustling around in a room where a murder took place.

Watch out, he's easily startled. (And also a sitting duck.)

{{ feel free to run into him skulking around in the hallways, or in the room! c: text/video/voice/action, whatever whatever. ♥ }} ]
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[Dracula hesitates, then gives an almost silent sigh.]

I commend those who have revealed their secrets, but you must realize that might not be an option for everyone. Some secrets are darker, or more potentially disastrous, than others. I will not reveal my own secret. It is personal and, really, of no concern to anyone here.

On the other hand, I will not be manipulated into killing those who have never wronged me. If my secret is revealed by Wonderland, then so be it. I will deal with any consequences, as they come. I doubt anyone else's secret will make much difference to me.


Sep. 6th, 2013 12:43 pm
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...Hello, everyone.

[ Chihiro isn't quite sure where to begin - so much has changed overnight, and she has so much to say about it. ]

I just wanted to let you all know... this is... this is my event. These are my memories. When I woke up, I thought I ended up back in my world for a moment... everything is almost exactly the same as I remember, including... including this letter.

[ She holds up a small envelope, marked "Chihiro Fujisaki", and shows it to the camera. ]

Back in my world, we were trapped in a school like this, and we were told that our secrets would be revealed if we didn't kill someone. I... I don't know what kind of secrets you all have but... please... nothing is worth killing someone else for.

...One of my classmates suggested... that we all admit our secrets, so that we could be sure nobody would kill to keep them. And... I can't ask all of you to do that, but... since this is my event, I feel like I should take responsibility. So, I'm... I'm going to tell you all what this letter says.

[ Her hands trembling, she opens the envelope, taking out the small paper inside. She clears her dry throat before continuing to speak. ]

H-here it goes...

[ With a deep breath, she reaches within herself to find the strength to admit her secret to everyone, drawing on the resolve she had felt when this had all happened to her before. ]

It says...

(Warning: Dangan Ronpa Spoilers!) )
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Okay, so let's say someone got bitten by one of those hellhounds and then the bite got infected somehow.

Would that be really bad or just averagely bad?

[this is so totally a hypothetical question and not a real thing that happened because Elsword is a reckless moron, really]

02 | video

Aug. 9th, 2013 06:39 pm
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Clearly, we've got a problem here.

[ If you saw Thea when she arrived, or even during the event, you might see that she looks a lot better. At least she's making sure that she looks it. The event was pretty traumatising, not just in itself but watching someone die also didn't really help ]

People died and there's no welcome back party?

[ Or a party to deal with the whole thing. Or, if she's actually being honest, just a party because why not have a party? ]

So I'm fixing that. Though I might need some planning help, as a new girl.

[ She'd do it all herself if it wasn't for that aforementioned 'new girl' party ]

Mainly somewhere to have it, other than all over the mansion. And people to make sure the sadness is kept away. So BYOB and I'll bring the rest. [ She means the drugs. She's testing out that magic closet of hers ]
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[So let's get something straight: Santana is not.

Straight, that is.

(ha ha)

She's already lived through the whole painful coming out process, and she refuses to have another...process.

But see, the thing is, she has all these memories.

As much as she likes to not ever think about it because she's totally happy and in love with Brittany, there was a time in Wonderland when she had a relationship. With a guy.

And not even just for sex! She actually liked him!

Which is not really something that happens to lesbians, and dammit, that's a little harder to wave away as a phase.

Finding someone hot doesn't mean anything in the long run, after all. There are a lot of attractive people in Wonderland, and some of them happen to come equipped with a dick. No big deal.

...It's just that these stray heterosexual thoughts have been happening pretty regularly, and the weirdness during the last (incredibly awful and scary) event was the last straw. How else is one supposed to react to a dork that looks oddly nice without a shirt coming to your rescue and possibly doing some kind of magic to take your pain away? It's only logical to be intrigued.

(To be fair, Castiel also took her pain away once. But he sure didn't act all suspicious about his angelic powers. Also, he is also attractive so why the fuck is she even still thought-rambling about this?!)

Time for a scientific poll, asked professionally!]

So, who's gay?

[Nailed it.]

And I mean full-on, Lilith Fair- or Scissor Sisters-loving, gay. Step up, folks. This is a safe space, blah blah.


Aug. 6th, 2013 06:30 pm
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[The camera is sitting on the bathroom counter, well away from the sink, where Kirigiri is bent over, dressed in skirt and undershirt, washing her hair. It's quite a task, considering how long her hair is. And yes, she's still wearing her gloves. They're waterproof okay?

She's almost done, though. She straightens and squeezes water out of her hair with both hands. The water is clear, but there are pinkish-red stains on her undershirt and a nearby towel that might give a clue about why she needed to wash her hair.

Once her hair is just damp and not totally sodden, she turns to the camera, pensive. Noticing it's on, she goes ahead and addresses the network.]

I have...been thinking about cutting my hair. It's been getting in the way, lately, and I'm not sure what else to do about it.

Though a little attached to it.

[She reddens a little, embarrassed for caring about something like that. She picks up the towel and fidgets with it a bit before she starts toweling off her head.]

This sort of thing isn't one of my strengths. I' any advice about what I can do.

002: video;

Aug. 6th, 2013 01:11 am
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[ After the event...

The communicator is lying on a table, giving the viewers a wonderful, picturesque look at the ceiling. There's someone pacing just off screen.

Wait, where did the invisible dogs go? Where are they? Why are they gone?!


Aug. 4th, 2013 02:54 pm
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 [There's a moment of tense silence before he speaks. It's not that he's nervous or anything, just concentrating really hard. Yes.]

I seem to recall that one of you has powers over wind. perhaps that could be of some use in our current predicament.

[he stops briefly, and an intake of breath and a few distant howls echo through the feed]

I know... that it is wiser to avoid the hounds entirely, but if they were at least visible, it could help us. To see when they're coming.
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[He starts with his audio message.]

Ever'one, stay away from th' entrance hall. I've mined th' whole place. They blink, so ain't hard t'miss, but better safe 'n sorry. Got one 'f these howlers, but they're as tough as th' queen said.

Lissen, 'f anyone can figger how t'make 'em visible--douse 'em with paint or flour or sommat--I got more'n enough firepower t'take 'em out. Heard they ain't keen on salt, but, well...I'm on th' roof tryin' t'take care 'f some howlers afore they reach th' mansion. Only so much a mortar kin do 'gainst invisible monsters, though. [Good thing he maxed out the blast radius. Speaking of which, there's a dull thump, a whistling sound and then an explosion. This is followed by a distant yelp.]

Hard t'tell 'f I'm injurin' 'em or killin' 'em, too.

action )
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[It's night of day one. There is howling and screaming outside, and a vague warning from the Red Queen in Chell's head.

Normally she'd be content to hide in her 'safety bunker' with Jack and wait it out. But after the chess match... And with this much warning... And after everything Wonderland's done to her in general...

Chell wants to fight back this time. A little, at least - no guarantee that she'll stay out of the bunker for the entire event, but an effort will be made.

So she turns on her communicator to address the network.

... She's hesitant, as GLaDOS is most certainly watching her. But then, she reasons, this is more important than pride. (Just a little.)]

I'm going to set traps. Inside the mansion.

[She's more familiar with that than with working outdoors... And that's Daryl's field, besides.]

... I might need some help.

[That's hard to admit, but it's practical to do it. More hands means more traps, more minds (might) mean better traps.

There's a little pause as she tries to figure out what to add - then she just nods instead, and ends the feed.]
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[ Not long after Daryl's message appears, a new message begins to appear on the next page, in neat (if somewhat rushed) handwriting. ]

Finished repairing damage left by mirror self - my copy of the database is unaccounted for. Mirrors may now know about the bridge. Network transmissions up to this point have been archived and encrypted. AE will alert me if bridge becomes inactive. Do not attempt to interfere with real-side system, location must remain secret as long as possible.

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Attn: Wonderland residents


-Do NOT engage her!

-Do NOT approach the beach alone!!

-DO watch for RED LIGHT.

-DO carry a bright light--portable--at all times.

-I WILL provide further information ASAP. PLEASE BE SAFE.
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[Has anyone ever seen lips so pursed? So unamused? So unwilling to accept the fate thrown at them? The rest of this new woman's face also shows the same amount of disapproval at her new fate. Not surprise or unease, no, just simple disapproval. Like a disappointed parent.]

So this is it, then? Of all the realities that could exist, of all the existential answers of gods and lives beyond the veil it's bloody Wonderland? How lovely.

[Her tone of voice indicates it's the farthest thing from lovely possible.]

But I see that I'm not alone in this transportation, so I don't suppose anyone would be so kind to point me in the direction back home? I have matters to attend to.

Oh, and I have been quite rude not introducing myself outright, haven't I? My name is Lara Croft.
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People really do come and go without warning, huh?

For those who knew him, John Winchester's gone. Home, I guess.


People who've been here a long time, or who've been told they were here before: I've got a few questions. Was there ever a time you got thrown back home and kept some of what you learned here? Any of the memories, anything?

And-- If there's someone here who can mess with that kind of stuff--memories--let me know. Just trying to sort something out, take notes, the usual. But it's important.
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[It's been a few days since everyone came back to Real Side, but it only confirmed what Tohru had suspected and feared when they were on Mirror Side. Ruby has vanished. Her room is completely empty, and Tohru hasn't seen any sign of her since.

And when Tohru realized this, she cried. She cried for a long, long time. Ruby was gone, and Tohru might never see her again. But...the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she should be happy for Ruby. Ruby would probably want to be at home with her family and friends, living a normal life without Wonderland. But...that didn't make it less sad that Wonderland took her away without letting anyone say good-bye.

Now though, she's finally addressing the network, from their diner. They built it together so it's still their diner, even though Ruby's gone now.

Um...hello! [And she gives a small wave at the camera.] I hope everyone's doing well, now that we've come back.

[It takes Tohru a moment to figure out exactly how to say what she wants to say, even though she thought long and hard about this post before she made it. It's just...a hard subject, that's all. But, she tries to stay cheerful!]

It, uh. It seems that Ruby was able to go home. Which is sad, but it's also kind of good too. Everyone wants to go home, so...maybe we should be happy for her, that she was allowed to leave.

[She clasps her hands together then, as if sending out a tiny, quiet prayer to Ruby.]

...I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner's still remaining open. I think it's something really important to have here in Wonderland, so...I'd like to continue it, if at all possible, even though Ruby is gone. Err, I mostly did the Japanese side of the menu, but Ruby had been showing me how to make a little bit of the American side...I'll do my best until we find another cook, if there's anything anyone wants that she usually cooks! Hopefully I'll be able to do her dishes justice.

[They will have to get another cook eventually, or at the very least teach Aerith how to cook more things. But Tohru still wants to keep the diner running in the meantime.]

Oh! That's right though, I almost forgot. Um...that chess match was really difficult, but everyone fought bravely! I wanted to do something to thank you all for it. I-I know we didn't win, and that a lot of people suffered very badly...but I made a special treat for everyone who was forced onto the field. It was a terrible event, and I know it isn't very much, but I hope you'll all take them, as a token of gratitude and sympathy. I really, truly hope no one is forced to do something like that again.

They're up here in the diner, so please come claim yours! And everyone else is welcome too, if they want to stop by.

[And she waves at the camera quick before shutting it off.]
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[She should be more concerned about the fact she went from being attacked at her school's homecoming to being here, but Claire can't really be bothered but to do anything but stare straight at an empty wall. She's pretty sure there were just doors there. She was just in there, she swore it was a library. But doors don't just move on their own. Of course, most cheerleaders don't show up to new places covered in blood, so she settles on a skeptical frown and speaks up. Maybe someone's able to hear this.]

Okay, so I'm definitely not in Texas anymore. Good to know. [A pause, and she sighs. She's holding one of the welcome pamphlets that she found sitting in the library. It's promptly smashed up against her forehead in frustration.]

Dad's really gonna love this. I'll be grounded forever at this rate.

[Another pause, and she glances over at her now crumpled pamphlet. She gives it a shake, and looks completely bewildered.]

Please tell me there's a magic rabbit hole back home. I'll even take a tornado that leads to Kansas. I've just got enough to deal with without the Alice in Wonderland references freaking me out.
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[ allison's looking off-screen when her journal eventually starts up the feed, and it's another moment or two before she notices. when she does, it's with a jump. only a slight one, before she's giving the camera was looks like a very thin smile and tucking a bit of her hair behind her ear. she's been exploring the area around her for almost fifteen minutes now, and she's tired. tired, annoyed, and getting kind of frustrated, but she'll give in. say uncle. that's what this journal is for, right? ]

Listen, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some kind of joke; but if it is, it's not really funny.

[ she looks almost apologetic. almost, except for the fact she's really not sure where she is and would really like answers. allison's got theories of what's going on, sure, but none of them make a whole lot of sense, especially with everything going on at home, but what other option is there? unless she's been kidnapped, but why would the twins drop her here? why not kill her? ]

So, okay, whoever planned this - you had your laugh. Can I go home now? [ not like she's been trying to do just that since she woke up or anything, but all she can see around her are walls of green and no matter which way she turns, all she can find are more walls. ] Or at least out of this maze? [ her eyes look up over her, and then over her shoulder, where the camera can probably see tall hedges. someone woke up the maze, in her pjays. best day or best day?

she bites the corner of her lip for a second, like she's trying to decide if she wants to say what she says next or not. ]


[ and cut to black. ]
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Wonderland, right.

[ Yes, she is doubting every moment of this. It can't be unusual for people to spend the early days in denial, she's sure, and Alana is definitely in denial. She's practical, scientific, and there's no room in that world view to allow for magically appearing in 'Wonderland'.

Still, dream or hallucination it seems to be long term, so she's making the best of a bad situation. Friendly is good, right? Friendly is playing along with whatever this is? Friendly is what she's going for anyway, so with an only slightly forced smile she continues.
] I've read the pamphlet - very helpful, by the way, kudos to whoever conjured that one up. Anyway, I've read the pamphlet, I've...wandered around this place, but I'm still confused on a few points. Bear with me, it's my first time in...a place like this.

[ She laughs a little, obviously confused expression furrowing her brows, but don't worry, she's not done. ] I won't take up too much of everyone's time though. if you could just direct me to whoever you consider to be authority figures around here, I'll be on my way. Thanks?

[ And on that incredibly hesitant note, she cuts her feed. ]


Jul. 5th, 2013 01:52 pm
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[ Normally Vincent does not like to make use of the video function, but he does now if only because it seems the best way. He is outside, on the beach or the dock, if the sound of the ocean in the background is anything to go by. ]

I am aware that not everyone here has had training with firearms but that there are some who are interested in learning... In addition, I imagine that those who are experienced would not refuse the opportunity to practice....

Consequently... is there anyone here who would be interested in assisting in the construction of a shooting range?
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One month since beginning of experiment. No visual changes observed. Sensory triggers provide same result as interaction. Other functions remain unaffected. No new projects being planned.

Almost three months since arrival. Note to investigate time fluctuations.

End report.
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[ So when Scott went to bed last night, he was pretty sure he was going to wake up in his bed again this morning. Not just any bed - definitely not a flower bed, thank you very much irony.

Seriously whatever he had of a reputation is gone now.

So, um. [ He's fidgeting a little bit on the screen, either nervous or embarrassed. From the shot, it's obvious he's not wearing a shirt, bare pecs completely exposed for the world. ( Hello ladies. ) He also looks dirty, not grossly, just like he has some dirt in his hair and on his skin. ]

Does anyone know where I could get some... clothes? [ cough - ] I woke up in just my underwear, and it's kind of uncomfortable. Ha.

And a little awkward.


A lot awkward, actually. Just - yeah, just point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

[ And there's a click! ... A few minutes later, Scott signs back on though. ]

Oh! And I'm kind of looking for some people. If anyone's seen a guy named Stiles Stilinski - he's skinny and lanky and if you've talked to him, you probably want to punch him in the face - or an Allison Argent - who's just... really pretty - let me know. Again, I really appreciate it.

[ Click! For real this time. ]
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[The voice coming over the network is calm, composed, and largely free of emotion. It belongs to one displaced General— one who is not particularly happy to have found himself not in his office, but in a strange manse instead.]

The few hours I have been here have been illuminating: the familiarity of things is in function more than form, the air holds different pollutants, the very feel of the place is off.

I do not think I need to detail the strangeness of the building. It is, of course, clear that where I was, I now am not.

[A moment of silence is punctuated — for those who have sharp hearing — by the soft creak of metal shifting against leather.]

My question for you, network, is this: beyond a name and a vague description, what is this place?

[The recording is turned off, but barely a moment later, another, shorter one follows:]

Zack, if you're out there, report.
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[Hello, Wonderland! Have a Kirigiri on your screen. She appears to be in the diner, based on the background behind her, but she's not eating anything. She's much to busy for that, natch.

As is to be expected of her, she gets right down to business.]

I am aware that there are a number of people who have gone home, spent some time there, and then returned to Wonderland with their memories intact. I would like to know as much as possible about this phenomenon, if anyone would be willing to answer my questions.

[She glances away and then back at the camera, deciding to add a little more on to that.]

It is for my notes and for the database. Of course, if anyone wishes for the information they provide to be kept confidential, I will not disclose anything that might identify him or her.

I would also appreciate any other recent observations concerning Wonderland as a whole, as well.

Thank you.

[She reaches out to turn off the feed. She'll be in the diner for most of the day, should anyone happen in while she's working and like to say hello.]
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[ this is one severus snape finally turning on his journal. he's been here for a few days and gathered a few things about this place, namely that avoiding everyone for a few days was a very good idea. no one saw his shadow, thank merlin. now that he's taken a little time to get acquainted with this... place, he's a little more willing to address the insane ones here.


his voice is as deadpan as normal when he speaks, his eyes not betraying his thoughts in any way. in fact, his eyes may appear a little dead, devoid of emotion almost entirely. ]

As it would seem I am hardly the first arrival here, and not likely the last, I will avoid asking needlessly stupid questions. [ yes, he's looking at some of you fellow newbies. ] Instead, I'm curious about the enchantments binding this manor. [ because there has to be something and he's fairly certain it would have made dear filius flitwick fall off his stack of books again if he saw it. ] Rather than asking where we all are, I would have thought the intelligent question would be "How did we get here?" I wasn't aware that the place I was in last could be infiltrated in such a way as this. Congratulations. [ whoever you are.

he might sound slightly impressed. slightly. maybe. if you squint. ]
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[ Listen. Can you hear it? Playing just audibly enough on everyone's devices.

A minute of silence passes. What follows is a voice, feminine, though robotic. It may be an android, or a human voice that's been masked somehow. ]

I realize this may be someone's idea of a joke. And I like jokes. Really. I had the sarcasm self-test playback all ready for when I figured out what was going on and incinerated the person responsible.

So. Congratulations for beating the odds and literally doing the impossible in bringing me here. Put me back. You don't want me to ask "in person."

The first person with any reliable or useful information will receive cake.
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[ Chihiro had been taking a morning stroll through the gardens on the day her shadow appeared to her; it was a grave misfortune that she had not been holed up in the privacy of her own room, as she often was on these sleepy Wonderland mornings.

Nobody would expect that the demure, soft-spoken Chihiro Fujisaki would have a secret so dramatic as she did - which makes it all the more vital that she make haste back to her room as quickly as possible. As horrifying a prospect as it was to spend time alone with this person, this thing that was chasing her, to be seen was even more horrifying a prospect. ]

Leave... l-leave me alone! Y-you're not me!!

- potential Dangan Ronpa spoilers below -  )


ooc: Feel free to have her run into your character at any point between the gardens and her room on the fifth floor, or you can attempt to reach her after she's holed up in her room.

001 Video

Jun. 11th, 2013 10:41 pm
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[The feed comes on to a man tied to a chair, or rather the upper part of his body showing his arms tied to the arms of it. Shirt unbuttoned, it shows some weird brass device on his chest and really he's not looking all with it but that may have as much to do with the location he's in (some random hallway) as it does the blood at the corner of his mouth and the way he's slumping in his chair.

And yeah, that bandage on his leg, but you can't see that exactly in the video as he squints down, staring.

When you said you were sending me to Berlin, I thought it'd be in something other then a chair. Really, John, I'd thought you'd be a bit more kind then that.

[The voice is clearly British and man, is he ever frustrated sounding.]

So would you kindly get back to things or are you going to leave me here to idly wonder when you'll grace me with your presence again?


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