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So! You've all probably been shaking with anticipation since Event Sign-Ups went up last weekend. It's about time we actually told you what this is all about, huh?

On Saturday, September 16th, everyone who OOCly entered the raffle, regardless of which category, will receive a gift. It will be wrapped neatly in red opaque tissue paper, and each gift will have a note attached:

"In the search for something lost, do what you know you must. -RQ"

And the object of this event is to figure out exactly what you're supposed to do with all this weird stuff you received! We're giving you all the puzzle pieces, and it's your job to put them together.

  • THERE IS NO IC DISTINCTION BETWEEN CATEGORIES - Everyone will have received the same note, and from an IC perspective everything has the potential to be equally important. Some items will be recognizable as belonging to someone else in Wonderland, but many of them will not be so obvious. Maybe that's an enchanted pink scarf! Maybe the answer is in this mysterious journal! Maybe these crayons actually belong to someone! There's plenty of room for trying things, and some of the stolen items might even prove useful to your quest anyway.

  • Your character will NOT receive a full item description - the ones you're receiving are for OOC knowledge. It is up to your character to decide what they will do with each item.

  • Be respectful of other players - you do not necessarily have to return a stolen character item during this event, but communicate with the player it was stolen from. If they want the item back, you should plot things out and make arrangements accordingly (even if it's plotting a character being difficult about giving it back). In the event of items stolen from dropped characters, that courtesy is extended to their castmates instead.

  • This is NOT a Mirror Event - Some items will allow for crossing the glass or traveling to Mirror Side, and those characters will be able to swap with their Mirrors, but the other Mirrors do not have permission to cross.

  • There is no right or wrong way to solve the puzzle - MANY of the Wonderland items have multiple possibilities and limited uses. We wanted to give you everything we could think of for ideas. If there's something else you think your character would do with the item, hit up the FAQ thread and the mod associated with that item will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Many of the Wonderland items are associated with a particular mod - in the case of summon items, please PM THE MOD ACCOUNT when you need an NPC to step in, both so we can make sure you met the requirements of the summon and so that we're aware of where and when you need us. We will be doing our best to reply to all of these promptly and will be prioritizing them. Check our NPC page if you aren't sure which of us plays which NPC.

  • If an item has not been used, you will keep it after the event - it will still have the same effects, including the summons. Just let us know when you want to use it!

  • For anyone who does NOT have an item and still would like to play - first of all, we gave out a total of 78 items, so it's statistically unlikely that you will not know anyone with an item. This event is about teamwork and problem-solving and that can be done even if you were not given your own item, just like you can get into the mystery of the event even if you weren't in the Wonderland Item raffled. However, in addition to this, we do have one more thing coming later in the week that will affect the mansion at large, whether or not you were given an item.

  • Finally, the items are being given AFTER THIS POST GOES UP - this is because it's going to take a long time to distribute all of them, and it'll let you guys come ask questions and start plotting as soon as you get your item.

The event will be running through Friday, September 22nd, so please keep that in mind when you're trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. There are MANY different paths to get several different places that will ALL effect the future of the game plot, so please use the heck out of this plot post. As usual, there will be a FAQ thread - you're probably really gonna need it this time.

And of course, have fun solving your mystery!

~ Koji
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Next week, we will be having a mod event! This one will require some planning and problem-solving on the part of players and characters, respectively. The event will begin, as they all should, with presents.

This purpose of this post is to sign up for what kind of present your character(s) will receive. There are two sign up categories, both of which contain important items. Don't worry: everyone who enters will receive an item, regardless of how many people enter each category.

Category 1: Wonderland Items

These items are relevant to the plot of the upcoming event and thus to the game's plot. There are a limited number of these items, however, so there are stipulations to the sign ups. Each person signing up a character must provide a thread for that character from the last six months (but before this post) that is somehow relevant to unraveling the mysteries of Wonderland. Specifically, this can be any thread with an NPC or between two characters discussing the mysteries of Wonderland (outside of an intro post). Include a link to your thread(s) when you sign up.

Category 2: Other Items

These items don't have a special connection to Wonderland, but they may be just as important. For instance, remember the last time the Mirrors were set loose? Whatever happened to the things they stole? Anyone is free to sign up to receive these items; there are no stipulations, except that a character cannot have both a Wonderland item and an "other" item (in other words, a character can't be signed up for both item categories).

Keep in mind that these items are all important in some way to someone. When you sign up, you're committing to being active during the upcoming event, which begins on Saturday, September 16 and will end on the following Saturday, September 23.

Sign-ups will be open until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, September 13. SIGN-UPS ARE NOW CLOSED. We will announce the outcomes when the official plot post goes up on Thursday, September 14.
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[Even before everything that's happened these past few months, Rip hadn't been one to openly broadcast over the network. Each time save the last has been out of simple necessity. And in a way, he supposes this time is too.

They had friends here, each of them. They had made their impact.

He's in his room when the feed starts. Maybe some would recognize it after that ridiculous karaoke party Leonard and Mick decided to host there following the whole Chronos affair.]

For those that were acquainted with them, it would seem that Sara Lance, Mick Rory, and Leonard Snart have been sent back to their world.

[Two to live (in spite of Rip's best efforts, in Sara's case). One to die.

Perhaps he should say more. The feed continues on, Rip's eyes looking down rather than at the camera. In the end, however, a minute or two goes on in silence before he simply reaches for the device to turn it off.]


Sep. 9th, 2017 03:26 pm
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Greetings. This is Toriel.

[A goat woman is on the video feed. She sounds particularly somber and serious, today.]

I have some rather important news, that I think that I should share. You see, due to the recent bouts of crossing into other's minds and memories while we sleep... I think that I have stumbled upon a somewhat alarming discovery.

I seem to have unintentionally entered the mind of someone from my own world- a small flower, who I last saw deceiving and attempting to murder someone.

[The camera pans over to a flower pot on top of Toriel's bookshelf, upon which a golden flower is growing out of.]

It looks much like this kind of flower, only sporting a face. It apparently must have arrived here, and hidden out somewhere. If you see it, and it advises you on anything about 'friendliness pellets', you should not listen to it. It only intends to do you harm.

That is all.
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[Some time Friday morning, September 8th, a new and particularly important broadcast appears on the network.

The feed flicks on to show Ford at a desk in his lab looking both tired and very guilty. ]

Uh, yes! Hello. Uh. Good morning?

[He clears his throat. Might as well get right down to it.]

As anyone who's slept since Wednesday will know, something weird has been happening. I may have been experimenting with a ward against a certain demonic triangle when there was an explosion that caused the ward's effects to warp and, for lack of better layman's terms, gave everyone the ability to traverse the Mindscape--that is, the realm parallel to any waking dimension.

To put it simply: Once you left consciousness at any point, you likely were able to explore your own mind, and the minds of others.

Fortunately, the effects seem to be temporary and I only singed half an eyebrow in the explosion, so... Good news! Everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Ahh, science. Well! That's all for today. If you don't want to deal with it, I suggest visiting one of the tea rooms for a delightful pot of industrial coffee. Always works for me!

[With a winning smile from Ford, the broadcast ends.]
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[The broadcast begins with a jolt, the image certainly showing that the device is laying crooked, lower than the man in them, and likely not even noticed.

The room looks like a cross between woodland cottage and a mad scientist's lab with cluttered work spaces and a bed pushed into one corner, and a curtain seemingly leading off to a second room. The image of a man scurrying about is seen, his waistcoat mustard colored and his sleeves rolled up. Glimpses of his face might show that his cheeks are red and his hair in a wild tousled state.

His attention though is on anything but the device.]

Nono! Not that. No! He isn't for you to play with!

[Scurrying after something that darts past the camera, the rich, desert-y tan of its fur brushing the device. A moment later Newt rushes by after them.]

Please, come here. I need to... figure out what you even are! Yes, Andy, I know. I wasn't asking for random creatures. I asked for a kneazle.

[Not that Andy speaks, being a pyjak, but Newt has taken to talking to the beastie while doing many of the things he does around his room. Including chasing after someone or something that definitely isn't Andy, since the pyjak has picked up the device and is playing with it now, showing many other images.

Including the teal colored stick bug clinging to Newt's back, and a small, rich reddish brown creature that is racing in circles around the bed, trying to avoid the tan colored creature.

It is in that moment that Newt notices what his pyjak is holding and he groans.]

Oh Merlin's bloody beard. Turn that off.

[Spoiler: Andy doesn't.]
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cut for length )


[So she was wrong. She didn't just make it to the Surface. She made it to another world entirely, or so the pamphlet she read seemed to indicate.

She's done crying now. When she turns on the video, her normally yellow eye looks more reddish and puffy, but other than that, there's no indication that she was just weeping openly at the sky. The network is greeted to a one-eyed, blue-scaled fish woman with fins on each side of her face, her head mostly bald save for a long, bright red ponytail.

She looks all business, as she clears her throat, currently sat at a desk. And then she smiles, a mess of very large fangs revealing themselves, as if she were part anglerfish.

Attention humans!! I have an announcement to make.

I'm going to need each and every one of you to explain to me why I shouldn't KILL YOU ALL!!!

[Suddenly hit with a flash of energy, she summons a bright blue magical spear from thin air, half climbing onto the desk as if to rush every human watching through the screen itself.]


I'll be waiting on the grass out front, you punks!! NGAAAAAAAAH!!!

[And with that, her broadcast ends.

She can be found afterward on the grass near the gardens in front of the mansion, around where she first arrived. If anyone noticed her weeping openly at the sky earlier, you definitely imagined it, because she is far from tears now. She's just continuing to marvel up at the sun, squinting at it and muttering things like, "I'll get you, punk," and, "You think you can just float up there, huh??" under her breath.


Sep. 4th, 2017 02:45 am
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[ Kurt doesn't tend to broadcast to Wonderland at large too often; he's a deeply personal person, keeping much of his inner thoughts to himself, even around people he knows best. But this is one of those rare topics he thinks it could be helpful to speak about. If anyone else out there understands. ]

I left Wonderland a few months back. Just for a week. But uh - a lot happened back home.

[ When he says a lot, it's actually an understatement, to say the least. A lot of terrible things happened, but some really good things happened, too. He got married, and his daughter was born. It's incredible, being a father. ]

I have a little girl now. Just a few months old. But - [ He smiles with so much pride and fondness just thinking of her. ] She's amazing. And I miss her every moment I'm here. I was wondering if anyone else is a parent?

[ Not that you can really deal with missing your child. There's only one solution to that - going home - and that's nothing they can control, but at least there's something to be said for community. ]
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[If there's one thing Jay doesn't like, it's being out of the loop. He spent a little over four years trying to piece together what happened back home himself, while the people who knew more than he did dangled clues over his head to watch him jump.]

[This past event, he was in over his head, and he knew it. Tim ended up with a second soul (SOUL?) and a new set of monstrous features to boot, and Jay had no idea how to help. Clearly there are things going on here in Wonderland that Jay hasn't even started looking into, and now he's been burned for it.]

[He takes to the network several days after Asgore and Tim recover.]

How do souls work in your world?

Back where I come from, people talk about them. When you die, they say your soul goes to Heaven or Hell (or Purgatory or whatever afterlife you believe in, I guess). But it's not like anyone's actually seen one.

I get the impression that's not how it works everywhere.
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Gonna head t' the caves t'day, so-- [He pauses, and there's a small 'clunk' off-screen as he tosses something into a bag by his feet.] So, if y've ever wanted t' check it out but didn't wanna go alone, here's a chance.

[There's a bark and the camera swivels to put a dog in view. Said dog wags its tail and sniffs at a rucksack with interest.]

He's comin' too. Jus' gimme a heads up, 'll be at the entrance in a half hour.



[If anyone wants to meet him there, he'll be there a good ten minutes checking through his pack and making sure he has everything he needs - just in case.

After that, he'll be in the caves themselves, exploring the passages and leaving small marks on the walls as he goes. At least once, he finds his way to a large, open cavern, and whistles softly to himself before quietly smiling as if recalling a distant memory. The hour following will be spent free-climbing the walls, leaving the dog on the cavern floor with his bag, with exploration resuming after he decides that his hands have had enough.

All in all, he's down there for several hours.

Anony Text

Sep. 2nd, 2017 07:50 pm
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Let's say you have two friends who you care about very much, and they're both very nice people.

You learned friend 1 has a crush on friend 2. You think they'd be very good together.

Is there any way I can get them together? Or should I stay out of it?
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[Honestly, a text post would've sufficed enough, but perhaps for the context of this post, a video might be a bit more beneficial. So you get a blue robot staring at the screen pensively.]

Ah, greetings, Wonderland, this is Turing. I'm here to inquire about something...

I have noticed that some of the past events I have experienced throughout my time here has had some element of combat thrown into the mix, so to speak. Not all of them mind you, just some. Just this past event, you all saw it, all of those ogres, ice giants and dark elves storming into the mansion, and you must have also saw a multitude of the guests here fighting back. I, unfortunately, was unable to lend a hand in that time of crisis, solely because I have had no combat experience myself.

I may be sapient, but I am still a ROM, or I suppose a robot in layman's terms. I don't specifically exist to assist, but there's still a voice in the back of my mind urging me to help out however possible. If, in Wonderland, this means that I must become skilled in some weaponry or combat techniques, then so be it.

So, I'm posting this video as a call for suggestions and help: I am interested in learning how to properly defend myself and protect others while I am here in Wonderland. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Getting into specifics...I'd like to be skilled in ranged weaponry, say, a laser pistol, for example. My partner, Alys, was given a laser pistol to use in case of emergencies back where I come from, and they were able to use it with relative ease.

I will take any and all suggestions into account. Thank you for your time.


Aug. 30th, 2017 08:44 am
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[The woman who appears on the feed might be familiar to a few people. She's sitting at a table or a desk and facing the camera, composed, but a little worse for wear. She looks tired.]

You sure know how to make a girl feel at home. [Not that she's faced frost giants or dark elves before, but dropped into the middle of a fight she wasn't expecting and wasn't prepared for? One that probably should be left to gods and super soldiers? That is familiar. The last two days haven't been boring] Is that normal?

[Natasha taps the table in front of her twice, drawing a slow breath as she considers how she's going to play this. If putting her face on the network is a mistake, then she's already made it.]

I think I'm ready for the welcoming committee now.
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[Late on the 5th day, somewhere no-one can hear, a song starts playing in reverse. And the SOUL that was once a goat monster is called again to life.]

[The world's saddest boy is eased in sadness and also fur. Asgore Dreemurr awakes in his room and finds himself as whole and living as he has been of late, although perhaps more tired than usual.]

[A short video is posted to the network. It is a close up of Asgore's face; it is late, and he looks weary, but the weariness he feels is deeper than the hour alone would give.]

I have been dead, but for the second time in my experience, I find that I am no longer so. I apologize to anyone whom I may have worried or harmed with my death, especially my children. I apologize for laying such a heavy burden on Tim. I did not wish for my SOUL to be absorbed by one of the Ice Giants by accident, and perhaps making one of them even stronger, enabling the deaths of others.

If my choice was wrong, I take responsibility for it, and again apologize to anyone it has harmed.

[Asgore takes a deep breath and shuts the feed off.]


Aug. 28th, 2017 02:49 pm
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--there we go!

( the feed opens up to just his face, a satisfied grin plastered across his mouth now that he sees that he did, in fact, get this thing to work. it doesn't quite reach his eyes, though; they're a bit red, definitely swollen. don't judge him. )

Hi! My name’s Jon Kent. I’m looking for my mom and dad. My dad’s name is Clark, and my mom is Lois. My dad looks a lot like me, just bigger? My mom has brown hair. I’m sure they’re fine, but I haven’t been able to find them yet.

( the grin shifts into something a bit more sheepish, free hand raising to adjust the big, bulky glasses sitting on his nose. )

And uh. . how do I know which room’s mine? Why are there ogres outside--?
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[A large, burly man who appears to be in about his 40's stares into the communication device like he's never seen anything quite like it. The image him on the screen goes all over, sometimes even upside down, as he tries to figure out how to use it properly.] 
This is the weirdest stone of farspeech I've ever seen...let's see if it'll work if I do this... 
[He pushes a few more buttons and the device makes a couple odd noises before Magnus deems that yeah...maybe he did something right?] 
Taako? Merle? Can either of you hear me? I know these aren't supposed to work in Wonderland, but maybe cause I'm in some weird "bad luck" challenge thing away from you guys it'll work? I don't even know how the hell this is supposed to be me having bad luck since I've just been wandering around bored with nothing to fight.
At least in the other challenges there was stuff for me to hit...though I guess I'm glad I didn't get a giant block thing dropped on me like Taako did. 
[He sighs and adjusts the grip on the communicator, and with the new view (still slightly angled) it's clear to see a large ax on his back and a long lance that looks almost like the hand of an elaborate clock.] 
So yeah, I guess just hang on and try not to die while I try to figure this shit out? That'd be real great.

[As for the event and the giants attacking this place while Magnus has arrived, he's been lucky enough to not run into any of it yet and get himself lost in empty hallways. Though when the time comes, Magnus is always ready to fight the good fight.]

Entry #90

Aug. 27th, 2017 02:43 pm
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action prompt! cw for body horror )

[If Tim could have his way, he'd be issuing this announcement over text. But he can't - having learned, very far after the fact, that the new, clawlike shape of his hands makes inputting text commands rather impossible. It seems Asgardian technology doesn't account for impromptu goat-human hybrids. So instead, people get something different.]

[Something...very different.]

[On day four, a watery scarlet iris stares hollowly at the screen for several moments before Tim pulls back. If the presence of thick white fur and rounded horns and branchlike protrusions doesn't cement that something has gone really, horribly, terribly wrong, then the tremor in his voice and the glisten of tears down his cheeks certainly should.]

I, uh...

[Maybe it's the eyes - the eyes that, though they've changed in color, undeniably belong to one Timothy Wright.]

Asgore told me - he said that I had to, I had to take it before anyone else did. I didn't know this would - god - I didn't know.

[He's trying not to break down. He's trying not to. He can no longer tell whose guilt is swelling like a tumor in his chest, whose grief is eating at his heart. At the soul he allegedly, apparently possesses.]

I'm sorry.
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Hello friends! I'm here to interrupt your regularly scheduled event with a very important announcement.

So, as you might have noticed, the event queue is currently...long. Very long. In fact, this is actually the longest it's been in Eway's history! It's due to a lot of things that are really good for the game, like people staying longer with their characters and coming up with more things they want to do. There have actually been points where we had so few events that we had to actually make posts begging for submissions, so we don't consider this enthusiasm a bad thing by any means.

However, we have to recognize that these changes mean that Eway's outgrown its current event submission system, so a few changes need to be made. Phase one of those changes is something we've never had to do in the game's history, and something we were hesitant about for a long time, but we've decided it's the best course of action so we can rehaul things - As of September 2nd, the Event Queue will be CLOSED TO NEW SUBMISSIONS.

More details and such behind the cut. )

TL;DR – We're closing the event queue in a week, so get your last minute submissions in before September 2nd! We'll also take any questions or concerns either here at this post or PMed to [community profile] entranceway or [ profile] entranceway.

And seriously, thank you guys for sticking around, for understanding, and for your patience waiting for your events. We appreciate it a lot. ♥

~ Koji


Aug. 25th, 2017 04:20 pm
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[The video feed starts up, to Toriel, with a quite exasperated expression on her face, in the middle of going down some stairs.]

Greetings. This is Toriel.

So- I believe that there may be some kind of event going on right now, because I seem to be stuck in this stairway.

[She turns the phone around, and she seems to be approaching the bottom of the stairwell- and as she goes through a door that SHOULD lead out into the hallway...

She's right back up at the top of the stairwell again. The view pans over the railing, to look at all the stairs going down, just to confirm it.]

I have been stuck here like this for at least 20 minutes now, just trying to get to the kitchen. If anyone would be able to come help me, or offer any kind of advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
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[ Darcy had been worried that this was happening, had tried to deny that it might since she’d been here three years without any events being pulled from her mind. But, after accidentally dropping a mug this morning and watching it fall through the floor only to drop out across the coffee shop, later repeating it with towels and one of her shoes (which didn’t come back), she knew.

She’d grabbed the whiteboard she kept in the library loft of her room, getting ready for the her own warning message with the added help of Steve. Thor wasn’t here and Jane had just left not that long ago, she was basically on her own in the intel department for people who’d been on the ground in the fight and dealing with it. When the feed opens, she’s standing in front of the board that’s got a few pages from a book taped up, notes scattered in a way that would make Jane proud, and a drawing of a the nine realms à la Thor’s sketch in Jane’s notebook. Steve also stands in frame, if off to the side, giving Darcy the space she needs; she really is the expert here. ]

Alright, so I’m just gonna apologize in advance because what’s coming for us is from my world. Specifically my memories. This is gonna be a lot of information, so sorry in advance. [ But hey, it’ll be less of a word vomit than Jane probably would have done. ] Back home, some weird things started happening where gravity stopped following the rules and some weird teleporting type of anomalies started popping up. They didn’t all just pop around earth, but to all the realms. See, there was a weird cosmic event that was happening that was super rare. Like once every 5,000 years kind of rare. It meant that all of the nine realms in this tree shaped universe-- [ She gestures behind her, wiggling fingers before plowing forward. ] --and all the boundaries separating the worlds became super thin. The Convergence was the only time the Dark Elves would destroy the universe and plunge everything into darkness by using the aether… which was inside of Jane. If some of you remember that one time the lab kinda blew up and we said it was the aether? Yeah, it’s a doozy of a nasty thing. A thing that left with Jane.

[ Taking a deep breath, she tries to get back on track. Steve makes eye contact with her, a small glance of encouragement. You’re doing great, sweetie. ] Just a heads up in case you step into an anomaly and land in literal fire or ice, I'm just gonna give an overview of the nine realms. So, there's Alfheim, which has light elves, Asgard, which has… Asgardians, feasts up the wazoo, no coffee, booze that’ll put hair on super people chests [ Steve sneaks a firm nod in here -- she’s not kidding! ], and the Bifrost aka rainbow bridge. A lot of people might think of Valhalla when they think of Asgard, which is the whole place where their dead warriors go. There’s Nornheim, Vanaheim, the Realm Below, which is apparently beneath Asgard and has Rock Giants, Jotunheim, which has Frost Giants, Midgard aka Earth, Nidavellir, which has dwarves, Niffleheim for all the dishonorable dead to go hang out on. It’s also got Hel which doesn’t discriminate between honorable or dishonored dead. There’s Muspelheim which is basically a fire world with fire demons, and lastly Svartalfheim, which is where the Dark Elves hide out when they’re not trying to destroy literally everyone.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I just wanted to give you guys as much info as I could. I’ve got some books up here with info on the realms as well as some of Jane’s notes on her research into how to get the aether out and its reactions. Just because it’s not here anymore, I’m worried that the Dark Elves might try and show up still looking for it.

[ She spins around, plucking a note off the board about some of the things that go bump in the night and the info Jane had given her about them from things she hadn’t had a chance to see. But, before she starts in on talking about tips and tricks with dealing with the Dark Elves or anything else that might show up, she looks at Steve. ]

Did you wanna-- [ She kinda vaguely gestures, having already broken down points she wanted to hit with him before starting. And honestly, if there was anyone in this room more qualified than her to talk about fighting things that go bump in the night and attempt to destroy universes, it was him. Besides, she wasn’t sure if gravity was gonna be going wonky and there weren’t any car bumpers to throw at them, so her tips were out. ]

[ At that point Steve steps up and clears his throat. He wouldn’t consider himself an expert on fighting these particular foes, but Darcy had asked for his assistance. ] We don’t know if any of these things are going to show up, but if they do? Anyone who isn’t enhanced or imbued with some kind of power really shouldn’t be engaging with them. We had the God of Thunder himself go up against the Dark Elves and it wasn’t an easy fight. [ Darcy nods, running a hand through her curls. ] Yeah, a lot of people got hurt and we had Jane’s tech mimicking the anomalies and thanks to gravity being weird, we were able to throw car bumpers or whatever else at them. [ Not many people may remember Thor from his time here, but Steve hopes the message is clear all the same. This is not the time for people in combat training to test their mettle. ] Those of you who can handle a threat on this level, check in with us if you can and we can try to organize ourselves to keep as much of the mansion safe as possible.

[ Maybe they won’t be able to keep everyone safe, no matter how hard they might try. But that shouldn’t stop them from making the effort all the same. ]

Contact either Darcy or myself if you run into anything like what we described. We should try to stay two steps ahead of this event, if we can. [ Hence spreading all of this information and bracing people for all of the possibilities that may come. ]

I think… I think that’s everything. Any questions, feel free to hit us up. Otherwise, we’re both on the 7th floor. I’m in room 27 and Steve’s across the hall in case you need anything. I’ll also probably be wandering around the mansion trying to mark anomalies with this-- [ She pulls a small device off of the table, one she’d kept in a drawer in case Jane ever needed it again, and holds it up. ] --assuming it’s cooperating today. Just be on the lookout for big colored duct tape markings on floors and walls. Oh! Also, if someone has one of my Chucks from this morning, I’d super like that back. [ And with that, she cuts the feed. ]
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So I learned something pretty important the other day.

Apparently, people from my world have been here before. About two-and-a-half to three years ago. There was an event too. Titans appeared out of nowhere and attacked the Mansion for a couple of days.

Has anyone been here long enough to remember that? And if you have, do you remember any of the people from my world? Anyone who might've talked about Titans or being in the Survey Corps. Which ones were here? Were they... were they okay?

I also realized that, if they had an event, I'd still forget something even if I wasn't there for it. But I don't know what that is. I mean, duh, but I want to figure it out. It's a word, right? One that's special to where I'm from?

...Thanks for any responses.
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Good ol' Bill gave you a fair warning, now it's time to check out the Bulletin Board for our next event!

Most of the information you need should be right there, with some neat links to help you get a better idea of the setting. It might be good to know that, as usual, deaths do count as real mansion deaths, so keep a watchful eye on your fighting spirit and its consequences.

On that note, this is not an AU event, the only optional changes to your characters come from donning Asgardian clothing, and will result in your characters feeling especially enthusiastic about celebrating the glory of Asgard in the feasting hall, and fighting for it and its protection fiercely as soon as the first invaders rear their head.

Finally it might be good to stress that, while the mansion will change completely, the grounds will still be Wonderland's grounds, and though the force field separates the two from the third day on, especially stupid and death-wishing brave souls can manage to find a way out through the tunnels to take the fight to Asgard's invaders directly.

The event kicks off on Friday, August 25th, and will last up until and including Tuesday, August 29th. Come Wednesday the mansion and its clothing selection will have returned to normal.

QUESTIONS? Your thread's provided below, as is your usual opportunity to plot in the comments.

Have a good one!

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[ Bill the Lizard is not building. Bill the Lizard is lizarding, sitting on a large rock in the sun. He looks out at the lake, thoughtfully. ]

They've got a whole nine wrapped together, no wonder you can't remember your place neither. Set a foot in one, end up in another, snap of ye finger, goes just like that. Goes they'll all stumble together, and end up here, too. What a right mess that'll be to paint over. Shine like the stars, that's the one, shine like all the stars, like it'll be worth to fight over.

[ Thoughtfully his tongue flicks up and down, and licks the side of his face. ]

Won't compare to her I tell ye, she'll be a right proper treat soon enough-- Aw, but that'd be peeking all right, bad enough we don't got a working door for her right away--

[ Bill flicks his tail and perks up. ]

No. No, listen good, lads, listen, ye hear? Dress up nice and warm, that'll come in well and good later!
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[A young man sits before the camera, looking, to say the least, in pretty bad shape. Although only appearing to be somewhere in his early twenties, his eyes seem sunken and teeming with an exhaustion beyond his years, and his complexion is pallid.

He’s seated with bent knees, arms crossed atop them. His chin rests in his left hand, on which he's wearing a pair of nondescript black gloves with the fingers sloppily cut off. His right hand is holding the camera at a slightly odd angle, as it's been awhile since he's used a mobile device of any kind.

Making eye contact with the camera, he attempts a smile, which comes off looking unsure and diffident.]

Am I...

[A pause. While he's no stranger to speaking in front of a camera, addressing a group of strangers on a more personal level is a whole different concept entirely, and he's only just now aware that he has absolutely no idea what to say.]

Is this place... In my head? It feels real but I--

[Again he cannot finish the thought, as he's still overwhelmed with guilt due to the way things were left at home before he was brought here.]

...I'm sorry. [He looks down as he mumbles the words, ending the recording immediately afterwards.

When all else fails, apologize, although it's not like this method of communication has done him any favors in the past.]
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warning: DR spoilers inside )

HIS ROOM - DAY 2 09:00

[ Unless you're a heavy sleeper, you might have heard thunderous noises from the video transmission in the middle of night last night. (Note: Please read the first-person sample only and don't scroll up if you want to avoid DR spoilers!) Before anyone could respond, the video transmission cut off last night, and he would've missed any responses until now since the palm pilot was switched off following the violent throw.

Miraculously, when he tries to switch it back on, it's still working. It's a lot more resilient than it seems, and Mondo's 'considerably' calmer after a good night's rest. He's aware that there must be some use to this device, and after fiddling with it for a while, he attempts to do another video transmission. ]

Uh, so. Can anyone tell me why we're here? How do... things work 'round here?

[ He's not looking right at the camera, simply because he doesn't know how front camera works, but his glare is very... glaring. Agitation is still there, and it's pretty obvious. His pompadour is a splendid corncob now as opposed to last night's rather disheveled state.

Does he know how to turn off the transmission without throwing the phone? Looks like someone needs to give him some 101.

Anyway, a few options for this prompt:
a) send him a video response of last night's chaos, shout at him back for waking you up in the middle of nothing, tell him to calm down, etc;
b) go on video call with/send video response to him following the morning transmission;
c) text in response;
d) wildcard, which means... GET WILD! ]

HALLWAYS - DAY 2 12:00

[ A relatively big (187cm or 6ft 1.6inch) young man will be wandering around, trying to figure out where is what. He still has a scowl on his face, but isn't going to eat you if you talk to him. At least not right away... he's pretty hungry. If you're Kiyotaka Ishimaru, he's gonna bolt the shit out of there moments after he spots you. If you're not, then congrats, he might talk to you for a bit. In fact, he might just start the conversation if you don't. (Feel free to start the conversation and not use this prompt!) ]

Hey. Y'know where the dining room's at? We can eat for free?
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(It starts much the same as it did before, with the arrival of a Geth in the garden.

People will get some pretty decent video footage of a strange robot poking around the garden, being surprisingly gentle with the plants. They hadn't expected to see a garden-or anything else-ever again. They are reminded of the organic concept of 'afterlife'. Is this the same?

Perhaps they will encounter the Geth that had been lost. It would be ...good to see them again.

Then they spot the journal. To those who witnessed their first arrival in wonderland, their actions may seem strangely similar: the moment they realize the journal is recording, they click off the feed.

This time, they do not immediately send a text.)

one - text

Aug. 17th, 2017 10:40 pm
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i thought i would give this a try, but who put the letters in this order

is it like this in the future, you lot changed the order of the letters

why would you do that
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[A very tired twenty-something Indian male appears on camera. His hair is a mess, disheveled as if from sleep and having shoved his hands through it a few too many times, and his clothes appear to have been slept in. Because they have. Mahir sighs and pushes his glasses up his nose before he addresses the camera.]

Hello. Wonderland, is it? As in Alice and, I presume. I’m afraid to say that kind of fantasy literature has never been my particular cup of tea. My name is Mahir Gowda. I am the head of the factual news division of the After the End Times news site, although I doubt that means much here. Perhaps it’s a sign of exhaustion, or stress, or my colleague’s particular brand of insanity has suddenly mutated and become contagious, but if this is a delusion, it’s a very convincing one.

I don’t suppose anyone would be so kind as to point me to a very strong cup of tea? If I’ve truly been kidnapped to an alternate dimension, I assume that calling my wife is out of the question. If she hasn’t divorced me yet, she certainly will be after this.

...I may need something a bit stronger than tea, on consideration.
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Sup, fellow captives? Name's Claudia.

[ two purple-gloved hands throw up finger guns in front of the camera. claudia's curled red hair is interrupted only by a single strand of white, and her ratty denim vest is covered in an obnoxious amount of flair. anyone versed in teen can probably tell this cool front is pretty forced. ]

So! I did the reading, aced the pop quiz, made frenemies with the magical internet, et cetera et cetera... [ shrug! if she pretends it's no big deal it won't be, right? this is fine everything's fine. ] Who do I talk to about that member's club jacket fitting? Or like, should I expect a card or a button or something? Maybe a secret handshake? Oh, right one other thing-- anyone got a twenty on Alice? Figure it's only polite to introduce myself to the lady of the house, you know?

[ and until then, she'll keep checking mirrors in hopes that this is some weird artifact thing on steroids. as the day wears on, claudia only gets crankier-- she's starting to feel helpless and alone. she can do alone, she just-- well she thought she didn't have to anymore. ]


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