Sep. 16th, 2017 07:44 pm
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[When the video opens, it's honestly just Riley holding up the superboy tshirt that she got.]

Soooo, I got this, but it smelled sweaty so I bet it already belongs to someone else! Does this look familiar to anyone?
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[Even before everything that's happened these past few months, Rip hadn't been one to openly broadcast over the network. Each time save the last has been out of simple necessity. And in a way, he supposes this time is too.

They had friends here, each of them. They had made their impact.

He's in his room when the feed starts. Maybe some would recognize it after that ridiculous karaoke party Leonard and Mick decided to host there following the whole Chronos affair.]

For those that were acquainted with them, it would seem that Sara Lance, Mick Rory, and Leonard Snart have been sent back to their world.

[Two to live (in spite of Rip's best efforts, in Sara's case). One to die.

Perhaps he should say more. The feed continues on, Rip's eyes looking down rather than at the camera. In the end, however, a minute or two goes on in silence before he simply reaches for the device to turn it off.]


Aug. 30th, 2017 08:44 am
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[The woman who appears on the feed might be familiar to a few people. She's sitting at a table or a desk and facing the camera, composed, but a little worse for wear. She looks tired.]

You sure know how to make a girl feel at home. [Not that she's faced frost giants or dark elves before, but dropped into the middle of a fight she wasn't expecting and wasn't prepared for? One that probably should be left to gods and super soldiers? That is familiar. The last two days haven't been boring] Is that normal?

[Natasha taps the table in front of her twice, drawing a slow breath as she considers how she's going to play this. If putting her face on the network is a mistake, then she's already made it.]

I think I'm ready for the welcoming committee now.


Jul. 21st, 2017 04:34 pm
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[When the video starts, Riley's there—she's got a nervous sort of smile, though, like she's really unsure on what to say or think about anything right now. There's a giant pile of pool floats, pool noodles, innertubes, water guns, water balloons, etc. behind her and the lake is apparent, too.]

Soooooo... um. Does anyone want to do anything fun? Like right now? Because there's a lake and I just asked the closet for a bunch of stuff and it's way more than I can use on my own.
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We're already in some magical land that makes our dreams come true - mostly the bad ones - so let's think about the impossible some more.

[Leonard may be calling it "impossible" mostly to heckle one specific Brit, given he's travelled through time himself, but maybe it will also flush out other time travellers. May be interesting.]

If you could travel to any point in history, where and when would you go, and why?

Also, if you could travel to any point in your own personal history, your lifetime... Same questions.

Would you try to change anything?

[He has experience with trying and the resulting failure too.]
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[Newt has certainly gotten much better with the device technology since his arrival. No fumbling, no odd framing this time. Instead he's trying to be rather professional as the camera comes on to send out the broadcast.]

Greetings, Wonderland and a good day to you. After the recent event with the space station, I found myself still in possession of a rather delightful creatures called a pyjack. I can't help but be curious if I'm the only one that found myself housing a space creatures.

Actually I'm curious about any creatures any might be caring for here in Wonderland. It is rather my area of expertise and I'm curious if any would be willing to let me observe and study their pets and creatures that I might continue my work here. Thank any and all for even considering this.

Which leads me to my second point today. In studying my pyjack, I've learned that they, or at least this one, seems to have a desire for obtaining bits and pieces of technology. I've no idea what most of them go to not having a knowledge of what most consider modern and advanced technology. If you're missing anything of the sort, there will be a basket outside of 926 on the ninth floor. I do apologize ahead of time, and please feel free to let me know if you are missing anything and I can try and check around for things.

Again, thank you all for your time.
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[When the video turns on, there's Riley, and she's holding up what looks to be at least a few sheets of posterboard. On the very front is a drawing of a smiling planet that looks like it's holding a heart.]

Ooookay, so it's come to my attention that there are a lot of people here that don't know about Pluto, the last planet in Earth's solar system. I'm going to change that. First things first! This is what Pluto looks like. We got pictures back recently and it looked like it had a huge heart on it. [And she'd totally called it before the pictures even got recieved too, having always said Pluto had a lot of heart.]

I couldn't get the actual picture so I asked Maya to draw it.

[And she drops that top piece of posterboard, revealing something that looks like a bulleted list???]

The first important thing is that Pluto used to be a planet. Eventually a bunch of scientists decided it was too small to be an actual planet though, so they called it a dwarf planet instead. From the time it was discovered to when it got demoted to a dwarf planet, it didn't even have a chance to go all the way around the sun! Because it's that far away from us! That's pretty unfair, since Pluto never really got a chance.

[She huffs.]

That's why I still call it a planet, though. I'm always gonna believe that it's a planet, even if everything says it can't be. We don't know what it could do or anything about it because it's so far away. I just wanted to make sure that everyone here knew that.
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[She's been in Wonderland a few hours now and already met up with Mick and Lenny, so the panic is out of her system. Not that she'd admit there was any panic to begin with. She'd been fairly threatening to hide it.

But now, she was lying on her back on a bed with a smirk on her face. Her curls were splayed about her head, holding the camera up so the video shot down at her.]

So, this is Wonderland? I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the magic, but I'm sure that's common for the new kid on the block, right? I'm Lisa Snart, [Why yes, she did just wink at the camera when she said her name] and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do first. It's a bit cold for the beach, but that's definitely high on my priority list. Are there any clubs around here? I feel like dancing.

[OOC: Warning: Some threads reference abuse.]
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[ it took her forever to hit send on this one, agonizing over whether or not she really wanted to hear the myriad of potential responses. she talked to bonnie (and to some degree, daenerys) about it last month, but there's a part of her that's curious -- that wants to know where the rest of the mansion stands. ]

i'm not homesick.
i'd like to find a way out, but i don't really want to go home.
is that bad?

Video 7

Dec. 25th, 2016 05:40 pm
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Greetings! This is Toriel.

So, as I understand it, there is a human holiday today centered around exchanging gifts! Strange, that it so strongly resembles a similar tradition among monsters. Anyway, I was thinking that I might as well make something for everyone here, and have been spending a great deal of my off time knitting scarves and hats!

[Actually, she was knitting anyway to take her mind off of things, and figures this would just be a nice thing to do with it.]

I have left a collection of wrapped boxes in the entrance hall, and each one contains either a scarf or hat. Please, only take one! I did not start knitting long enough ago to make one for everybody here, but hopefully there are enough for those who want one.

Also, please do not take one if you are family. I worked very hard to knit something special for you specifically.
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( a happy looking figure is the first thing seen when the device switches on, the smile usually present on stretched lips going even further. the only thing that looks strange is the two dots that rest on either of her cheeks - they go with her smile, as though they're a decoration merely there to make her look. )

Can you think of something beautiful? ( that's the problem she's having. despite her usual positive outlook, dying and being dragged to another world has put a damper on her oh so cheerful self. despite her smile, it's difficult to think of anything - even a beautiful day is escaping her, since she doesn't know if this place has them at all. but she's trying her best, despite the knowledge that she's in another world, without her basement and her sugar. perhaps she could begin thinking of the fact that the batter isn't here — some solace, in this strange situation she's been pulled into.

she sighs, as though she's been heartbroken. theatrical until the end. )
If you can, tell me? I can't think of anything right now. I wish I could dance.

( she almost wishes she could hide in her basement again. )
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[The video starts a little shaky, but that's mostly because she hit 'record' a little too soon and it evens out pretty fast.]

Okay. So. What is your favorite kind of pie, and what are your thoughts on pie? I promise this won't be as random as it sounds later.
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[Apologies, Wonderland. It's late, like middle of the night late. Because over the comm devices there is a loud SPLASH sound.

Then the waves resumed as normal, save for someone swimming to shore. Minato made it to the sandy beach since he found that he wasn't deposited too far away from it. The thought that he could actually swim of all things, let alone just breathe, see, hear, think at all didn't pass through his mind. The first thing he did was check his mp3 player and headphones. Still working. Perfect. Evoker? Still there. Also good. Priorities.

From the corner of his eye, he saw something glowing or blinking on the end of the dock. The comm device showed the image of the clear, night sky above until a few water drops graced the screen. Minato wiped those off gently after picking it up.

It was dark out, but if there was some minor activity over the network, then it shouldn't hurt to send out yet another message to it either.]


.......... What time is it?

[Or feel free to message him in the morning when it's actually a decent hour!]


Nov. 7th, 2016 06:24 pm
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[Excuse the random audio post, but Dorian has something he needs to get off of his chest.]

Well... It seems my birthday is approaching once more.

[He hesitantly sighs.] It's very strange. Before I came to Wonderland, I was sure that at least three weeks had passed...

[Since the incident with one of his old friends. He dare not speak of it, not on the network, but the guilt is trickling back and he needs some excuse to feel it in front of all these perfect strangers. Anything.]

... I don't know. Should I ignore it this year or celebrate it twice? And if I do celebrate, how?

[OOC: Possible content warning for gore. Dorian won't bring it up himself, but he's going to be thinking about it.]
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 [when the camera comes on, the world is treated to a close up of Peridot's face.]

So that event was a complete nightmare, like almost all of them, but something good did come out of it. Look!

[she pulls back the camera to showcase that her bodysuit now looks more like
this.] It's official! I'm a real Crystal Gem now. It took me a few days to decide how I wanted to reconfigure my appearance modifiers after my form was destabilized, but I think I have it just the way I want it.

[she's so excited that she doesn't seem to care that (a. barely anyone will know what she's talking about and (b. that her bodysuit didn't even change THAT MUCH.

in the middle of her preening, there's a chittering sound and a flutter of wings and Peridot looks up abruptly.]
....Oh that reminds me. 

[she moves the camera so it's pointing at a cluster of bats that are taking up residents in the rafters of her barn-room. she lowers her voice conspiratorially.] These weird featherless birds won't stop following me. [she turns the camera to face her again- extreme close up style] How do I make them go away? I've tried everything! I've even thrown rocks at them, and they just won't leave.
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[Alice has decided to occupy an empty bedroom today (interestingly, not her own) and when the camera turns on she's flopped on her back on the bed, with her hair dangling over the side.]

I've been thinking a lot recently...or, well. The thought just sort of came to me, as thoughts often do. must be so hard to be here when you aren't from Wonderland, isn't it? It's fine for me of course, since I live here, must be very lonely, right? Being so far from home, far from the people who love you...not that you aren't loved here, or at least I hope you are. What I mean is, it must be easy to feel lost here, especially for those of you who have been here a few years, or who are here by themselves.

[She sighs.]

I suppose all you can really do is band together...I wish there was more I could do for you. Oh, but I did find this in the attic! [She rummages around off-screen and produces an instrument.] That's what I'll do! I'll play you a song, and try to cheer you all up!

[And she puts it to her lips and plays.

Badly. Very badly. It's worse than a shrieking recorder and you have to endure it for a full five minutes before the video ends.

1 - text;

Oct. 17th, 2016 03:02 pm
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So, great to know this place still gets e-mail.

Except I don't know where it's goin.

I woke up in the middle of a fountain. My bike's gone. Pretty sure I'm not dreamin either.

Anyone know where Healin Lodge is from here?

[In a world of futuristic motorcycles and robots, Cloud Strife still cannot figure out the video function on this thing.]
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Hi, I'm Beckett.

[ her smile is friendly and warm, but its light doesn't quite reach her eyes. ] I, um— I just got here, which I guess makes me the new girl.


I was the new girl at my last school. Not that this is a school or anything, but you could say I wanted to be there about as much as I want to be here.

[ perhaps that was a callous thing to say. there were probably people who enjoyed being in wonderland, but it was yet another unwelcome disturbance in beckett's life. she's clever enough to realize that being here did not free her from the fate she was about to suffer. and even if she did, by some miracle, manage to live through the horrifying experience she's had to endure, the scaring left behind would likely never fade. it would either haunt or damn her. ]

Sorry. [ slight grimace. ] I can't be the only person who feels that way.


Aug. 29th, 2016 05:36 pm
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[ He's had his time to realize that this is wrong, that it's not where he should be. He's had his time to wonder how the hell he got here without his lion. He's had his time to panic. He's also had the time to read the pamphlet that was laying mysteriously next to him, along with a communication device.

By the time Shiro decides to broadcast a message, he knows the basics of Wonderland. And honestly, he's not as concerned about any of it as much as he is about his team, his friends, and where they all may have wound up after... the whole mess that happened. Even the pain in his side, the open wounds and the tear in his armour are near the last things on his mind. He doesn't matter right now. The others do.

When the video feed flicks on, he looks calm. His expression is carefully set but for the ever so slight hint of worry contained in his eyebrows. ]

This place looks so much like Earth... A well-kept garden, an actual house, so many other humans... I never thought I'd see anything like this again.

[ Almost makes him nostalgic, to a time that feels like so long ago but in reality is maybe only two years in the past.

No, get back on topic. Shiro shakes his head and focuses on the camera more intently. ]

I have an idea of where I am now. Some kind of other dimension, or something, right? Maybe I should find that weird, but it takes a lot more than this to really shock me these days. I'm not looking for information about "Wonderland". While I won't turn away anything people might have to offer, I have more important questions to ask here.

[ His expression is something almost stern--not unfriendly, per se, but... focused. Determined. ]

My team and I were split up just before I arrived here. It's unlikely, but maybe some of them ended up here like I have. If you've seen anyone with armour identical for mine except for the colour, please let me know. I need to make sure they're okay. And--uh. This might sound... odd, but has anyone seen a robot lion? It'd be bigger than this house, so I'm guessing not, but...

[ Trailing off, a flicker of an emotion that might be distress crosses his face, though it's gone in an instant. ]

Let me know. Thanks.
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(This time, when the video on Legion's device is activated, it's done so deliberately, to reveal a Geth hand holding... a tiny lop eared rabbit. After a moment, the hand moves away, to be replace by Legion's face, staring into the camera. They chatter awkwardly for a moment.)

I had been informed that the closets were capable of producing live animals. As I found these reports highly improbable, I decided to test this.

Reports verified: The closets are capable of producing live animals.

(They chatter awkwardly again.)

...I am unfamiliar with the proper procedure for caring for Earth based organic lifeforms.
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[John decided he's just stay away from the network for a while after getting shouted down for arming children. In retrospect, he should've done a little more intensive background on the kids here, but that would've been bordering on creepy. And there's nothing wrong with guns anyway, you're all terrible.

But regardless of guns and kids, he's back today. Not with lessons, but questions, snooping like the other old farts around here love to do.]

what's magic like where you're from? does it exist? is it more fucking witches making people's teeth fall out or goddamn fairy dust and unicorns? does anyone come from a place with magic like Wonderland?

most importantly: does the magic from your world work here?
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(The journal begins to record, obviously without its new owner's intention.

A Geth in a garden is probably a disconcerting sight. It's disconcerting for them too, albeit for an entirely different reason. They had not expected to encounter a garden, or anything else, ever again.

Legion begins to look around. It doesn't take them long to find the journal, and the residents of the mansion will get a good look at their flashlight face when they pick it up and stare quizzically at it for several moments. Upon realizing that it is recording, the flaps of plastic wrapped around their head flare out in an expression of surprise, and they click off the feed.

A moment later, they send a text.)

My reactivation is unexpected. Personality dissemination was irreversible.

Local flora matches that of the Human planet Earth.

(How is this possible?)

video >>

Aug. 4th, 2016 10:26 pm
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[ A few things to know about Kurt Weller:

1) He's not easily amused by people he doesn't know well, so good luck getting him to crack a smile without a little effort.

2) He takes things a little too seriously sometimes. Sometimes.

3) It bears repeating: he doesn't smile easily.

All that being said, he's not a completely stoic hardass incapable of ever having fun, and it just makes those moments all the more hilarious when they occur. Like now.

So, he's broadcasting to you all today, with a completely ridiculous lesson. ]

I was hungry late last night and wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. [ Ordinarily, he would just make one himself, but not at 3am. ] Didn't feel like going to the kitchen. So the closet gave me this. This is wrong. Which means there are people out there from other worlds thinking this is how it's done. [ though the correct technique for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was of high importance to them... ]

[ So he's asked the closet for a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and a loaf of bread. He props his phone up and proceeds to make it the correct way, with the peanut butter on both sides of the bread and the jelly in the middle. ] You put the jelly between the peanut butter, otherwise it's gonna soak through the bread.
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[ So Simone might have been keeping her eyes open ever since the lizard had shown up on the Network a few days past. One of the local Residents showing up often prefaced things going whacky, but despite being on alert for it.... nothing seems to have happened.


Which is why she's flicking open a Network feed from the bar today, her expression faintly puzzled as Joe takes care of a few of the customers they've got in the bar. ]

So is anyone else getting a sense of anticlimax or have I been I missing something interesting happening somewhere that's not here?

[ For the duration of the event "Simone's" responses will be coming from an alt journal at [personal profile] runnerthree ]
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Hi, I'm Farkle. [It's such a simple statement, but the boy on the other sides seems proud of it. Spoilers: He's very proud of it. It doesn't take much more for him to continue on.] The first place I went to see here was the library. Libraries usually have answers, it's the best place to start. Then it's people, but a lot of the ones I'm coming across aren't really good at straight-forward answers. It's getting annoying.

[He shrugs his shoulders before continuing.] So if any of you could possibly add something useful in that'd be great. I don't know like how many people don't leave or where can you find a teacher. 'Cause I'm not about to start not getting grades now. [He seems greatly offended about the idea.]

Yeah-- Yeah, anything would be great. I'll keep up and I can help you, too. [He seems amazingly confident at being able to without knowing what anyone might want. He just offers a grin and a two-fingered salute before cutting out. Huh.]

001 | video

Jul. 4th, 2016 06:03 pm
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Soooooo. How many bunnies are there around here? I thought I saw a bunch in the gardens, and they were really cute—[Wait. That wasn't what she wanted to talk about, but even if she wanted to talk to people, she was still nervous. She refused to drop her impressively huge smile, though. Everything was going to be fine.]—Wait, that wasn't what I wanted to say.

[She pauses for a quick second before continuing, thinking her words over carefully.]

Anyway, hi! My name is Riley. I'm kind of new here and I wasn't really expecting to be somewhere not high school or New York, so if anyone could help me I'd really like that.

[What she says comes out in a bit of a rush, though not so fast she can't be understood. Probably. She laughs a little.]

Everything here looks really nice, though!! I think I just went—[She holds her arms wide open for everyone to see, before shouting:]—YAY!!! when I saw some of the things here.


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