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Jul. 18th, 2017 08:55 pm
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[After the slightest bit of fumbling, Red appears on the screen, dressed in his customary three piece suit and Fedora. He has an extremely important question, after, of course, the customary introduction. It's only polite]

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Raymond Reddington.

[The introduction, like his wardrobe, is just slightly over the top. Other than that, he seems completely at ease, like winding up in Wonderland is just another day for him.]

While I have to commend our hosts on the accommodations, it seems as though the food and drink leaves something to be desired. Does anyone know where to get an above average chocolate chip cookie? I’m having a hell of a time locating one that doesn’t taste like the packaging it comes in. A good scotch wouldn't go unappreciated either.
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[Unsurprisingly, Wynonna is clearly sitting at a bar as she takes this video. She even holds up a shot.]

Cheers to waking up in strange weird places without even the excuse of blacking out the night before.

[she downs the shot.]

Now that I've got that out of the way I have a question -- are the people here selected randomly? I mean, they could have taken anyone in the world, I can't see why they would take me.

[Yes she can, she's the Earp heir, but she's not going to just advertise that to everyone. ]

I'm sorry if you've heard that one before, I tried to be original and not do the whole okay who is doing this, why am I here, how do I get home, I demand answers spiel. That has to get hella boring after a while.

[there's a pause and then.]

If you have any answers to those questions, however, I wouldn't say no to them. Even better, come down to...I think it was marked Damon's Bar? Anyway, come share a round of shots, fill me in on anything I need to know, it's sad to drink alone, especially when you've just been kidnapped.

Do a girl a solid, would you?

[feel free to respond via action or video, I'm open to both.]

( voice )

Jun. 12th, 2017 09:54 pm
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All right, listen up. [ sara’s voice isn’t particularly commanding, but it’s firm despite the hint of levity. the latter is forced more than felt, but hopefully no one will be able to call her out on it. she's been here for a few hours now and she's still fuzzy on a lot of things. ] You probably get newbies asking for answers all the time, but I just got here, so someone mind filling me in? What is this place, how did I get here, and how do I get back to where I was? I was kinda in the middle of something.

[ she thinks about asking whether anyone from her team is here, but if they are, they’ll see this. they’ll talk to her. so she just shrugs to herself and adds one last hint, in case her voice alone wasn't enough: ] Sara out.


May. 16th, 2017 12:50 pm
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someone or some damn thing in this place killed evelyn.
whoever, or whatever you are you better fuckin pray to any god you have that i never find you.
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So, while everyone's recovering from last month's bullshit here's an idea:
It's my brother's birthday: Sam Winchester. Maybe you've heard of him.
Looks like Sasquatch, dresses like Mr. Rogers.

He likes clowns, greasy food, and lingerie wrestling.

Anyone else looking to pitch in, you can leave open bottles of alcohol, barrettes, and scrunchies outside his room door for the next 24 hours. Whoever can get the most parked by the door jamb without him catching them, gets a favor, winner's choice. Proof or it didn't happen.

He's also a big fan of taxidermy and stetsons.
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What the-

[ When Chloe appears on the network, she's cast largely in shadow and looks a little wet. Every few seconds she shivers, pretending like she isn't scared, but not bothering to hide that she's pissed. The signature stalactites of the underground caves can be made out above her, although at the moment, she is more interested in the device in her hand and whoever she may be speaking to. ]

Finally. This is Detective Chloe Decker of the LAPD. I just... found myself in this horror cave and I don't know how to get out. I don't know if this device is meant to communicate with whoever brought me here, but if it is, it would really be in your best interest to let me go.

[ As if this week couldn't have gotten any worse. Chloe feels like she just can't cut a break anymore, not that she ever really could before. ]

If anyone else sees this message... I need some help.
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[The video starts abruptly with the sight of blonde curls and perhaps a flash of blue eyes which then quickly spins around to show brown wing tip shoes and the bottoms of tan corduroy trousers.]

Goodness, this is a needy bit of technology, isn't it? I suppose it's good that it beeped until I found it. Er...

[He only now notices that the device in his hands seems to be recording his shoes and he fumbles with it until it finally switched cameras to show his face. Well, sort of. It's a bit too close at first before he adjusts it to... Well he's clearly holding it at arm's length. There are hedges behind him.]

Oh, er... I'm terribly sorry to disturb whoever it is I've accidentally video phoned... But, if you could do me a favor and let me know where I am and possibly how I ended up here, it would be much appreciated.

[This better not be some odd prank on Crowley's part...]


Feb. 20th, 2017 03:10 pm
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Is this thing-- Oh. It's on.

[Tap tap. It looks enough like a smartphone to be reasonably used as a smartphone, and Crowley has no issue at all with using smartphones.]

That's a bit cliché, isn't it? A mysterious device appears in your pocket full of little buzzing voices and the first thing you do is use it? Of course you do. Never mind how many horror movies you've seen.

[The person talking into the video while casually strolling outside is a handsome young man in dark sunglasses, with fantastic cheekbones and dark hair that the breeze is currently playing around his forehead. He's slightly pale, though all in all his complexion is somewhat indeterminate.]

If someone could point me in the direction of the Lon­don Orbital and a car rental shop, I'd be much obliged.

[The levity is quite smoothly hiding the fact that he is already very aware that he can't get out of here - he's tried, it just gave him a headache - and he is very, very concerned about that.]
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[ As soon as Tess starts to put pieces together between the water and the malfunctioning closets, she's on the move to the storage room next to hers. She'd tried to get bags, but that backfired. So, she's improvising as best she can and flipping on the device to record audio because it was easier than dealing with video as she moved around. There's the sound of a can lid popping and a soft 'Thank god' before returning her attention to the perched device. ]

I hope this thing is still fucking working. Alright, there are food storage rooms on the 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 10th floors - all room 31. The food's still here and it's still good. I dunno if the whole waterproof door thing is gonna hold with more and more people coming and going, but either way the sealed shit should be fine.

Bring a pillowcase or whatever you have that's small and can hold a few cans or bags, take what you can swim with, and fucking share. If you can't swim or need help, let me know. I'll try and put you in contact with someone who can bring you somethin' to eat. Those of you capable of being runners, let me know what floor you're on so I can connect you with people that need the help. [ There's a temptation to add something about prioritizing the kids, but she leaves it as is. Yes, this isn't home, but emergencies and ration shortages tend to make the darker sides of human nature peek out to reveal its ugly head. No point in putting everyone on pedestals when this place might knock them the fuck off with or without help. She doesn't say anything else, instead cutting the feed and going back to double check the seals on a few objects for water resistance. ]
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[She's been in Wonderland a few hours now and already met up with Mick and Lenny, so the panic is out of her system. Not that she'd admit there was any panic to begin with. She'd been fairly threatening to hide it.

But now, she was lying on her back on a bed with a smirk on her face. Her curls were splayed about her head, holding the camera up so the video shot down at her.]

So, this is Wonderland? I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the magic, but I'm sure that's common for the new kid on the block, right? I'm Lisa Snart, [Why yes, she did just wink at the camera when she said her name] and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do first. It's a bit cold for the beach, but that's definitely high on my priority list. Are there any clubs around here? I feel like dancing.

[OOC: Warning: Some threads reference abuse.]
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[what's up it's just eleven chillin' in her cozy basement room. she's sitting on the couch in front of a coffee table where there are some d&d miniature figures and whatnot.]

I met people like me here. Are there more? [she turns her attention to the miniatures, and they levitate off the table, then go flying sideways into the wall.]

I want to meet more people like me. I thought I was alone.
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[ It's a good thing nobody can see Sam right now, because the younger Winchester brother isn't having a particularly Happy New Year thus far. Why? ]

This is Sam Winchester. I need somebody who can-- someone who's got experience in, uh... Sumerian. [ He seems distracted enough to not explain, or at least to not find any humor in how obscure his request is. ] And, maybe more importantly, anyone who is good with ciphers. If you've got time, I'm in the library, and I could really use your help.

[ "What for, Sam?" There's a pause, and then: ]

I'll explain when you get here.

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Jan. 3rd, 2017 02:49 pm
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Happy New Year. :)

[ Which is, of course, notable only in that it puts her give or take six months ahead of the timeline she was working prior to her arrival here. But putting words to it anchors her. ]

This is Natasha Romanoff. Looks like I'm experiencing a little WonderlandTM Amnesia. If you could fill me in on the particulars of how we knew each other, I'd appreciate it.

And, while I admire everyone's patience with new arrivals, feel free to spare me the welcome packet. "Welcome to Wonderland, you can't leave by your own design, sometimes people come and go +/- their memories of Wonderland." I think I've managed to sift through most of the basics.

[001] text

Dec. 6th, 2016 07:25 pm
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[sylar has a lot of experience in treating the world as his diary. he's like a teenager with a xanga in 2005. i mean, instead of xanga, he had claire bennet, but now he has this whole other captive audience of people. to shitpost to. how nice. it really is the little things, huh.]

I'm still not entirely convinced this whole thing isn't a dream. I've had a lot of experience with bad dreams. Getting trapped in dreams. Have you ever been trapped in a dream where you can't wake up? It's literal hell. And I'm an expert. But since I've gleaned that we're all trapped here together, I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it. Something I'm also an expert in.

Do you ever think you can overcome your true nature? Or is "true nature" even real?
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[ The feed opens to a view of Darcy in the corner of the coffee shop, a steaming mug beside her and an assortment of electronics. She may or may not be making up for lost time thanks to Hell. Not cool Wonderland, not cool. Thankfully her time there hadn't been too bad - handy to have a buddy with a literal infinity stone inside of her around. ]

'Sup fellow Wonderlandians, I thought it'd be cool to do a little gift exchange throughout the mansion - especially after our latest adventure courtesy of this place. It's also getting to be that time of year that it gets tougher if you've lost people or feel like you're on your own. So! I wanted to do a Wonderland Secret Santa or a Holiday Super Secret Gift Exchange or a-- [ Time for everyone to get a front seat to the spinning wheels of her mind at work. ] Secret Christmahanakwanziwhateverelsepeoplecelebrate...ta if you don't celebrate Christmas........... thing. [ Don't worry if you're confused by what she just said guys, it's pretty evident by her expression that she confused herself. She's trying to make an effort to keep it inclusive, but she didn't exactly plan out a new name for the thing beforehand. ] Anyone can participate, newbies or if you've been around here forever. For people who don't know what it is, you get a name and you have to put together a present for them. Doesn't have to be anything special, but it doesn't hurt to make an effort. Also, it's a cool way to get to know new people or to just stay in touch.

I know it's a little early to be throwing this out there, but the Mansion likes to throw kinks in Holiday plans usually, so better safe than sorry on that front. Fingers and toes crossed this place doesn't turn a solid chunk of the population into tiny children again, getting stuck on the coat hook was no fun. [ Yeah, that's a whole 'nother story in and of itself. ] Any questions, feel free to hit me up or stop into the coffee shop. [ She picks up a stack of paper, scribbled notes and scientific drawings cluttering the pages. ] I'll be here for at least a few hours working through this stuff. There will also be a bucket on the counter down here if you need a little time to think about signing up. Hoping to get names out to people in the next, like, week and a half to two weeks. Thanks everybody!

[ And with that, she ends the feed on the laptop - shooting off a quick text to Steve before going back to building a way to keep track of everything in between pages. ]

Private to Steve:

Hey. Do you have a few minutes to chat tonight? I have a question for you.

[ ooc There will be an OOC sign up later today! ]
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[The ambient sounds of Lux Deux is prominent in the background as the feed starts up again, and for a long time it is the only sound aside from the clink of the glass being moved against the bar while Freya tries to get her words in order. She’s ascertained from her siblings at this point that she’s been gone far longer than would be considered “normal” for Wonderland – if there ever was such a thing.

She could simply announce that she’s returned and leave it at that, let those who wish to seek her out come find her, but that has never been her way, and while she doesn’t wish to talk about herself, she’s curious about something else.]

A question for you, Wonderland, though it is a rather specific one.

[Her words are slow and deliberate, likely indicating the amount she’s had to drink at this point – enough to dull the events of the last few months spent home, but not enough to make her sloppy – and the sound of her placing the glass back down on the bar can be heard before she continues.]

At this point, I’m sure we’re all aware of the … complications, involving those of us arriving from different points in the same timeline. For those of us who have come here and then learned of our future before actually going home to live through it, what do you think was worse? The speculation of what was to come, or the events themselves?

[There’s a small scrape as the glass is lifted again.]

Would you prefer to have remained ignorant, or do you feel at peace having lived the truth for yourself?

[And she’ll have the device with her to answer replies, though if you would prefer to visit her in person, she would not say no to company either. She’s probably going to be at the bar for a while.]
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[ the feed shakes for a moment, before a sign comes into frame as cordelia's chipper forced-infomercial voice dictates: ]
Wonderland got you down?  Having a hard time coping with supernatural events that they definitely didn't have back home in Dullsville, USA, or whatever your dimensional zip code was before you got here?  

[ the card lowers to present cordelia's grinning face, where she sits in the offices of angel investigations, on the front desk cross legged. ]

Well, lucky for you, some of us are used to this kind of nonsense, and we're here to help you.  Whether you need protection or just someone to look into some kind of weirdness that you can't deal with alone, Angel Investigations can be the heroes you need.  Find us on the fourth floor, in room 10... especially after sundown.  

We help the helpless!  So help us help you.

[ she holds the sign back up and waves it a bit, before pushing it closer to the camera so that it zooms in on the logo one last time.

(replies can be over the network, or action replies at the office). ]

[oocly: also, don't forget you can
request a vision from cordelia at any time to foreshadow plot events! ]
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[There is a Sans, back to normal size and tiredness, kicking back at his hotdog stand. 4, who is now a mostly-grown black cat instead of just an ornery kitten, is lounging on the counter, tail swishing. There's also a random tiny pumpkin set on the counter near four because, you know. Aesthetic, or whatever.]

so, not the biggest fan of having my memories scrambled. memory tends to be one of my few good qualities.

[All things being equal, at least. 4 extends a paw and bats the tiny pumpkin off the counter. Sans catches it and sets it back on the opposite end.]

but uh, that one was kinda fun, actually. might've been the first actually fun e... [He pauses. The phrase "fun event" doesn't sit right with him for some reason.] might've been the first event here i actually had fun with. like, wow. i dunno who here is the one with the whole wizard castle thing back home, but dang. magic food whenever you want it and novelty talking candy? pretty, heh, sweet deal.

[It might be kind of telling that the happiest he's been for any extended period of time in the last year has been when his mind was completely erased and rearranged by Wonderland, but haha. He's not gonna examine that too closely.]

[Sans props his feet on the counter and leans back.]

kind of unsettling in retrospect, i guess. that many humans running around with that much magic.

[He shrugs, staring upward and apparently watching clouds.]

so, there any sorta tradition in wonderland for what you do when you been here a year? mine's coming up.
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[ Some of you may have witnessed Ramsay wreaking havoc on a certain "Prince" Theon's reputation. A few days later, another young man appears on the network. He's clearly agitated and even more clearly enraged, jaw clenched tightly and a fire burning in his eyes as he paces like a restless animal with his device. ]

Listen to me, all of you.

[ He does his best to force authority into his voice, to try to force others to obey his word, just as he did in Winterfell, but things are different now. There's too much uncertainty lingering in his words now. What he intends to be authoritative instead comes across as desperation, madness, or just a poor man who could fall apart at any minute. ]

My name is Theon Greyjoy. Reek, or whatever he may be calling himself. The man who showed his face before--

[ Even as he continues, the uncertainty is still there. Ramsay's act is convincing. It's so convincing, in fact, that Theon is finding himself wondering if he didn't dream up his last few days in Winterfell. This is a stubborn man, however, and he refuses to back down so easily. ]

Everything he's told you has been a lie. He isn't the man he's pretending to be. He killed my men, he slaughtered two young boys--

[You allowed him to kill those boys. His guilty conscience causes him to stumble slightly, but the fire in his eyes only rages as he lets out bitter bark of laughter. ]

I should have killed him when I had the chance. I will kill him this time, whether I'm given the chance or not.

[ Ramsay's act is well constructed, but Theon is a man unhinged. Whose behavior is easier to believe? If anyone cares to slap some sense into him, they'll recognize the background as the ballroom, where he will still be pacing a hole through the floor. ]
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Hey, Wonderland. For the new people, my name's Sam, and since you might've not had the "demons 101" talk, that's what I'm getting into today. Veterans can tune me out... or listen in, I guess, if you need a refresher. I'm doing this now also since all the demons from my world aren't around to be dicks about it.

[ Thank God for that. ]

My friend Bobby said once that demons are just "ghosts with an ego," and that's true, but they're also really dangerous. They used to be human and got... messed up in Hell, so with most demons - let's just say all demons to make it simple - there's no appealing to their human nature. They're all about carpe diem when they get up to the surface again and not much stops them from having their sadistic ragers unless they've got another agenda.

[ So stop trying to be friends with demons, people. ]

They don't really have a form of their own, so they appear like black smoke unless they're possessing someone. If you think someone's possessed, you can test it out: holy water, salt, and iron will injure them where it obviously wouldn't hurt a human. You can get them stuck in a devil's trap if you're smart about it and can exercise them after that... though, honestly, I'm not sure it'd work here. Wonderland doesn't seem to have a direct line to Hell. Still, it'd at least get them out of whoever they were possessing, but you have to have the time to go through the whole song and dance. I attached an image of a devil's trap and the text for the exorcism so you've got them. The devil's trap... can just be drawn, so it's usually a good idea to put one under something like a welcome mat, or up on the ceiling above your doorway.

[ Sam pauses, frowning. ]

This is getting long-winded. [ sigh ] How about this: I'll write up a guide and send it out to everyone. In the meantime, I can take questions. [ He nods slowly, still frowning. ] Sounds like a better idea.

[ attached: devil's trap.jpg and exorcism.txt ]
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[Lucifer is sitting at the bench of a shiny black piano, his fingers gently pressing the keys in a smooth melody with talented fingers as he starts to speak. It's unclear how he's being filmed without actually holding the device himself, but I'm sure it's probably just someone holding it for him.

Or not.]

Hello again, denizens of Wonderland. I made a promise to you all, and as you can see, I'm following through on it.

[Around him is a very lavish, large, and chic room, though it's clear that the piano he's at is in the middle of the room and slightly lower than most of the couches and tables, with the bar at the far end. There's also a stage microphone set up beside him, though he's not using it at the moment.]

Say hello to Deux Lux. Anyone with the ability to have fun is welcome and expected. Sixth floor, room sixty-six. It's a bit smaller than the original, I'm afraid, but it will do for now.

[He grins.]

Feel free to help yourself behind the bar when you arrive. If I think you have some skill when it comes to pouring cocktails, perhaps I'll offer you a job. Until those positions are filled, however, I'm afraid I can't do everything all by myself. I'm the Devil, not a miracle worker.


[ooc: Feel free to answer Lucifer over the network or come hang out at the club. THIS CAN BE A PARTY POST. Feel free to tag around as much as you want! I'll have my own starter for Lucifer inside and will tag around as well. Have fun <3]
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[The feed flickers over a sandy incline, grit in the lens and speckled with drying salt. Several feet away, a man groans.]

Aha ha...ha...oh, God.

[Nate rolls over in something akin to semi-agony, elbows scuffed to God-knows-where and back just like his knees. His hair is frosted with ice, as is the majority of his clothing, hands slick with blood - but this isn't exactly a novelty, given that it's his own and he doesn't appear to be outwardly bothered by the sucking wound in his side.]

Y'know, it's...it's funny, one minute you're enjoying a train ride from Hell, you wake up with a cliffside in your face, covered in your own blood and you say: yeah, yeah, just another day at the office, and here I- [He grunts, then wheezes.] -am on a beach, I-I mean, at this point I can only assume I'm- I'm hallucinating and slowly freezing to death in Tibet. Nate. You're hallucinating.

[He straightens - stiffens - and reaches for the small of his back with an exclamation of pain.]

Ahhhhhhshit. [Is that a Tibetan ritual dagger in his pocket, or is he just happy to be alive right now?] Oh.

[Both, apparently.

Turns out the mighty instrument of ancient gateways and demon-vanquishing makes for an incredibly shoddy pillow, but a decent wake-up call. Nate pulls the phurba from his belt loop and clutches it with the fervor of a man who quite literally has nothing else to lose. Three days' worth of beatings and a lifetime of jumping off of tall things and onto very hard surfaces shocks through his knees when he clambers to his feet, swaying for a moment and squinting at the big house on the hill.

Definitely hallucinating.

[Nate stoops to pick up the thing that looks a lot like his phone, surprised it hasn't suffered innumerable cracks after falling through a train car that also happened to be exploding at the same time.]


[The red light says RECORDING. He switches it off.]

[ OOC Note: Please feel free to specify if you would like to encounter him in person or over the communicator - either is fine! :3 ]
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[ If there's anything on Sam's mind about people who may or may not have disappeared from Wonderland recently, he doesn't say it. In fact, he looks and sounds like a person who is trying very hard to stay busy, to keep his mind occupied in the midst of something else. Hence: ]

So, I realized recently that we've got a problem. People here get excited about the closets - "cool, I can get a... damn miniature unicorn out of them" - but I think we can get a little irresponsible about it. If you're pulling living things out of the closets, then they're your responsibility. Don't dream up a hundred and one dalmatians if you've never taken care of anything before.

[ God knows these people can barely take care of themselves most of the time (Sam himself included). ]

That's not even getting into whether or not they're really... real; this isn't a discussion about the actual animal status of Wonderland animals. [ He pinches the bridge of his nose, feeling a little headache coming on. ] What I'm trying to say is that you get a few pets, fine, and then... one day, you might leave for good. Then, we've still got Fido here without an owner. I'm planning on setting up something in the basement that can help with the animals that're left behind. Maybe just like a doggie daycare sort of thing. I can't be there all the time, so... if anyone else is interested, maybe we could set up shifts, figure out what we've got, here.

[ There's a thoughtful pause. ]

If there's something a little more dangerous than dogs and cats, we'll deal with that, too. For now, just let me know if you want to get involved, or if you've got someone's pet with you that you inherited and can't really take care of. We can't forget about those guys.

[ Whether he means the abandoned animals or their vanished owners is unclear as he ends the feed. ]
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[So somewhere in the middle of the weekend, after they’ve been trick or treating for a while, a video pops up on the network. It’s said to becoming from Freya Mikaelson’s device, but the witch isn’t in the frame at the moment, but her voice can be heard as she sets the scene in the bar which is Cami in her sexy vampire costume, lining up a stack of Halloween themed drinks.]

Cami and I were thinking that after you’re done collecting candy, you might want a bit of refreshment. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we have a number of different selections for you to choose from.

Because if we’re going to be forced to celebrate, we should do it right.. [That means the grown-up drinks are being broken out, kids. Cami’s got a couple of years as a New Orleans bartender under her belt. She’s learned how to make a few more visually interesting mixes.] Besides, I doubt any of us can marathon trick-or-treat without some kind of break. Just keep an eye out for that trickster guy if you stop by?

[Given that this event is coming from Dipper’s world, aka the home of the wacked out demonic triangle, Cami’s not going to assume the silly aspect means it’s at all safe.]


[The video sweeps over the drinks on the bar, before the video swings around and Freya is in the frame again, wearing her sexy witch costume and moving to sit on the bar next to the drinks, but adjusting it so that Cami is in the frame as well.]

We have done our Halloween due diligence. But what is the point of the holiday if you don’t celebrate it?

Fifth floor, which almost everyone knows by now. Conveniently located near several closed doors should we need to make a run for it. And for the faint of heart--[or you know, children]--we can come up with some non-alcoholic options too. But threat of weird seasonal specter aside, we might have gotten off easy this event. So maybe it’s good to embrace the crazy for once.

[Freya nods her agreement with a smile, before shifting the frame to face her more.]

See you soon.

[And with that, the feed cuts out.

You are free to come down to the bar and hang out with the two lovely ladies, or provide your commentary via the devices. Everyone will get a Freya and Cami but feel free to specify if you want them together or separately if three person threads aren’t your jam!

Otherwise, Happy Summerween!]
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[ the woman on the feed runs a hand through short, highlighted brown hair, the uncertainty in her eyes quickly making it clear that she's a recent arrival, and still riding the confusion train.  she has a particularly bad feeling about this, because she's pretty sure what's happened to her.  

she's also... half wrong.  her tone contains a forced chipperness that's dropped pretty quickly. ]

Ok, so... lesson learned: interdimensional portals aren't toys.  Count me among the enlightened.  Look, all we were trying to do was send Landor the Jolly Green Giant back home.  I promise, we never meant to drag him to LA in the first place.  Not that he wasn't uh, a great guy, what with the drokken hunting and all, but I think we can all agree that people are better off sticking to their dimensional zip code.  

Speaking of which, I'd really... really like to go back to mine.  And I sort of lost my portal-opening guidebook en route, so uh... oh, what was it again....

Przvzyz.  Grxnyl?


[ just no.

LOOK.  HOW MANY RANDOM COMBINATIONS OF LETTERS WITH NO VOWELS CAN THERE BE.  she's hoping any of them will come back to her, but that's just... not happening.  not to mention she's not sure whether the physical book is actually a part of the incantation or not.  whatever, it was a shot.  

the extensive candlelight behind her gives away her location to those familiar with the mansion: she's in the ballroom. ]
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[When the feed begins, the blonde whose face appears in the center of the screen makes no attempt to speak immediately, seeming to be thinking about something with her lips pulled into a bow, her eyes narrowing infinitesimally as they look off screen before snapping onto the camera itself.]

I have to admit. [Her face animated as she starts to speak, accompanied by a dry, almost snarky tone.] I was all ready to pin this on the little Witch but I think it's fair to say we're not in Mystic Falls anymore.

[It's hard to say whether she's annoyed, bored or amused. The woman who can't look much more than early twenties, taking time out to top up her glass of Scotch. She doesn't so much as grimace as she takes a drink before speaking again.]

Right - [Refocusing on her screen.] Introductions then. Lexi Branson.

[The blonde raises her glass and drains it before setting it aside.]

I'm not exactly sure how long this is going to last... [Leaning closer to her device.] So lets skip all the boring bits and you can tell me what passes for fun in this place. Okay?


Jun. 6th, 2016 12:47 pm
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Now, I get what you were going for here, but I must say, it’s just not working for me at all. Where’s the music? The entertainment? The escapism? Most people go to a bar to get away from their problems and the mediocrity of their lives, not to be surrounded by another place as equally drab and boring!

[Lucifer is clearly at the bar, and while it’s likely quite lovely and fine, this is The Devil we’re talking about. He’s not satisfied with much that he doesn’t do himself.]

This won’t do at all! Do you even have anyone hooking up in this bar or does everyone walk back to their rooms sad, alone and feeling sorry for themselves? It’s pathetic, really.

[He suddenly appears as if he’s had a revelation of sorts, though honestly he probably started this knowing exactly where he was taking it.]

Never fear, citizens of Wonderland. I’ll make sure you’re all able to partake in some real debauchery very soon.


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