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( she's fairly chipper when the video feed switches on. river is making use of one of those sneaky little in built devices for this, although it might be hard to tell at first considering her palm is currently covering the camera. it disappears quickly enough though, and there's her bright little face, all toothy grins and dark wild hair.

if it almost looks a little manic, well. that makes sense, because that's her in a nutshell.

she gives the device a bow before she speaks, a big sweeping gesture that sees her hair trailing on the floor and her nose almost touching her knees. when she pops back up she takes a couple of steps back, far enough back for her bare feet to become apparent. it's all very odd, really. )

Do I have your attention? ( which is really enough to make people wonder if the odd behaviour is entirely her, or if it's ( at least partially ) a gambit designed to focus viewers on her. whether the former or the latter, river will certainly never tell. instead she smiles and blows some of the hair out of her face with a huff. it's not really all that successful. ) Now, we can begin. There is too much inside these walls.

( a demonstration apparently in order, she raps her knuckles against the wall behind her, four knocks in quick succession. )

Twice as many minds as bodies, "yes, we all know" she hears, but do they really know? I have a headache already. ( which isn't a lie, she can feel the presence of so many conflicting thoughts and feelings pressing against her mind already, but she doesn't let anything more than a small frown reflect this on her expression. all smiles here, still. after all, headache or not, this place is absolutely fascinating to river. ) Is there somewhere silent to think alone? Somewhere without so much chatter.

( note that the hallway is completely noiseless, except for her. )

Noise, noise, noise. All she wants is the quiet, just one or two or three hundred and fifty seconds. Not a lot. Is there somewhere here that can be quiet?

( on that lovely final note, she skips back up to the device, plugging away at a few buttons, and then the feed disappears. )
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[There is a young man holding the welcome pamphlet up next to his face. Notice that the young man is not wearing a shirt, which makes the black and teal, glowing markings all over him very obvious. He's looking irritated, but in a resigned sort of way, like this kind of exasperating situation isn't entirely new to him.]

Okay, I read the pamphlet - thanks, whoever put that together - so I get the whole "strange physics," magic world thing. [Not that that's anything new and he doesn't care if it all comes down to magic or science. It clearly is what it is.

He glances at the pamphlet, like it's a party to this conversation Naoki's having with no one.]
It's got a lot of helpful stuff in it, but I still feel like I'm missing something. Anyone want to shed some light on that?

[He's not really expecting any kind of satisfactory answer and he half tossed the pamphlet away. Turning his head a little - there is a noticeable triangular horn on the back of his neck - he scratches at the short hair on the back of his head. Lowering the camera, he can be heard muttering just before he cuts the feed:] At least now I can finally find a shirt...


[Naoki can be found just about anywhere in Wonderland. By now he's wearing a zip-up hoodie (because anything he has to pull over his head just isn't going to happen with the horn on the back of his neck), but the black and teal markings covering his body still prevent him from blending in with the background. Unless there's new wallpaper that is black, teal, and flesh-colored somewhere.

When inside, he looks around as though he's forgotten about things that really should be familiar to him. He peers into rooms, looks at the food in the kitchen carefully, considers the rows of books in the library. None of it is new to him. It's more appropriate to say it's all old to him.

Outside, he moves around the grounds and the rest of Wonderland at a jog. It's his preferred method of getting around and he's so used to it, it would take him quite a while to get winded. The sky especially seems to fascinate him.]

(OOC - Feel free to find him anywhere, doing just about anything. Brackets or prose are fine; I'll match whichever.)
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[The video swings back and forth to the rhythm of Max's footsteps. Sticks crunch underfoot and golden rays filters in through the forest canopy, coating the ground in dappled morning light. It's not quite autumn, Max's favorite time of the year- the green forest stretches on into the distance, no trace left of the party that had been in full swing only the night before.

The video turns this way and that as Max scans the forest, apparently trying to find one specific area. Having chosen a direction, she then continues walking, the camera jerking up and down slightly as she does so.]

I think this is near where I first woke up in Wonderland. We're all familiar with what that's like: wowser, enchanted forest, big fancy mansion over yonder, etcetera etcetera. [The words are light, but Max's tone is strained, tight; reminiscing but also purposeful and laden with restrained emotion.] I stumbled through here- I think this was it. And- and standing over there- [She points the camera out of the forest now, where far away the mansion looms. The smaller second mansion is partially obscured behind it.] was Alex Kralie. Right where the trees end, big flashlight pointed right at my face.

[The video becomes still as Max stops walking.] It was winter and I was soaked, and he didn't offer me his coat. He's not what you'd call a good Samaritan. [She sits now, and lays her device next to her, the camera pointed at the forest ceiling. Blue sky, clouds, and sunlight peek here and there from between the leaves. Max lets out a long sigh, self-conscious about speaking for so long to an audience. But this... Wonderland needs to hear this.]

...So I dunno how it happened, but he ended up being my first friend here. And one of my best friends. And... and now he's gone.

[A wind rustles through the trees, blowing away a stray leaf here and there. Max gets into her stride and keeps talking, her voice becoming softer now and then as she shifts position.]

I'm not sure how much he ever told anyone, but home for him is a pretty screwed up place. He's... He was going through a lot. Everyone here is, right? [Max has always noticed that, at least.] And believe me, I know that he could be a total ass about it. Or just... in general. But that's because he wasn't okay. And he needed help, but... didn't know how to ask for it, or accept it even. Like I think... somehow he knew he was going home. And he never told anyone... or, or me. But what I- I liked about him was that he- he was never... selfish about it. He never did anything just because he wanted to... in fact, a lo- lot of the time, he didn't want to. But he felt... like he needed to. A-and that, you know, to give up the things you w-want or love, and-... and even yourself, because I think toward the end he was sort of... of letting go... that's... hella brave.

[A short pause here as she drags in a shaking breath.]

I just... wish he'd told me. And I w-wish that I... knew how to- to help him. Be- because he needed it and- and I- he-... w-we never got to shoot off fireworks like he w-... wanted.

[Another shaky breath.]

W-wonderland doesn't make much sense. And it's so- so cruel to send him home. I don't... I don't get why he was even here. Why he was even... fuck...

[She jams some sort of jewel in front of the camera, and her hand shakes as she holds it.] Someone- someone has to tell me what the f- fuck this is, because goddammit Alex this is the worst fucking goodbye gift!

[She drops it and fumbles with the camera to turn it off, though it catches one last, shaking mumble, followed by a sniff.] A-asshole!
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[The feed comes on to Shepard already moving, angled from the bottom-left up: absolutely on her omni-tool. She's not suited up in her armor, but the top of her sniper rifle can be seen in frame as being slung over her back.

And man, she looks pissed.]

Hey. I get we've got a lot of new people and this really might be jarring for some of you, but who the fuck is going around shooting people in the back?

[She addresses the camera directly and yeah, wow, she's definitely on the war path.]

It's not every day you find your friend's body on the ground from a bullet wound, and I'm a soldier. Somebody better come clean, or I'm gonna find out who it was, and trust me, you're gonna be happier if you just tell me and we have some time to talk. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to take this into my own hands.

[And she looks like she means serious business.]

If anyone knows who Legion was with today, I could use help narrowing it down. And I hope we're damn clear.

[And she cuts the feed.]


Aug. 22nd, 2016 02:12 pm
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[ Even though he's been in Wonderland for nearly two months at this point, this is the first time Will has made a post on the network, and only about the fourth time he's used his device at all. He's not a terrifically outgoing person, and it's easy for him to assume that people are probably better off without his input in most cases.

However, the network is clearly a good way to get answers and information, and ever since his conversation with Bedelia... He's been thinking a lot about "home". Been wondering if there are any people here in similar circumstances. It's been on his mind enough that eventually, he settles on simply straight-up asking people, if only to shut the train of thought down and put an end to the curiosity. And, perhaps, put himself a bit at ease. If that's even a possibility.

The question isn't posed through video, or even audio. This is more easily handled through text. And, it...makes the whole thing slightly less awkward, which doesn't hurt. ]

Is anyone out there uncertain about whether or not you'd like to go home?

Do you feel as though Wonderland may be the lesser of two evils? That you may be better off here than where you've come from?

[ Come and discuss any doubts you have about wanting to return to your world, Wonderland. Maybe you'll make him feel better about the disaster he'll be walking back into if and when he ever goes home. ]
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(This time, when the video on Legion's device is activated, it's done so deliberately, to reveal a Geth hand holding... a tiny lop eared rabbit. After a moment, the hand moves away, to be replace by Legion's face, staring into the camera. They chatter awkwardly for a moment.)

I had been informed that the closets were capable of producing live animals. As I found these reports highly improbable, I decided to test this.

Reports verified: The closets are capable of producing live animals.

(They chatter awkwardly again.)

...I am unfamiliar with the proper procedure for caring for Earth based organic lifeforms.
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(The journal begins to record, obviously without its new owner's intention.

A Geth in a garden is probably a disconcerting sight. It's disconcerting for them too, albeit for an entirely different reason. They had not expected to encounter a garden, or anything else, ever again.

Legion begins to look around. It doesn't take them long to find the journal, and the residents of the mansion will get a good look at their flashlight face when they pick it up and stare quizzically at it for several moments. Upon realizing that it is recording, the flaps of plastic wrapped around their head flare out in an expression of surprise, and they click off the feed.

A moment later, they send a text.)

My reactivation is unexpected. Personality dissemination was irreversible.

Local flora matches that of the Human planet Earth.

(How is this possible?)

01; voice

Aug. 3rd, 2016 06:06 pm
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[ it's been a disorienting arrival, but that's probably par for the course. more important than where she was or how she got there, tali had to make sure that waking up surrounded by flowers and bushes and other generally questionable garden things hadn't caused any sort of issues with her suit. dying of pollen on an alien world seemed like a pretty shitty way to go, after all.

she's not sick, but tali does sound a little annoyed when she finally reaches out to the network. ]

Assuming this isn't just the weirdest fever dream ever, I have... some questions. This is a human colony, right? But where? Does everyone wake up in a flower bed or did whoever was dumping bodies just think that would be funny? It wasn't funny, for the record. But I think I need a crash course in just what exactly's going on here and some reassurance that I'm not delirious or drank something terrible by accident.

And - [ a pause, slightly pained. ] - please tell me I'm not the only alien here.
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If you would kindly, Wonderland, answer some questions, I would greatly appreciate your input.

1. Are you from a species that can dream?

2. Do you dream? How often?

3. What do you typically dream about?

4. Are your dreams lucid? Can you control what happens in them?

5. What's your favorite dream that you remember?

6. Tell me about any nightmares you've had.*

* - This one is optional.
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[Whoever's transmitting this feed is doing a great job of managing to conceal their identity. Or maybe, not-so-great.

A glance at their name only shows the user as THE ABSOLUTE GOD OF H, and an icon of a poorly-drawn dragon... goat. thing. Their voice is distorted, almost as if they're talking through one of those cheap voice-changer things you find at a flea market.]


[An image appears on everyone's devices for a few moments:]

I AM HYPERDEATH. THE ABSOLUTE GOD OF HYPERDEATH. And you're all probably wondering - 'How did someone so powerful get into Wonderland?? What'll we do??' Fear not, as I do not mean any harm.



Or, uh, you can just slip some into room 023, second floor. That'd be neat, too.


[The audio ends with two pots banging together. Dramatic thunder!!!]
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[After some grumbling and fumbling, Stan turns on the video feed. It's very dark wherever he is, and he's only lit by the light of his network device, but he's looking pretty disheveled in his underwear and he's glaring hard into the camera.]

Can't a guy get some shut-eye around here without this stupid mansion pulling some bizarre magical stunt? Is floatin' around in the air what that dumb mouse meant by "tricks"? [He makes a fist and shakes it.] I oughta show that darn rat a trick or two!

[He's fuming, because obviously he was just jostled out of bed in the middle of the night because he was lifted several feet up and fell flat on his face.

Obviously that's what this is about.

Stupid damn trick anyway. I could pull off somethin' better than that with my eyes closed!

[Well. He can think of at least one trick he'd pull off better.]


Jun. 18th, 2016 02:44 pm
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[When the feed flips on, there's little to the screen other than a blue hand on a desk, thoughtfully stroking the edge of a helmet that might be familiar to some. Her voice narrates the video, for now.]

So, Wonderland -- I've got a favor to ask you -- some of you, at least. I have to assume that just based on the number of people here, there've got to be a few telepaths kicking around...right? I'm looking for some volunteers to help me figure out what this thing is going to block out, and what it's going to let through.

[She doesn't really have a reason to be curious about this, but with the explosion that just rocked her room and left some of her belongings in a sort of weird, liquified goo -- well, she's looking for a distraction.]

I haven't got much to trade for your help, but -- do any of us really have anything better to do right now that's more productive?
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[Dipper always looks a little on the paranoid and overtired side, but he looks especially bad today. Amazing how much harder it is to sleep when the very reason you have trouble sleeping in the first place is actually here and likely to torment your nightmares if you dare close your eyes. Not that staying awake forever is an option. Dipper just wishes it was. He starts the feed, then sits, back, looking grim.]

Hey. Dipper and Ford Pines here. You might have noticed the super weird triangle thing that came up recently? Well, that's not a what. That's a who. [A beat.] And… also a what, actually.

[Ford doesn’t look much better either. His brow is furrowed and his expression, grave.] That super weird triangle thing is a dream demon known as ‘Bill Cipher’. He is incredibly powerful and incredibly dangerous. Now I’m sure some of you will take this as a challenge-- How bad can he be? Right? [He shrugs airily, but abruptly points at the camera.]

Wrong. Bill is most powerful in the mindscape; a mental realm between dimensions. He can read your mind and inhabit your dreams and he is chaos incarnate. He may be charming, but above all else he is a liar and a monster.

[Dipper raises a finger.] Also? Don't make a deal with him. He will lie to you and cheat you out of your end and then he'll possess you and do terrible things to and with your body. [Terrible, terrible things. Dipper rubs his arm.]

But good news? He can't possess you if you don't deal with him, and without a corporeal form he's pretty limited in what damage he can do. Still got the omniscience and nightmares to contend with, but who hasn't had to deal with a few nightmares? [It's fine. He's fine.]

[Ford puts a comforting hand on Dipper’s shoulder.] If you happened to follow his instructions and you drew a triangle with an eye, I suggest you destroy that paper immediately--preferably by burning it. If you can help it, do NOT engage! I cannot stress that enough. Do not be a fool just because you think you can handle yourself. It’s not worth the risk.

[Dipper nods firmly.] If he contacts you? Let us know. If he… takes an interest in you or something, definitely let us know. We're experts on dealing with him. We can help. We can also answer any questions you might have. To the extent that there are answers, anyway. There are still definitely more questions.

[He gives a serious nod, glances up at Ford, then looks into the camera.]

That's it for now, Wonderland. Stay safe, and come to us with any questions.

Entry #5

Jun. 8th, 2016 04:53 pm
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[Alex doesn't film himself very often. Whenever he does, he gets a spray of static fuzzing over the screen and making things damn difficult to determine. But in this case, that works in his favor. He's far enough away from the camera for it not to make such a huge difference, anyway, the device positioned on the far corner of his desk as he scribbles something down on a sheet of paper, its contents obscured to the viewer.

Those with sharp eyes might spot the corners of several papers tacked to his walls featuring scribbled messages that may seem eerily familiar for anyone who's come into extended contact with Mr. Kralie here, but the content of his message is what's meant to be the vital thing here.

He doesn't look up as he speaks, gaunt and shadowed eyes riveted on whatever it is he's writing.]

So I had a little chat with the Queen. Y'know, the chick that allegedly runs this place, rules the mirrors, yadda yadda yadda.

[Static spritzes momentarily over the feed, multicolored bars bisecting his features before the video jumps back to normal. Alex seems to have anticipated this, and resumes speaking when the digital fit is done.]

I won't bore you with the details. But, uh, she said something pretty interesting.

[He's got footage of the event itself, because why wouldn't someone as rampantly paranoid as he not be filming it, but there's no way to display it without revealing his own offer to the Queen, in which he proposed that he serve as a pair of her eyes on the Real side. As it is, he'll simply have to say it directly and hope people believe him, because it's real freaking shady, what she just implied.]

She said she's got eyes on our side. People watching things out for her. Had some real, or maybe I should say Real, "capable help" at her disposal.

[For the first time, he eyes the camera coldly, suspiciously. As if his paranoia needed to be ratcheted up further.]

Now why would she say a thing like that?
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[The screen boots up, blipping out of focus ever so slightly, as the happy titles for a DRAWING TUTORIAL make their way onto, and occasionally fizzle off, the display. Distantly, this 'tune' can be heard in the background, distorting the music with its impossible, never heightening decibels.]

HOW tO dRaw A T̶̴͝R̶̕͞I̷͜͞͠A̛҉̀Ņ͘͢͞͡G̨Ļ͢͝E̢͜

1.) Put THREE DOTS on YOUR PAPER or whatever object YOU'VE CHOSEN TO DEFACE!





VI.) Use the midpoint to draw an oval YOU CREEPS!

7.) ADD a dot within the oval at wherever you'd like to SUBJECT YOUR JUDGEMENTAL stare first. GO ON, YOU'VE EARNED IT!!

.) Fail to realize you just STARTED FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS without thought like THE SHEEPLE you are!


[All at once, the screen flashes with an obscenely bright light, aiming to seer the videos completed after image into the watchers retinas. After all, it's much easier for Bill to enter the minds of people, when they already have his image imprinted somewhere in their brains! The static emits one more alarmingly loud hiss before the picture dissipates entirely.]

E͠M̸͟͝K̡ ̵̢͝ ̧Y̶̡̧K͞ ̴̴ ̵̧̢ ̷̕Z͘͠MY͢͡͡Q̡
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[ The feed snaps on, and the frame is on the crowded side. In the foreground Steve and Wanda are seated, arranged on a couch in one of the mansion’s tea rooms, while Natasha stands behind them, leaning against the wall near the door. Steve has his phone tilted so that all of three them are visible, Wanda’s arm linked with his.

Steve’s in civilian wear, his expression composed and collected. He isn’t here to give out orders or make any speeches, though. ]

So it looks like Wonderland sent all three of us home at once. Sorry about that. [ As if they had any control over it. ] But we’re back now and more or less in one piece. [ Which isn’t the full story at all, but that isn’t something that needs to be shared with all of Wonderland.

Natasha pushes away from the wall at this and moves closer into the frame of the video, leaning on the back of the couch over Steve’s shoulder, expression mild. ]
I don’t know if any others of us were sent home recently, but if so, letting us know would be greatly appreciated.

[ Her lips quirk briefly. ] Either way, I think some of us will need to be assembling for a SitRep soon regardless. But we wanted to let you know we were back to keep people from worrying.

[ Steve glances over his shoulder at Natasha, nods, and then returns to looking at his phone. ] Let us know if we’re needed anywhere.

[ With that, the feed cuts. ]

Action option for Steve )

Action option for Natasha )

Action option for Wanda )
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[As the video starts to play, the person on screen looks like they've come about as close to the brink of death as anyone can manage and still come back from it. Her dark hair is pulled back from her ghostly white face and pale blue eyes that are normally accentuated with black eye makeup, appear to be lined with blood. Her tongue flickers out over dry, cracked lips and the picture is shaky, as if the person holding the camera has unsteady hands.]

Aren't you supposed to take the red pill before you wake up in bizarro land? [The woman trying to inject as much vibrancy as she can manage into her voice, despite the obvious struggle to do so.]

There should at least be food. Like, nachos. Why don't any of my kidnappings ever come with nachos?

[The shake of the camera worsens as she pulls one hand away, trying to rub away the evidence of what had happened before she woke up here.]

As comfortable as this floor is... if somebody could point me in the direction of food? [Aware of how she looks, her hand vaguely gestures to her face.] It's okay. It was just a minor case of Fae plague. A burger or six and I'll be good to go.


May. 27th, 2016 01:43 am
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[The video feed clicks on, and... it's just a black screen. Looks like somebody left the lens cap on, or something. At least you can hear her voice.]

Greetings. My name is Toriel. I am... new to Wonderland, apparently. I am also a monster.

I do not know much about this place yet, but. It is my understanding that most of you here are humans. You may have already seen some of my kind around here, but as many of us can look very different, I still would like to remind you. There is no need to be intimidated. I am just a- wait, did I...

[She trails off, and there's the sound of footsteps getting closer- the obstruction comes away, to reveal her face, smiling a bit.]

I am sorry, I have never been terribly good with these things. Anyway, I am just a silly little lady, and I do not mean you any harm. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

[Toriel pauses again, her expression sombering slightly.]

Also... to anybody from the birthday party that I interrupted. I am terribly sorry. I did not mean to cause such a scene.


Apr. 25th, 2016 08:40 am
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[The video opens with a pitched cackle. The man on screen wipes a tear away from his eye and shakes his head, sighing contentedly as he comes down from the fit.]

Ohhhhh-okay, okay. Okay. People of--is this, is this really what we're going with right now? Wonderland? What pretentious dickwad came up with that one? [There's another short bark of laughter then he clears his throat.] Wh-oookay. Ahhh, this is just--just beautiful! God, and here I thought things just couldn't get better.

[There's a pause in which he composes himself, runs a hand back through his hair, and fixes the video with a slightly less hysterical visage.]

So, right, I did the reading and the whole shtick. Oh no, where am I, I'm so confused and lost. Wah, wah, I don't like change. What am I gonna do with myself? Here, let me confide in the local ECHOnet, seeking solace from my equals. Yeah, that crap just ain't me, kiddos. So uh, I'm Jack. If any of you assholes knows me, pipe up, because I'm gonna need a basic rundown of the whole dealio as far as who's here. And I swear on my mother's grave--the devil condemn her soul in eternal torment--if I see or hear one CL4P-TP unit, I will set it on fire. I'm not even kidding right now. You have been warned. I don't need that crap here, too.

So yeah. Really, just uh, sayin' hi. Oh, and in case you didn't really catch it, I was making fun of the ostentatious name of the place. Yep. That about wraps up this video. Later, losers.
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[ Video ]
    [ Natasha shows up on the Network early in the day. Her hair is already tousled and she's looking a little out of breath, but she's currently holed up somewhere quiet to try and get in touch with the others - or anyone else who is out there at the moment, because so far everything's been alarmingly quiet other than the monsters roaming the mansion and the occasional scuffle she's come across and lent a hand in. Or just instigated herself, when the odds looked favorable. ]

    Alright, safe spots are all well and good, but these things have to be coming from somewhere and there seems to be more of them by the minute. Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how we might slow down their numbers or maybe keep them stuck to certain floors?

    Also, any Avengers out there? I could really use a bit of backup. I might have gotten a little bit more attention than I wanted to. [ Oops? ]

[ Action ]
    [ Natasha's not content to remain stationary for any length of time. For the duration of the event she keeps moving, constantly switching between defensive and offensive maneuvers. She finds and coordinates with teammates and friends and, hell, even strangers whenever she comes across them, falling seamlessly in and out of battle and carving her way through what monsters she can with a cold, determined precision.

    She doesn't have a gas mask, persay, but there is a filter that looks like it was made specifically to match her tac suit often fixed over her mouth and nose, designed to protect from harmful gases, so she figures this will serve the same purpose. She a pair of pistols and a large supply of ammo on her, as well as her stingers and an alarming amount of knives tucked away on her person - including one the size of a small machete that she doesn't hesitate to use when there's a need.

    Should anyone find themselves in trouble, she's quick to lend aid, or fall in at their backs to join in the fray until the threat is taken care of. Feel free to encounter her anywhere during the span of the event. ]
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[Have you seen the inside of the therapy office before Wonderland? Because you're getting a good shot of it now, featuring the owner of this particular room.]

Good morning, Wonderland. Since it's been awhile, and we're just coming off the heels of a rather chaotic event, I thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Cami O'Connell, and I am the therapist in residence here in Wonderland. An officially licensed therapist at that, thanks to a trip home a couple of months ago.

[She's got a degree and everything now. Clearly she's a force to be watched out for.]

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of psychological therapy, the idea is to work through mental issues in order to help alleviate or lessen their effects. This could be anything, from a traumatic loss to guilt over something you've done, to trying to deal with whatever hell Wonderland has put you through. It's often a slow process that takes dedication and time, but one that can be immensely helpful if people are willing to see it through.

[As so many people in Wonderland have failed to do. And that's half the reason why she's making this broadcast; too many people have been one-time visitors before they retreated into their own shells of denial.]

Of course, therapy doesn't work for everyone; that's just a fact. But the problems you've got right now, the secret things you don't want to face because they're all just too much and you think that if you try they'll swallow you whole? They aren't going to go away if you just ignore them. They'll linger, and they'll fester, and then Wonderland will do what it always does by sparking some event that makes that trauma even worse.

Trust me. I've been here long enough to see it, and to have it happen to me too.

[She pauses then; hopefully she's gotten some people's attention with the speech this time.]

One other benefit to the process is that it is entirely confidential. I will not divulge anything you tell me when you come to see me as a patient, unless you or someone else is at risk of harm. No one will even know you've talked to me at all.

So if you're interested, if you think that there's the slightest chance that talking to someone may do you some good? Come by the office in room 20 on the sixth floor. If the door is closed, write your name on a piece of paper and slide it under the door, and I'll get in touch. Or you can respond to this broadcast, and we can arrange a time to meet.

[She looks directly at the phone now, directly at the people watching this. Hopefully, it manages to reach them.]

Wonderland is not an easy place to live in. And while you can learn how to shoot a gun or to defend yourself physically, the biggest toll it takes on all of us is an emotional and psychological one. So why not strengthen yourself there to?

[A heartbeat longer, and Cami reaches to turn off the video. After that, it's just a matter of waiting for people to show up, or for her phone to ring.

But while she does spend a good chunk of her day in the office, after certain replies she ends up fielding? By that evening Cami is more than happy to abandon talking to people in favor of hitting up the bar. Not that she'll reject anyone who tries to approach her there; it's just that the therapist is out for the evening, thanks, so please stop complaining about her life's work now so she can drink in peace.]
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[The camera clicks on, being held steady and centered well; this is obviously someone who knows and understands this technology. A redheaded woman looks on, pretty serious about this situation, and despite the camera cutting off at her chest, people on the network can see she’s in heavy, and rather advanced, armor, and armed to the teeth in weaponry. She’s also wearing some sort of visor, displaying a holographic screen over the right side of her face.]

This is Commander Shepard of the SSV Normandy, reporting from some sort of mansion in the middle of nowhere. No intel on planet or time, though it appears to be habitable. If anyone is on this channel and has any information about my current whereabouts, and how I could make contact with my ship, that would be incredibly helpful.

[She pauses for a second, looking a bit off camera and grinning.]

And if no one has that, I’d love information about the current whereabouts of a cocktail, as that would be equally as helpful.

Entry #4

Apr. 4th, 2016 10:08 am
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[Oh god. Oh god. The horror's coiled tight in his chest, flat and sick and heavy, his mouth powder-dry as he rolls over and scrambles to his feet. That's another death down, Kralie. Burning through them awful quick, aren't you?

Burning - oh jesus christ. And it's the fourth on top of it. He died on what, the second, and now it's the fucking fourth. Perfect.

He needs to try and set this right, as much as he can. And not by fucking dismembering anyone who's been even vaguely friendly to him. He punches out his message with trembling fingers.]

hell of an event.

[God no, that just sounds so damned casual. Shit shit shit shit.]

well sorry for freaking people out. wasn't in my right mind. i don't think anyone was so

[Pause. This is grief. This is what grief feels like.]

today's april 4th.

it's my birthday.

[Happy birthday, Alex. You almost killed the only person you can call your friend here, and then you died because of it. And you know what? You deserved it.]

[text - private to Max]

I guess sorry doesn't really cover it. I know I messed up. A lot.

Please tell me you didn't die.

[text - private to Evelyn]

I know what you did. Don't worry about it.
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Um. All right, no one panic, but I may have underestimated these magic closets of ours and accidentally... done something.

[Anders' voice, sounding contrite. In the background, an unremitting stream of noise threatens to drown him out--it's meowing, rising and falling at different pitches like a tone-deaf a cappella group trying to harmonize and failing miserably.

The camera settles unsteadily on the hem of his robes before he sets it down and steps back. The source of the caterwauling then becomes apparent: in his arms are four young cats of various shapes and color, two tucked under each arm.

By the sounds of it, more are audible off-screen. Many, many more.]

I wasn't thinking... Well, I was, I was thinking how much more homey this place would be with a cute cat or two, and then--and then they were just there, and everywhere, and now there are a few more than two. If you have cat allergies, stay off the fourth floor.

[As if on cue, a kitten on stubby legs capers across the floor behind him. Anders, noticing movement on the screen, squints closely for a second, then looks for the real thing over his shoulder.]

One's making a run for it. Alistair! Alistair, catch it, my hands are full.

[From somewhere off among the caterwauling comes a response, the owner appearing shortly after--]

I see it!

[Alistair runs past in the background, two cats under one arm and what is presumably another squirming about down his shirt. He comes back into view a moment later, the escapee cradled in his free hand. Shoving the kitten in Anders' face--where it proceeds to bat at his nose--he frowns at the other man.]

This is getting ridiculous. We can't keep track of all of them. Is anyone coming to-- Ow!

[The yelp comes as the squirming under his shirt grows more energetic and with a slightly panicked look Alistair disappears from view again, kittens in tow. The only hint as to his fate comes as an increase in the mewling and the sound of fabric ripping mercifully out of sight.]

I'm getting to that part!

[Anders stares after him, eyebrows drawn up in alarm, before dragging his eyes back to the camera.]

Uhhh, it's okay, everything's fine, we have things completely under control, but as you can tell, we're in possession of some cats who could use a loving home! Soft, furry cats! Adorable, see? They're domesticated, easy to care for, and make excellent house pets. That one doesn't appear to be a fan of Alistair's shirt, but some are more fashion conscious than others.

I don't know if I can take care of them all. If you'd like to take one, we'll be giving them away free of charge in the ballroom. First floor, you can't miss it!
[Anders then points a finger sternly, though the effect is mitigated by the wide-eyed kittens holding onto his arm.] But no funny business. If you consider cats a delicacy, I'm warning you now, we're both heavily armed. People wanting to make mittens out of their fur need not apply.

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So many feelings, so much more trouble than they're worth.

[It's bad enough to have to feel them to their full effect, to have to deal with her own, but to be able to sense and hear and see what goes on inside the heads and hearts of others, to have emotions beating down on her from all sides-- it's too much, too much on any normal day and certainly too much more, with everything amplified, everything brighter and louder and so much more than it should be.

And so Wanda has turned her own off, an attempt at gaining peace of mind, and in a way, it's-- incredibly freeing.]

It is so much quieter with them gone. No more worries, no more pain. No fear, no grief, no hysterics.

[She's seen the messages that have come through on the network over the weekend, some excited, some distressed, but all seemingly exhausting in their own right.]

Take advantage while you can. This will not last forever, but for a time, you can save yourselves the trouble. Still, for those who have chosen to hold onto their emotions regardless, I cannot help but be curious. Why?

[The question is honest, rather than condescending: inquiring minds want to know.]
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[The first image that pops up on the feed is a happily panting corgi. Then the camera redirects to show what appears to be a sleepy boar piglet. Other than the soft noises the animals are making, the only sound is some soft, muffled sniffling.

Which is revealed by the camera to be Sirius, sobbing into the hand that's slapped over his mouth.]

They're so cute. They. Look at their faces. I'm so.


I love them so much, you guys.

[The rest of the message is mostly made up of Sirius crying and petting his pets.]
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[River has done everything you are supposed to do. She has wandered the grounds, played with the fish, admired the flowers, then suddenly took notice of the giant mansion that had been looming at the corner of her eye the entire time. She then dutifully entered and took a long walk straight to an empty room. Because that's what she's supposed to do.

It's then that she addresses the communicator that's been in her hand the whole time.

everyone gets bored always saying the same things
i got told i wont wake up and this planets in a corner of the verse no one can reach
no need to threaten anyone

[She pauses to gather her thoughts. There are a lot of them and some of them aren't hers and those ones are making her brain itchy. She's trying her best to be clear.]

people say strange things that have nothing to do with this place
but thats only as important as you make it
whats important is

[What is important? River is not sure she even knows. She scratches at her head and continues.]

too empty for a place thats full
wish i was lost

[That's enough for now. She hits send and leaves the room, and sets off wandering the mansion the way she did the grounds. Her footsteps are heavy in their big combat boots, but she gives a kind of grace to it regardless. She can be found anywhere, looking very lost with big confused eyes that stare like she's constantly in the headlights. She pointedly avoids the labs and the clinic, but has no qualms stepping into, say, the bar or the magic study, although she has no place in either. She touches things a lot.]
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It's too quiet.

The noise of humanity that roars like the ocean is gone and everyone is scattered, running, talking about dogs? We are changed, we are powerless, we are nearly nothing and ourselves again, why is it so quiet?! Is it death? Is it nothing?

Are we nothing?

[ There is the definitive sound of something glass-like being broken and the transmission ends there. ]
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[ one of the hallway devices comes on just as a girl with brown hair and eyes just a tad too wide looks away from it. it's hard to tell if she realizes it's on or not, just from her body language; she seems to be ignoring it. ]

I heard the trailing garments of the Night
Sweep through her marble halls!
I saw her sable skirts all fringed with light
From the celestial walls!

[ she moves down the hall with careful, measured steps before suddenly, a pirouette, suddenly, a spin. ]

I heard the sounds of sorrow and delight,
The manifold, soft chimes,
That fill the haunted chambers of the Night,
Like some old poet’s rhymes.

You're not that soft, you know. Not even for chimes. More like a pealing cacophony, an orchestra in nearly 140 counteractive counterproductive musical parts. Give the flutes to the viola players, see how you like the sound.

It isn't night, and this isn't quiet, there's too many of you and not enough of me.

What was calculated in the past does not account for the solution in the present, and all the precipitates have changed.

Hello and hello again.

We're grounded in a child's fantasy all bright colors and mirrored surfaces... [ she pauses here, and peers at the nearest mirror, across the hall from the device, but her eyes are looking right at it in the reflection. ] Reflections and refractions. What makes you so clever, so new?

[ the device switches off there. anyone interested in running into the young ms. tam in person is more than welcome - even if you don't approach her, she's likely to approach you. ]


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