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[ After the event...

The communicator is lying on a table, giving the viewers a wonderful, picturesque look at the ceiling. There's someone pacing just off screen.

Wait, where did the invisible dogs go? Where are they? Why are they gone?!
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U-Um, excuse me?

[Tohru appears on the screen, trying to look as professional as possible under the circumstances (though she does still seem very scared of everything that's happening).]

I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner is open as a shelter. It's the first room on the eighth floor, so if anybody on the upper floors is in trouble, please don't hesitate to stop by! I-It'll be much safer than trying to go all the way down the stairs while the hell hounds are here. So just, um, knock on the door and we'll move the barricade and let you inside!

Err, thank you very much for your attention.

[She bows, and then shuts off the camera.

Anyone who does use the diner as shelter will find that Tohru has (with great difficulty) pushed a couple of tables against the door, and she's poured a thick salt line around the barricade. She's also set up thick salt lines at the pantry and fridge, because they work like the closets, right? Can they get in through the closets? Tohru doesn't know, but she's not about to risk it. And just to be extra super safe, there's salt scattered all over the floor in both the dining room and the kitchen. There's also about five industrial-sized containers of salt by the door, so the line can be remade as people are let in and out, and blankets on all of the booth seats, if anyone needs to sleep there.

This is a big catch-all for everything happening in the diner over Day 2 and Day 3! Either prose or brackets is fine by me. Feel free to tag around with each other and stuff, and to assume that your character's been let inside already. ♥
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[It's been a few days since everyone came back to Real Side, but it only confirmed what Tohru had suspected and feared when they were on Mirror Side. Ruby has vanished. Her room is completely empty, and Tohru hasn't seen any sign of her since.

And when Tohru realized this, she cried. She cried for a long, long time. Ruby was gone, and Tohru might never see her again. But...the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she should be happy for Ruby. Ruby would probably want to be at home with her family and friends, living a normal life without Wonderland. But...that didn't make it less sad that Wonderland took her away without letting anyone say good-bye.

Now though, she's finally addressing the network, from their diner. They built it together so it's still their diner, even though Ruby's gone now.

Um...hello! [And she gives a small wave at the camera.] I hope everyone's doing well, now that we've come back.

[It takes Tohru a moment to figure out exactly how to say what she wants to say, even though she thought long and hard about this post before she made it. It's just...a hard subject, that's all. But, she tries to stay cheerful!]

It, uh. It seems that Ruby was able to go home. Which is sad, but it's also kind of good too. Everyone wants to go home, so...maybe we should be happy for her, that she was allowed to leave.

[She clasps her hands together then, as if sending out a tiny, quiet prayer to Ruby.]

...I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner's still remaining open. I think it's something really important to have here in Wonderland, so...I'd like to continue it, if at all possible, even though Ruby is gone. Err, I mostly did the Japanese side of the menu, but Ruby had been showing me how to make a little bit of the American side...I'll do my best until we find another cook, if there's anything anyone wants that she usually cooks! Hopefully I'll be able to do her dishes justice.

[They will have to get another cook eventually, or at the very least teach Aerith how to cook more things. But Tohru still wants to keep the diner running in the meantime.]

Oh! That's right though, I almost forgot. Um...that chess match was really difficult, but everyone fought bravely! I wanted to do something to thank you all for it. I-I know we didn't win, and that a lot of people suffered very badly...but I made a special treat for everyone who was forced onto the field. It was a terrible event, and I know it isn't very much, but I hope you'll all take them, as a token of gratitude and sympathy. I really, truly hope no one is forced to do something like that again.

They're up here in the diner, so please come claim yours! And everyone else is welcome too, if they want to stop by.

[And she waves at the camera quick before shutting it off.]
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[Cid squints one eye at the device as he peers into the camera, a lit cigarette loosely held between his lips. The hell is this thing? Fancier than the PHS, that’s for damn sure. He taps the screen a couple of times with his index finger before going all-out and knocking on it.

Huh. Seems solid.]

Alright, guess I see how this thing works. Kinda clunky for a phone, ain’t it?

[Okay, it’s not actually that cumbersome, but if he doesn’t have something to complain about, he’s at a loss.]

Already took a look around this place. Gave myself the tour, skimmed through the brochure, you name it. Sounds like a whole boatload of crazy, if you ask me – not that anyone ever does.

So I’m stuck here. All right, fair ‘nough. The hell am I supposed to do now? I tell you one thing, I could use a stiff drink. Anyone feel like pointing me in the right direction? This shit ain’t getting processed without some serious alcohol.
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[It's been a while since Dean's bright and shining face has graced the screens of the communicators. Graced being a... strong and slightly ironic word. He looks distinctly less morose than he did the last time, but he's still got an expression on his face that clues the observant in rather quickly that it's going to be serious business this time.]

First off, I wanna to apologize on behalf of all of the idiots from back home. Not sure which of them it was, might've been me, but that last event was all on us.

[Actually, it's all on Dean, but he's not one hundred precent on that. Considering Gabriel's here, and he's... tricky? Not exactly the word he's looking for, but anyway, moving on, he can't be sure it wasn't him, Cas, or Sam. He'd like to keep the latter two from being thrown directly under the bus, though.]

Second off, I'm thinking it's time we had a little pow-wow.

[He shoots the camera a significant look. It's not hard to guess what he's hinting at.]

Time to step it up a little, be a little more proactive, see if we can't start heading these things off at the pass.

[He shrugs a shoulder. Might not be possible, but hell, it's worth a shot, right?]

Either way, we're taking this somewhere a little more private. If you're interested in a hike, be out front in a couple of hours. Someone'll escort you to the party. Bring a pen.

[And that's all awesomely vague except for the places where it ain't. The feed ends rather abruptly. A few hours later, Daryl Dixon will be making a few trips back and forth leading groups of people to secret place out in the middle of the woods. It's there that the real fun begins.]

[ooc: It's perfectly fine to skip around, to tag one subthread and not another, to handwave whatever makes you feel comfortable or not even tag at all. You don't even need to have tagged the OOC post, just jump right in and snag whatever interests you!

Please note that although tags are streamlined through the subheader threads, we absolutely encourage you to interact with other characters and with each other, not solely with the person heading the subthread. Think of it as one massive mingle post with different settings if you like.]

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This place sure is a trip, isn't it?
One second I'm reading through a backlog of company mail on my
phone, and the next I'm here. I wonder if this is what it
would look like if the Gold Saucer and Costa del Sol
collided? Not that it matters. From what I gather, this isn't
even Gaia. But what I do know is this: I've heard some
familiar voices on this thing and seen some familiar
faces. And as for what to think about that... I'm still trying
to figure it out.
My name's Kunsel, SOLDIER 2nd Class. If the name rings a bell,
we should probably talk. And if it doesn't, let's talk anyway.
I wouldn't mind knowing a little bit more about this place and
how I got here.
And Zack... buddy. If you can see this...
I kept my promise. I'm still waiting.
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[There is a lot of dead space before Cloud says a word. He gazes at the communicator, a faint furrow between his brows.]

I...don't know why I'm here. [Though he hasn't reached for his sword yet, there is something tense about his posture.] Am I dreaming?

Or is this...another vision? [It feels too real to be that. Giving his head a sharp shake, he pulls out his buster sword and holds it steady.] I have to go home. I don't belong here or...anywhere else. They're waiting for me.

[Cloud isn't the most verbose guy, but each word is full of meaning. There's hesitation, fear and a building frustration contained in each syllable.]

I'm not going to disappoint them.
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[The voice coming over the network is calm, composed, and largely free of emotion. It belongs to one displaced General— one who is not particularly happy to have found himself not in his office, but in a strange manse instead.]

The few hours I have been here have been illuminating: the familiarity of things is in function more than form, the air holds different pollutants, the very feel of the place is off.

I do not think I need to detail the strangeness of the building. It is, of course, clear that where I was, I now am not.

[A moment of silence is punctuated — for those who have sharp hearing — by the soft creak of metal shifting against leather.]

My question for you, network, is this: beyond a name and a vague description, what is this place?

[The recording is turned off, but barely a moment later, another, shorter one follows:]

Zack, if you're out there, report.
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[The feed turns on to Annie's bright, smiling face. Behind her is the Wonderland Clinic, and it's practically shining with how clean it is. All of the beds are made up, the shelves are stocked and organized and the floor would probably squeak if anyone were to walk across it. Except no one's walking across it. Because it's empty.

And usually Annie wouldn't mind something like that, because, whatever she can read a book or something to keep occupied, but every time she takes her shift at the clinic, it's completely empty. It's like people know she's going to be there so they don't get hurt. Well, no that's stupid, and she knows that's stupid, but... she doesn't want to sit alone in the clinic! That's weird and kinda lame, and Annie has friends, okay! She does! So, she smiles into the device.]

Hey guys!! Um, just here to remind you that the Clinic is open and I'm on duty, if you're like, hurt or something and need help. Or if you just wanna talk! I won't bite, I promise.

[She laughs, because she's funny, okay???]

Anyway, I'm here for a few more hours, so you should drop by!
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So, I think I've heard enough backtalk over the last few days to last me a while.

[ Seriously, his shadow was a brat. No point in dwelling on it, though, so MOVING ON: ]

Anybody interested in a cookout on the beach?

[Private to Aerith]

If I get some interest, you think your friends in the diner would help me out?

[Private to Dean Winchester & John Blake]

When you've got a minute, I'd like to have a word.
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[When the feed comes on, the camera isn't angled at anything in particular. It's sitting next to Fuminori on his bed, so his body is blocking half of the shot. He's sitting with his elbows on his knees, holding a large, glowing syringe in one hand, but his face isn't visible.

His Shadow can be seen at the edge of the frame, in the background, leaning against the wall. Everything visible in the room has been painted in mottled colors that are mostly reminiscent of things that might come out of a recently dead body. Ceiling, walls, floor, furniture, even the window glass is covered in splotches and slashes of paint.]

It was a stupid idea from the start. [The Shadow's eyes are on the floor, his hands deep in his pockets. He sounds like this is something well known to both of them.] You won't eat for a week if you do it again, and it's not going to change anything in the long run.

It might.

[The Shadow laughs.] Sure. And they really are people under all that gore. Keep telling yourself that.

[Fuminori places the needle against his arm and holds it there for a minute, then makes a frustrated sound in his throat and gets up off the bed. His Shadow looks up and follows him off camera. The feed times out on its own.]
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[ Aerith pops on screen looking a little winded, and maybe just a tiny bit frantic.

See, she has this Materia - a tiny little ball of glowy magic, courtesy of her mother - and she's managed to lose it.

There's no telling where the thing is. Usually, she tucks it up tightly in her ribbon, but recently she's been pretty distracted with the arrival of some of her favorite people, and maybe she's let her routine slide just the tiniest bit.

Whatever the reason, it's now gone and after she's turned her room upside down in her search, she figures she'll put out a message on the network in case anyone's found it.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've lost something of mine. It's green and about this size. [ And she props her little device on a side table, so she can stand back and make a shape with her hands. ] It's not big enough to really stand out, but it's not small enough to fall through any cracks or vents.

[ She picks up her device again, sighing. In all the time she's had her mother's Materia on her, she hasn't lost it. Not like this. Especially not in a mansion that likes to throw monsters and tricks their way. ]

I'm going to look more through the mansion, but if anyone comes across it, give me a heads up?

[OOC: Just a heads up - she won't be finding it anytime soon, but everyone is welcome to help her. Also, feel free to run into her anywhere - she'll be searching high and low and through the grounds. ]
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[So if anyone happened to be a fly on the wall watching Blaine, they'd probably notice him looking a bit shell-shocked.

It's definitely a disorienting experience, remembering very clearly seeing a certain young ingenue off to pursue her dreams in the bright lights of New York, only to blink and find oneself in an entirely different place... at least, a place that's different but familiar all at once, if that makes any sense.

All he can see when he looks around are tall trees that make up a huge forest that's dark and forbidding. It's hardly a welcoming sight to see. How he ended up back here of all places is a mystery to him, but unless he's imagining things or hallucinating, he's got a pretty good idea where he is and where he isn't.

Now seems to be a good time to start putting the pieces back together and finding out the situation: who's still around, who isn't, and just what he missed while he was gone for what was, to him, about a year, maybe subtracting a few months.]

Um, hi. This is really weird, so I'm sorry if I seem a little confused.

[He even scratches his head, as if to demonstrate his confusion.]

I guess I'm back again, so... Hi.

[He waves in the direction of the camera and smiles a bit confusedly.]

I wonder why I got dumped here at the edge of the forest. [He peers around him a bit, marveling a little at how tall those trees are.] Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right?

[And on that note, he begins trekking back in the direction of the mansion. Or at least, he hopes it's the right direction. He's still a little bit turned around, after all.]


May. 23rd, 2013 07:09 pm
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Much as I love drinking endless scotch and reading entire libraries by the fire, I have to wonder if there isn't anything more productive I could be doing with my time here. Does anyone have any interesting suggestions?

And I just want to state, for the record, that I had nothing to do with Dean Winchester disappearing. In fact, I'd very much like him back.

[ Well, that's a stretch, but he can use any ally he can get with Lucifer lurking around, right? Dean will probably come around eventually. ]

So if anyone's seen him, maybe they can share with the class on that one.
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[video on the 24th] 

So... You guys might know that tomorrow's the full moon.

[Which, as some residents might remember from last month, means three nights that Ruby refers to as 'wolf's time'. Three nights in which she's transforming into a big, black wolf quite against her control. Last month, it meant losing control over the transformation. She killed someone, maimed someone, generally didn't have too great a time until Emma and Whale talked her down from the edge. Now she's got the red cloak, which prevents the transformation, and can also turn her back into human shape anytime. Not that it should prove necessary, but... better safe than sorry, yadda yadda.]

I'm... there won't be a repeat of last month's... uh. Of last month. [She clears her throat, looks away with eyes that scream of guilt, then smiles at the camera.] So, if you guys see a big wolf in the woods the coming nights, I assure you I'm lucid and in control, not... going to bite anyone, at all, I promise. 

[She's... 99% sure of that, even.]

[action on the 24th to the 26th]

[On these nights, Ruby can be found prowling woods. if anyone wants to accompany her before she sets out, they will be given the red cloak in case of emergencies. In the case of Ruby setting out on her own, the cloak is with Emma or Daryl, while Ruby is fully aware and lucid, but unable to communicate on a human level - a big, black wolf with the mind of quite the nice human woman. She's running through the woods, enjoying the crisp night air. She seems happy.]
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[ Vincent isn’t normally one to just try calling out of the blue, but he really wants some intel on this place - enough that he is willing to at least try, even if he is quite suspicious of, well... everything about this place. ]

Where is this? And to whom... am I speaking?

[ His voice is deep and quiet and mostly toneless - though there is a dark edge to it. He wants answers, and he expects to be given them. However, he has one last thing to add... ]

Yuffie, if this is your doing... [ ... well, if she’s listening, he’s pretty sure she can imagine the unspoken threat. ]


[ But even as he waits for any sort of response, Vincent doesn’t keep still. Instead, he carefully explores the mansion, moving quietly as he swoops down hallways, checking rooms and keeping to the shadows. You wouldn’t expect someone in a red cape to be particularly stealthy, but he manages it very well - unnaturally so.

However, stealthy or not, he is expecting a fight, so if he opens the door to a room someone is in, his gun is out and aimed right at them. ... really, he’s too used to a world where every space that isn’t a town or city is crawling with hostile wildlife. Don’t worry, though. He won’t shoot on sight. .... probably.

But you’d also better be careful if you meet him in a hallway - or more likely, he sneaks up behind you - as he is armed and dangerous and isn’t the friendliest looking person...

In either case, he won't waste time in asking questions. Unless he's already had the basics from someone else, in which case he'll probably lower the gun if he's sure you're not a threat. ... probably. ]
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[ The audio feed begins with the sound of muted tapping. ]

Is this on?

[ He taps it again, and a young man with spiky, black hair appears. He's peering...much too closely at his communicator, but eventually he leans back, the scar on his left cheek becoming visible. He's standing in the entrance hall, his expression honestly puzzled. ]

Okay. [ Awkwardly, he scratches the back of his head. ] I...don't suppose there's a tour guide anywhere around here?

I know this isn't Gaia. [ If it was, he'd be dead. ] I'm just not sure where 'here' is, exactly, so...I'd appreciate the help.

[ He turns, and for a moment, a large sword becomes visible, hanging on his back. He looks back at the camera, then, flashing a brief smile. ]

I'm Zack, by the way. It's nice to meet you.
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Captives of Wonderland, my shackled brethren, I have a question. Or ten.

Who are you?

No, really. Who the hell are you? All of you. I've been hearing some names — familiar names — and I find that very disconcerting. Which is saying something because we're all currently living in a storybook. Brigadoon doesn't have anything on this place.

So, I want to know more. Are you famous back home? Are your friends famous? What's everyone famous for?

I'm looking for some truly, truly worthwhile gossip here, so how about it? Is your neighbor actually Superman? I wanna know. Is the gal downstairs actually Barnabas Collins in drag? I wanna know. Give me your details and in return? Pie.

I've got a little bake "sale" going on outside if you're more comfortable sharing your friends' secrets in-person, so how about it?

And remember, campers, knowing is only half the battle.

[Come one, come all. Xander will take all your juicy gossip. Why? Because this is the best way to learn about people. Ask someone to describe themselves and they're going to describe what they feel is right, not necessarily what is right.]

[[OOC: Since there are so many opportunities for breaking the Fourth Wall here, please respect all players' wishes when it comes to canon puncturing and fourth walling. Also, if you don't want Xander to recognize your character, please note that when you tag in. He's pop culture savvy, but a few years behind current popular culture, so he wouldn't recognize characters from Supernatural, but he'd have no problem recognizing characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. And, as always, if you have questions, feel free to PM!]]

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[It's a bit of a delayed reaction; in fact, Jack's taken a couple of weeks to acknowledge what happened with the door, but he's here now--maskless and composed, if still a little shy--to demonstrate that he was in fact paying attention. And it hasn't escaped him that the event and its aftermath seem to have faded from the minds of the Mansion's inhabitants. People are introducing themselves to new arrivals, vague announcements hinting at events are being made, business as usual. But should business be as usual?]

Does anyone know what happened to the Red Queen?

How I see it...

The first two times that door opened, a monster came out. Just because this looks different, doesn't mean it is.
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Um...i-it seems like everything started to calm down again, doesn't it? I'm still a little confused about the door and what happened exactly, but...I think it might have been a good thing? It must have been really awful for that Queen to be locked away for so long.

[After that tangent though, Tohru looks like she's suddenly remembered that she's forgotten something! There was another point to this message, wasn't there?]

Oh, but, um. I'm actually making this post because I wanted to ask - is everyone okay? I know there were monsters running around and being really destructive. I was safe in the diner, but I really hope no one else was hurt by them. Wonderland really can be dangerous sometimes...

[She sounds sad about that. Oh, but wasn't there something else she wanted to say? She keeps getting off track...]

Oh! And that's right I almost forgot. I asked the closets very nicely and it gave me some taiyaki pans for the diner! [She holds one up and wow that will make some cute fish-shaped desserts.] They're for making taiyaki, which is little, sweet, fish-shaped cakes with filling in them. Usually it's red bean filling, but I can put custard or chocolate in them instead. I've never been able to buy pans for it, so usually it was a special treat when Mom and I could get them.

So, um. I'm going to be making a bunch of them in the diner right now, if anyone wants to come up and try some! It's on the eighth floor, for anyone that hasn't been there yet. After everything that's happened, a warm snack might help everything start to feel a little more normal again - or, well. As normal as it can be somewhere like Wonderland, I guess!

[She smiles, and gives the camera a wave, and shuts it off so she can go run off to the diner.]

2. [Video]

May. 13th, 2013 01:42 pm
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I arrived at a confusing time, it seems like- so I wanted to introduce myself again, especially to those who know River Tam; I am her older brother, Simon. I wanted to thank those of you who looked after here and were kind to her before my arrival. I am sure she appreciates it as well.

[He hesitates before venturing:]

Does that- do people switch places with those in the mirror often?

09 [Video]

May. 6th, 2013 02:47 pm
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[Blaine clears his throat a few times before anything actually comes out. But it's pretty obvious that he sounds relieved, though maybe a little apprehensive too.]

Um, hey, it's Blaine.

How's everyone doing? Is everyone okay?

The last week or so was kind of intense, so I just thought I'd check up on everyone, make sure you're doing all right.

[And he means everyone, not just his friends.]

I think that's all I wanted to say. So, yeah, thanks for listening.
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[The video clicks on to show Dean sitting in his regular booth in the recently opened diner, laptop, coffee and pie within easy reach. Aerith moves through the feed before the video turns around to show Ruby, finally not pale and worried anymore, but relaxed and at ease with a slight smile, leaning against the jukebox. Journey's currently filling the diner with music, and Ruby wanders over to the counter, apparently happy with the selection. She shows Tohru preparing a dish while she talks.]

Guys, appreciate that you're all sitting in some corner of the mansion worrying about that door, but you know what? We happen to have this... nice, cozy establishment here, we have coffee, really good food, some beautiful ladies hanging around... [Yes, this includes Dean.] ... and all the space you could need, be it for fun or for some riddling around.

[And just to drive the point home, she pops a golden fry into her mouth and grins. Behind Ruby, Dean snorts at the ladies comment, but looks up from his laptop to eye the feed warily.]

While you're at it, how about throwing in a little PSA, sweetheart? Little tip: if a mirror sees it's reflection, it gets bounced back over to the other side. Start carrying around something shiny- but don't go getting all Twilight Zone. The last thing we need's mass hysteria.

[And with that, he turns his attention back to his work, sipping on his coffee. Ruby nods meaningfully at the video.]

Listen to the cowboy, guys, I mean it. He knows his stuff. Regardless, hop on over. [Yes, pun intended.] We're always open, and you can just as well riddle away with all the rest of us right here. Coffee's on the house, you can pay for food with small, meaningful tokens of your affection... no, just kidding, come on, everything's on the crazy magical house.

( Additional text announcement )

The Rabbit Hole - Floor 8, Room 001
Come for that riddle, stay for the company
Food, friends, drinks, music, riddles, pie, chicken wings, fun!

[ooc: Massive mingle post! The diner has never gotten an official opening, but it's now available to be used as event headquarters. There's food, there's music, there's company, there's people trying to figure out the puzzle. Mingle to your heart's desire <3 There are headers available, and you can feel free to make your own.

And remember guys! Mirrors on the real side can just waltz in there as well. Give us your alter egos, your reals, your firstborn children!]

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[The transmission opens awkwardly, as Joan fiddles with the not-yet-familiar device.] ...so these just broadcast to everyone, right? All right, there it goes. [Deep breath!] This is Joan Watson, and if anyone has the time to explain some things in more detail than what I could piece together from previous broadcasts, I would definitely appreciate that.

[She turns the phone a bit, showing the front door of the mansion behind her, so people inclined to speak to her in person can find her, then turns it back to her face.]

I'd also like to contribute however I can. I don't know what kind of skill sets are represented here, but I used to be a doctor. If that need's already being filled, then I'd like to get in touch with whoever is most active in investigating this... mass kidnapping.

Thank you in advance.
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[When the feed flickers to life Sunday afternoon, Dean is standing in front of a door. Not his door, not the entrance hall door, but a door he's never seen before and one that can only be bad news.]

Aright, I'm sure some of you have heard the news, but in case you haven't...

[He glances over his shoulder and then turns his attention to the camera again.]

It looks like some shit is about to go down. I'd like to start by asking any jackass who thinks they're clever enough to throw out an answer and get it wrong to, you know, not do that.

[A strained smile, which falls flat again in a second.]

I'm sure a bunch of you guys are gonna be down here throwing out answers, so all I'm asking on that one is work together. That's all. Figure out something you all agree on before you start... poking it with a stick.

[He licks his lips a little, shifts, levels the camera with a look.]

The rest of you... I think you know who you are and what I'm talking about. I'll be in the diner on the eighth floor. We need to do a little organizing and put some things into the works. Just in case. Check in with me if you can. We need to be prepared for when that thing opens... for whatever's behind it.

[Text to Chihiro]

How we looking on the network thing?

[Voice to Cas.]

Hey. You think you can get down there and see what your mojo picks up on that door?

[Text to John Blake.]

What do you make of this, man?
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[ She waits to use the device found in her pocket for a few reasons. First, she needed to actually hunt around the mansion for herself for a while, get an idea of where things were and try and discover some answers for herself. Second, because everyone seemed to be panicking on first arrival, and it was far easier to listen to other peoples replies than actually ask any questions of her own. Lastly, it's because she's afraid. She's not forgotten that she's trying to hide - what if the people are still looking for her?

Eventually there comes a time where she has questions of her own though, and so it might take a while for her to muster up the courage to do it but eventually she has to.

When Anna first addresses the network it's quiet, even a little timid. There's a lot of hesitation and it means that she's probably a little hard to understand at first, just a quiet voice full of awkward pauses and a lot of confusion.

So, I know there's a lot of people around here who don't know what's going on, but I just...I had a question or two, if that's alright. [ And there's another pause where she waits for...well, anything. When nothing happens she just clears her throat before stammering forward once more. ] It's just that people are going to start to worry if I'm here too long, that's all. They're probably really stressed already, and I just want to tell them I'm alright.

[ She has about a million other questions, but for the life of her can't remember a single one of them right now. So she just sighs quietly, and wraps it up. That'll do for now. Hopefully someone can tell her how to get in touch with home, and then once she's got that weight off of her shoulders she can start worrying about everything else. ]

I think that's it. So if anyone can help with that, I'd...well, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks?

[ There's another few seconds of silence where she considers saying something else, and then the feed ends. ]
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[The camera flicks on to Ruby sitting in one of the diner booths, far to the back, almost tucket away. Those who know here will notice immediately that she has an unusually pensieve look about her. Sad almost, worried, maybe even a little resigned. Her shoulders are slumped, and she avoids looking right at the camera.

Considering how much she usually smiles, this is quite the change.

The thing is, she can feel the wolf rearing up within her, a separate entity from her entirely. She stands no chance of wrestling it under control through sheer force of will, not after 28 years and counting of not transforming, of being repressed by the curse.

Ruby shifts in her seat, nervous. Her hands clench, knuckles going white before she sighs and tries a weak smile for the camera. It's shaky, at best.]

Where I'm from, the three nights around the full moon are known as... wolf's time. That means Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, this week.

[Ruby falters, licks her lips, looks at the camera, then slightly away again.]

Whatever happens, please, please don't leave the mansion on any of these nights. Between sunset and sunrise, just... just don't leave the building. Please. Bar the front door. Just... stay inside.


[Private text to Daryl Dixon]

I need to talk to you, in person if possible. It's urgent. Please?


[OOC: For details on what's to come and plotting shenanigans, please see here!]
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[The stream turns on to show the back of a certain young Musketeer holding a biscuit in his hand, looking down, and speaking to someone or something unseen.]

Sit. Yes, good girl! [Let's hope it's not a woman he's speaking to.

He bends down, makes a few kissy noises and straightens up, moving out of the frame. As he disappears, a husky can be seen, sitting patiently. If you're familiar with Philip, you're probably familiar with his dog, Faraday. Except she's D'Artagnan's dog now, and he's trying his best to be good to her. Really. She tilts her head as D'Artagnan swears off screen, whines at him, and stands.

D'Artagnan appears again, offering her another treat. She takes it and he scratches behind her ears. He moves offscreen again, mumbles something the microphone doesn't pick up and Faraday whines at him again, jumps around for a moment and then bolts out the door.]

Hey, hey wait! [D'Artagnan runs to the door, holding a bright tennis ball, and then runs back into the room, grabbing his device.]

Hello, yes, if you see a dog, could you please let me know? She won't hurt you or anything, she's just friendly. Her name's Faraday, but only responds to that sometimes. Thank you.

[And the feed cuts off with a blur-- most likely D'Artagnan running out the door with it. How far has she gotten? D'Artagnan has no way of knowing.]
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[It's not that late yet, but anyone paying attention to their communication device or anyone near the kitchen might find Valjean heading that direction while doing his best to walk quietly so as not to disturb anyone.

A touch of restlessness had driven him from his room. It wasn't that he was hungry, exactly, but he was hoping that taking a walk would clear his head. And if not, then perhaps he could procure a cup of tea or something equally soothing.

And fortunately for him, he actually manages to get said cup of tea without too much trouble. He sets the cup on the counter in front of him and takes a seat while getting comfortable. He plans on staying there for quite some time, or until someone decides they want the kitchen to themselves.

But for the moment, he is content to sit there and enjoy the relatively quiet atmosphere the kitchen provides.]
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[Castiel has been experimenting since the last event ended. The resistance now has better ideas about what needs to be done, concrete plans and strategies to proceed further. It falls to him to see if he can force himself on the other side of the mirrors. For the last few days, he has cut into his arm to draw blood, drawn bloody sigils on his pristine white walls, and tried to banish himself through the mirror in his room. 

For the past few days all he has accomplished is hurling himself through the fabric of space. He's crash-landed in maze-hedges, been flung into trees, off the roof, into the water, through windows and onto gravel. Banishing sigils are used to fling angels away and keep them occupied for a while. It's more than unpleasant, draining on top, not to mention that Castiel finds out fairly quickly that he's not healing nearly as fast as he should. The wounds are still more of a nuisance than a proper threat to his wellbeing, but... well. 

It's on the Friday after the resistance meeting that he hits a figurative wall. 

He's tried everything - his own blood, Dean's blood (once), alterations to the sigil, broken mirror, intact mirror, sigil on the wall, sigil on the mirror, and it has yielded no result whatsoever. He's banished, alright, flung all over Wonderland, just never through to the other side. By Friday, he is exhausted, he's tired, and he wants to... he's not even sure. Castiel's eyelids feel heavy. He's scratched up, has dark circles beneath his eyes, his hands shake, and he feels lightheaded, which might also be because his last desperate attempt involved using a knife to cut the sigil into his own chest. That idea might have been a little on the desperate side. 

He admits defeat when he regains consciousness after skidding over gravel outside, in front of the Mansion. The feed clicks on to him struggling onto his feet, shirt hanging open with a lovely view of the cuts, eyes tired, but annoyed more than hurt.]

I require assistance. 

[And explanation for the failed mission won't be offered up via the network, of course. Castiel shuts the video down, but now before slumping back down with an annoyed grunt - little wobbly on his feet. That's sheer tiredness, though, not blood loss. He truly looks like someone who hasn't slept in days, which as most people in the Mansion would know should not be an issue for him. Except it is.]


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