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[Those who've been here for a while might remember the last time Shepard addressed Wonderland in the Citadel, all smiles and lackadaisical jokes. However, today, she's addressing the Mansion at large like a commander- her shoulders are flat, back straight, expression serious.]

Alright. So if I'm correct from the network, a lot of us received items with the same cryptic note and a lot of weird stuff. Some of 'em don't seem to do anything. Some of them, apparently, are eyeballs.

[She brings her right hand into view, holding a broken half of a compact mirror; the mirror inside is shattered beyond repair.]

I got this- but it wasn't broken when I got it. It went to the Queen of Hearts. And because I don't believe in bullshitting anyone here, we should talk about the fact that what's going on right now is purposeful, and we need to be a hell of a lot more careful.

Cut for length )
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[The broadcast begins with a jolt, the image certainly showing that the device is laying crooked, lower than the man in them, and likely not even noticed.

The room looks like a cross between woodland cottage and a mad scientist's lab with cluttered work spaces and a bed pushed into one corner, and a curtain seemingly leading off to a second room. The image of a man scurrying about is seen, his waistcoat mustard colored and his sleeves rolled up. Glimpses of his face might show that his cheeks are red and his hair in a wild tousled state.

His attention though is on anything but the device.]

Nono! Not that. No! He isn't for you to play with!

[Scurrying after something that darts past the camera, the rich, desert-y tan of its fur brushing the device. A moment later Newt rushes by after them.]

Please, come here. I need to... figure out what you even are! Yes, Andy, I know. I wasn't asking for random creatures. I asked for a kneazle.

[Not that Andy speaks, being a pyjak, but Newt has taken to talking to the beastie while doing many of the things he does around his room. Including chasing after someone or something that definitely isn't Andy, since the pyjak has picked up the device and is playing with it now, showing many other images.

Including the teal colored stick bug clinging to Newt's back, and a small, rich reddish brown creature that is racing in circles around the bed, trying to avoid the tan colored creature.

It is in that moment that Newt notices what his pyjak is holding and he groans.]

Oh Merlin's bloody beard. Turn that off.

[Spoiler: Andy doesn't.]
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[ Bill the Lizard is not building. Bill the Lizard is lizarding, sitting on a large rock in the sun. He looks out at the lake, thoughtfully. ]

They've got a whole nine wrapped together, no wonder you can't remember your place neither. Set a foot in one, end up in another, snap of ye finger, goes just like that. Goes they'll all stumble together, and end up here, too. What a right mess that'll be to paint over. Shine like the stars, that's the one, shine like all the stars, like it'll be worth to fight over.

[ Thoughtfully his tongue flicks up and down, and licks the side of his face. ]

Won't compare to her I tell ye, she'll be a right proper treat soon enough-- Aw, but that'd be peeking all right, bad enough we don't got a working door for her right away--

[ Bill flicks his tail and perks up. ]

No. No, listen good, lads, listen, ye hear? Dress up nice and warm, that'll come in well and good later!

one - text

Aug. 17th, 2017 10:40 pm
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i thought i would give this a try, but who put the letters in this order

is it like this in the future, you lot changed the order of the letters

why would you do that


Jul. 21st, 2017 03:01 pm
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[ After the past few events, Caitlin feels like they all could do with being a little more prepared. Or at least, they could do with knowing who to go to for certain issues. She's already well-aware of the scientific community in the mansion, but there are other fields, right? Others who can lend a hand with... anything.

So she's trying to appear very professional here, in her lab. With her lab coat on.

Hi! So, a while back, Claire made a post asking if there were any other medical professionals here. And given the flavor of the last few... [ how does she phrase this ] incidents, I thought it may be useful to get an idea of who can do what around here.

[ She waves a hand, as if to cut off the question. ]

And I'm not asking if you have any special powers or anything. Though if you do, kudos. Even more so if you're comfortable talking about and using yours. [ Cause she is decidedly not. ] Think more along the lines of skills. Talents. Things you have specialized training in. That kind of thing. This way, when things go a particular sort of pear-shaped, we may all have an idea of who can help.

[ And then she smiles nervously. ] Okay. That's all. Thanks!
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[However awkward this broadcast is, given how the Taishou is unfamiliar with technology, he still manages to make it sound quite grave. When the device finally focuses up on his face, he looks serious indeed, although he's not yet become remotely panicked.]

Have you a sword, citizens? I would fight for your safety all the better if I was able to wield one, but unfortunately, my blades did not arrive with me.

Your help is appreciated. I fear we must prepare for the worst.

[That's all he says. Brief but to the point.]
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[So there’s something a little bit different about Jesse that’s almost immediately noticeable the moment the feed starts, due to the way her hair is tucked behind her ears. And that’s the fact that her ears are kind of POINTY, now; she looks like an elf right out of Lord of the Rings.

She also looks CONCERNED.

There’s something a little off about the shadows behind her, too. But the reason for that will be apparent in just a second. She gives the feed a nervous little smile.]

So you’d think I’d be used to the things Wonderland does by now. But it turns out I can still be surprised.

[The next sentence comes out in a rush.]

So I kind of have WINGS.

[She shifts the camera so they’re visible, and it’s her wings that are responsible for the weird shadows behind her. And they’re gorgeous, don’t get her wrong; starting out cream at her back they’re a warm rusty sort of dark orange by their wingtips. But they’re WINGS. She’s pretty sure she’s not supposed to have wings, even if she had ended up a metahuman. She’s never heard of a metahuman having wings, anyway.

Not on her Earth, at least.

They’re a little rumpled, too, because, well, NEW FEATHERY APPENDAGES.]

Anyone have any pointers on how to use them? Because I’ve kind of never had an extra set of appendages before and it’s taking some getting used to.

[A LOT of getting used to. They move on their own, half the time, instincts new and REALLY unfamiliar and she’s tripped over them and gotten tangled more times than she can count. And that’s not including the falling on her face. Or butt.]

And if I’m going to be any use AT ALL I need to learn how to use them. Fast.

[Because they ARE useable. She knows she can fly, instincts she didn't have a day ago are telling her she can. She just... doesn't know how. Doesn't have the muscle memory. Yet.]
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[Download Full-Size]

A little over a year ago I provided the mansion with an instructional...brochure of sorts, to better orient newcomers and in particular those who are not from what can only be considered the "modern" era.

[One great unfairness about Wonderland is its tendency to forget that a number of the people living in it are not from time periods that utilise microwaves, for example, or even know what they are. The learning curve is steep for the temporally disadvantaged.]

Seeing as these sorts of publications are only successful when circulated and given the appropriate communal response, I think it only fair to extend the offer of amending any aspects to account for the amenities people may add to our shared residence in the future.

I'm going to leave a number of these in the foyer and on reading tables in the library, but would appreciate it if others would assist in forwarding the file to new residents should in-person explanations become untenable.

[All this just in time for the recent appearance of the dormouse on the network, heralding another event - it makes this particular announcement the more appropriate, since she hasn't been as public a figure lately for personal reasons. Evelyn collects herself for a moment before continuing, because as a long-time resident it is incumbent upon her to broach the issue if only to gather perspectives.]

...additionally, I would like to hear opinions on the notion of holding a public forum about mitigating damages - not necessarily the public safety issue as discussed in previous network announcements, but approaching the aftermath of disasters, both wrought by Wonderland and its residents.

[Only in part does this come from a place of emotion, but the greater percentage stems from practicality. If people are to peaceably live in the same spaces then it must be a team effort, from all sides.

Herself included.

This is not to rally a police force. This is not to encourage mob-like behaviour. This is to calmly, openly discuss the subject of accountability and greater communication.
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[The camera starts to find Seth standing by a window, staring out at the snow with a look that seems a mixture of disgust and frustration.]

I bet some of you think this is fun and enjoyable to, huh? Have at it. For those of us that would much rather we'd ended up on a Mexican beach like me, I'm going to be camped out by a fireplace with my newest play on a hot toddy and cards.

I see no point in stepping out that door until this is gone and over with.

[Awww, someone's cranky. Feel free to join him... or mock him.]


Jun. 1st, 2017 10:13 am
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[Crowley has a pressing, important question.

In fact, it may be the most important question that anyone asks this month.

He sets the device up to video and asks the mansion at large, because he does so dislike making wasted trips.

Does anyone know if the lake has ducks on it?
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Hey guys, so... what's up?

[Because that's how you start out when you've just arrived in Gravity Falls version two point oh, right? Especially when there's bark behind your head and leaves that flitter in and out of the picture behind her.]

What I get is that we're, what? All trapped in a hell dimension? Maybe it's a shared universal nightmare? Not that this is how my nightmares work, but maybe I'm not the dreamer in charge.

[She pauses, the view wavering, showing more of the woods behind her.]

Whatever. Wonderland though? I think I remember that book from last year. I watched the movie, and still passed the book report so that's enough, right? Though the whole kidnapping thing feels more Lost Boys than Alice.

Is there a pirate? Pirate ship? I am all up for starting a band of kids who never grow up, get in food fights, and make adults run in fear. Who's with me?

Also, the lake shaped like a lizard? Bit odd but cool, man.


If anyone is down by the lake, they might spot Wendy perched on a lower branch of a tree. Laid back against the trunk, one leg dangling as she watches the wind ruffle the surface of the lake. Definitely watching for familiar faces, or interesting ones, before deciding to breach the house.

Up there, out of the main line of people traffic, it's much more relaxing and is giving her time to adjust.
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[The video starts to show a man who clearly has seen better days; Rip's face is bruised and bloody both, and that's hardly the full extent of it. There's a very real and dangerous reason why he's seated on the ground making this announcement rather than at the mansion already.]

It would seem there's some manner of event going on. [Something that may already be known. Chronos had knocked Rip out before abandoning him in the woods, and he's willing to bet hours have gone by since then at least. He swallows; speaking is rather hard for a number of reasons, not the least of which being his broken nose.] There's at least one mirror that's crossed over; if you see a tall man wearing a full suit of futuristic armor carrying a trio of guns, I highly suggest you avoid him at all costs. He goes by the name of Chronos, and I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous he is.

[Though perhaps less so to bystanders than to the Legends and their cohorts. Still, Rip would much rather not take the unnecessary risk.]

In a related matter--[Related, ha, as if this little public announcement were the most ordinary thing. Rip squeezes his eyes closed; his head hasn't stopped pounding since he woke up.] I could use some assistance in getting back to the mansion itself. I'm partway between the woods and the building.

[It's as far as Rip's managed to drag himself thus far; in truth he'd hoped to make much quicker progress, or to hear back from the other Legends. Neither has happened, thus? The option of last resort.

Which is so much of why the feed clicks off immediately after.]

{{ooc: Kara's going to be coming out to rescue Rip! But feel free to pester him anyways. Just—be aware that the British guy is in something of a mood.]


Apr. 17th, 2017 07:00 pm
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I've been thinking lately, about that recent bunch of people who've left. I know, I know - they wouldn't want us mourning quite this long, but it made me remember something I've been meaning to ask everyone.

[It's not a terribly exciting scene. James is sitting cross-legged on his bed, holding the camera in one hand and gesturing with the other as he talks. The result is a but shaky, but it gets the point across.]

One of the worst things about this place, and about when people that it takes their memories of Wonderland. That could be bad for them, of course, but I don't think we talk enough about how horrible it is for us - the people who got left behind. We're left with all the memories of people who--

[He'd been doing well, but he hesitates there. This subject is a bit of a sore one, and he falters.]

...If they're from another world, they won't remember us. And if we do meet again, we've got all these memories they'll never get back. It's one thing to tell someone how close you were and another entirely for them to actually remember it. I've learned that the hard way often enough.

[But he's told off enough Dean Winchesters for that, hasn't he?]

So, I thought this might be good. Come here and share stories about people who've left Wonderland. Tell me your favorite things from here that no one else remembers now. Maybe someone'll even bring up someone you remember, and you can reminisce together! I think it'd be nice to get those stories out there, and have someone else remember your friends from other worlds.

Well then! Enough of me babbling - anyone got any old other worldly friends they want to brag about?

[ooc: Threadjacking is entirely welcome and highly encouraged!]
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[The video starts abruptly with the sight of blonde curls and perhaps a flash of blue eyes which then quickly spins around to show brown wing tip shoes and the bottoms of tan corduroy trousers.]

Goodness, this is a needy bit of technology, isn't it? I suppose it's good that it beeped until I found it. Er...

[He only now notices that the device in his hands seems to be recording his shoes and he fumbles with it until it finally switched cameras to show his face. Well, sort of. It's a bit too close at first before he adjusts it to... Well he's clearly holding it at arm's length. There are hedges behind him.]

Oh, er... I'm terribly sorry to disturb whoever it is I've accidentally video phoned... But, if you could do me a favor and let me know where I am and possibly how I ended up here, it would be much appreciated.

[This better not be some odd prank on Crowley's part...]
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Anyone else having trouble sleeping lately? [ He's tried counting sheep. He counted up to a hundred thousand before deciding he should quit it. Peter's hoping that some random conversations via text will help get his mind off... well, everything.

He just can't seem to relax. One thought leads to another leads to another. It's a constant stream of noise made worse by this ability to hear people's thoughts. It's a jumble of words that don't make sense and he can't seem to shut that off.


Mar. 21st, 2017 10:58 am
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[The recording is, presumably, accidental. Souji himself is mostly out of frame, although his hands are visible as he works on putting together a plastic model. The thing is half finished and he's popping the remaining pieces out of their plastic casing when there's a sharp but quiet snapping sound.

He hesitates, puts the piece down. Or rather, puts two pieces that should be one piece down.]

...Damn it.

[He sighs and goes about seeing if he can glue the broken plastic back together without the break being too obvious.]


Mar. 17th, 2017 10:10 am
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[They're outside the mansion. Judging from the background noise of rushing water, they've propped their camera up on the fountain. The feed is otherwise silent as they fiddle with components - PVC piping, a can of hairspray, PVC glue, all the usual expected components that scream "misguided attempt at a backyard potato gun." Because that's what they're making. A misguided attempt at a backyard potato gun.]

Amazing, the things the closets will just let you have. Few people seem to consider what being a child in Wonderland means. Bedtime is never, there's no such thing as education, and you can eat nothing but Twinkies and Cap'n Crunch if you want to. I kill the time by working in a diner, and nobody breathes a word about child labour.

Guess it's pretty lucky we never have to worry about growing up, because we're probably learning some pretty messed up things. People like me aren't supposed to have limitless freedom. It's bad for us. We abuse it.

Oh well.

What do you think would happen if I fired a grenade out of this thing?
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[Something is playing a very crisp version of the opening of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Strangely enough, someone is also quietly humming Queen's Who Wants to Live Forever in a strange counterpoint to the gentle strings.

This goes on for a couple of minutes, before it seems to turn off on its own.
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Hey again, Wonderland.

[Kon gives a half wave and a smile. He's been interviewed before, spent his entire life in the public eye up until recently, but this still feels weird. Maybe it's because of the awkwardness of the question he's asking.]

I've got a... probably unusual question. Can anyone else here fly? Specifically, has anyone else here tried flying to get out of here? I mean, it didn't work, obviously. I wasn't even surprised about that. But it was really weird. Like it's not like I ran into a block or anything like that. I just sort of... ended up where I started. And going up I just ended up not moving after a while, even though it felt like I did.

[He shrugs.]

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else had tried it. Cause man, I do not like it when my flying doesn't work right. It's just wrong.


Feb. 20th, 2017 03:10 pm
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Is this thing-- Oh. It's on.

[Tap tap. It looks enough like a smartphone to be reasonably used as a smartphone, and Crowley has no issue at all with using smartphones.]

That's a bit cliché, isn't it? A mysterious device appears in your pocket full of little buzzing voices and the first thing you do is use it? Of course you do. Never mind how many horror movies you've seen.

[The person talking into the video while casually strolling outside is a handsome young man in dark sunglasses, with fantastic cheekbones and dark hair that the breeze is currently playing around his forehead. He's slightly pale, though all in all his complexion is somewhat indeterminate.]

If someone could point me in the direction of the Lon­don Orbital and a car rental shop, I'd be much obliged.

[The levity is quite smoothly hiding the fact that he is already very aware that he can't get out of here - he's tried, it just gave him a headache - and he is very, very concerned about that.]
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[ Vivaldi's Winter is playing in the background of the video as Hannibal makes the connection. As opposed to the last time the network saw his face, he looks very much in his element, without a hint of rage or much emotion outside of the range of contentment. His offense is kept just under his thick skin. It remains, but he doesn't dwell on it. Dwelling without action would accomplish nothing at all.

But never mind that. Crowley's reckoning will come later. For now, he is in peak physical condition, dangerous in his presented amicability. Good luck. ]

Good afternoon Wonderland. It seems I was sent home for a short while. It didn't seem right to let my return go unmentioned any longer, now that our moment of defensive panic has subsided. My apologies to my patients, and any others I may have left in an uncomfortable position. My door is still open, should anyone need my help. Simply message me to make an appointment.

It's also come to my attention that Dr. Jones has gone home. Martha was a good friend and a respectable colleague, her presence will be missed. Hopefully she has gone home to better things. Has any discussion been had about the status of her clinic? I hope to see it carried on under responsible supervision.

[ He pauses for a moment, for emphasis of train of thought. ]

Two more points of interest. Firstly, as some of you may know, someone that I consider to be violently unstable has gone to great lengths to see me suffer. Therefor, I ask for your help. I would like to learn how to protect myself from demons. If anyone would be able to offer their assistance, I would be in your debt.

Secondly, as I missed the opportunity for a proper Christmas celebration, I've decided to throw a symbolic New Years Eve party. [ Symbolic because, of course, what is New Years Eve in a place with no real concept of passing time? ] Formal dress, black tie optional, with hors d'oeuvres and a small tapas dinner. Should anyone be interested in working the event as wait staff, I'm sure we could come up with a method of payment. Otherwise, I'll be forced to serve the food buffet style. [ oh the humanity. ]

And I believe that's all. Have a good rest of your day.
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[It's hard if not impossible to tell that Crowley is the one posting it. All of the sounds on the network are completely inhuman--hissing, bestial snarling, the fwoosh of intense flames and a sort of churning sound like bubbling lava. Even when Crowley speaks his voice is practically unrecognizable. He speaks with about five different voices at the same time and is constantly accompanied what sounds like the high-pitched screaming of the damned.]

ALl OF you--

[He cuts himself off abruptly as something truly horrible happens wherever he is. There's screaming and a cracking sound like shattering bone and noises that make The Exorcist look like a Dora the Explorer episode.]

Sţ̛̖͓̭͖͈͒̍̌̅A͕̯͓̞̍͂ͥ̎ͣ͠͝Y OUt OF thE FOrÈ͎̭̞̥̬̞̫̚͝Sͫͥͧ̅̈́͗̚͏̪͖̝̼ͅT̵͇̯̬̯̹̙̳͌̂̏͢

[There's more shrieking and a thunderous crash like several trees falling. Anyone looking toward the forest from the mansion might see flames and sulfurous clouds rising from the trees.]

[The feed cuts off there.]

[Just be glad there was no video. Crowley has turned into something dreadful.]

[ooc: Crowley is in full uncontrollable monster demon mode for the duration of the event. Feel free to action tag him if your character is in the forest, but be warned, there's a lot of fire and horror and possibly death involved.]
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[ It's late when the video feed kicks on. In the background, the library stretches out behind him, but Blake's seated at a large table with a multitude of crayons and construction paper instead of the usual stacks of books. On the tabletop, a small gray tabby kitten bats around crayons and generally invades Blake's space as he adjusts the camera. ]

Hey, uh... Wonderland. [ He offers a wave as he sits back from the camera propped on the table. ]

Been thinkin' a lot lately. 'Bout this place, 'bout these murders, 'bout the people we meet an' the people we lose, and I—

[ Blake shakes his head. He feels almost instantly like he's made some kind of mistake. Not being a particularly outwardly emotional person, not really one to admit there are chinks in his armor, let alone display them, he can't be sure why he's decided to share with the network this time around.

He reaches to go turn off the feed when his hand is intercepted by that affectionate and persistent kitten, purring and butting against his fingers. Instead of ending the transmission, he scoops up the cat and holds it close to his chest.

It's been rough. For a lotta people, not just me. The, uh... the Elrics are gone: Edward and Alphonse. And Jesse Pinkman, too. A— [ He sighs a little. ] —a lotta people, really. 'Specially lately. And it sucks, really sucks losin' family like that.

[ When he looks down at the kitten, he realizes he doesn't have much else to say, that he's probably said enough (or too much). John smiles thinly, scratches at the kitten's ears, and then focuses back on the camera. ]

Anyway, pretty sure I'm not alone in feelin' that way, so... It's late, but if anyone wants to come down to the library, I hear colorin's good therapy and I don't mind sharin' my crayons.

[ He might even draw you a picture. ]
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[It takes him a full day to make this post.]

So. The angel, Aziraphale, is gone. In a more permanent capacity this time. His room has returned to the default.

[He knows. He spent a few hours in there just sitting on the floor and drinking heavily.]

I suppose that drops us down to only one librarian. Though I'm sure Evelyn is up to the task.


That's all.
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[For a guy who's used to paying with reality bubbles, creating small pockets of reality to deal up just desserts to those who have it coming, you'd think Gabriel would be a little less startled at finding himself in one.

One second, he's shoving a DVD at Dean and telling him and his brother to get Kali and get clear and the next he's not even in the same craphole motel.

So Gabriel takes his time, wanders the halls before he finally lays claim to one and fiddles with the device he found in his pocket. Convenient.]

Well I've got to give this place props. It ain't exactly the Ritz, but then again, they don't have places that respond to thought. [Gabriel is comfortably sprawled on a bed large enough to accommodate several, balancing a heroic-sized milkshake on his chest. Somehow he can drink it while laying down and not spill a drop.] Now, while I wasn't looking forward to the ol Royal Rumble with big bro, I would like to at least get an idea of who nicked yours truly and why.

Yanno. Just because.
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[ When he arrives, Dorian isn’t entirely disoriented. In fact, he is so intrigued by the wonderment of this place, that he spends several long minutes touring the corridors and hallways. The moment he last recalls - a blink, a turn, and he had been here - does not surface in all the excitement, fingertips lightly touching the smoothness of the walls and the decor of the tables. By the time he discovers the device in his pocket, the enthusiasm has cooled to curiosity and a calm demeanor that eventually reflects on the video feed that appears. A moving picture? How ingenious. ]

Hello. [ There’s a twitch of a smile, something easy and inviting. ] As things do not seem to have any particular order here, an introduction would be proper in this situation. [ But the very idea of it almost causes him to laugh. ] I am Dorian Gray.

[ His fingertips fill the view as he touches the screen with a somewhat speculative expression. Then, there is nothing but a full, gentle smile. ]

The questions that this place originally instill are not as intriguing as some of the others that immediately come to mind. So, I extend this invitation to you and anyone willing to discuss these... finer details with me. [ A tilt of his head and the thank you is unspoken. ] I look forward to it.

[ Before it ends, the video pans to take in his location: the main entrance hall. If anyone happens to approach him there, he may be somewhat distracted by details of the architecture, hands clasped loosely behind his back. ]
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[Crowley is chuckling even as he starts his post.]

Delusional and dangerous, he says! I daresay the good Dr. Lecter believes we're all idiots. Which, to be frank, is an accurate assessment. A man named Hannibal Lecter shows up in Wonderland and somehow we all just accept it. He couldn't possibly be the Hannibal Lecter of the movies and books, could he? And yet how uncommon is it, really? In the course of my year here, I've come to realize that we, all of us, are a fiction to someone else. In some other world, our lives are just a story.

Maybe that's just too difficult for some of us to accept. Makes sense, I suppose. No one wants to go through more existential crises than is strictly necessary.

[His grin vanishes.]

But it's the truth. Hannibal Lecter is Hannibal Lecter, and that's all there is to it. He has murdered several people here. And considering who he is, I don't think I have to spell out what else he might have been doing. One of the people he killed is a friend of mine. I said I would find who did it, didn't I?

[He smirks again and ends the feed]
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[It is a rare moment in his life where Hannibal is in something akin to a impotent rage. It seems those moments come with more frequency here in Wonderland, as he keeps tabs of all the wrongs the Dutchess, the Queen of Hearts, their whole entourage of masturbatory miscellany have done him. He'll find a way to get back at them, and when the moment comes he will strike.

This is a little different.

How does one seek vengeance against a demon? Therein lies the question. The first step is, of course, exposure. That he can provide in spades. When he makes the connection he presents Wonderland with the genuineness of his offended rage--the only strong emotion he can recall with familiarity--behind the lens of composure. ]

Good morning Wonderland. I have had enough professional experience with the criminally volatile to know that even when there is no police force present, it is best to expose unlawful and uncalled for behavior as a warning to others.

I was attacked last night, by one Anthony Crowley. I wish I could say that it was without reason but unfortunately, he had a reason. His reason was merely an inability to parse reality from fiction, or the choice not to. I should not have to continue to to validate myself against unfounded accusations. You should all know it is my professional opinion that Crowley is either delusional or, as is more likely, a highly effective demon, and not to be trusted. More than that, he is dangerous.

This may be my last communication through the public network for some time, though of course I am always open to private inquiry.

[ Private to Will, Private to Evelyn, two separate but identical messages ]

I could use your company, if you could spare it.

( video )

Oct. 13th, 2014 08:24 pm
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[ he turns around. that’s all it takes. he turns around and the world as he knows it has vanished along with the little girl that’s supposed to be in his arms. he shouts her name ( and the names of the rest of his family ) until his throat burns raw and it hurts to keep yelling but he can’t stop. he doesn’t know if any of them answer him because his ears are still ringing; he can’t hear anything. the explosions rocked the field he stood in and part of him is still waiting for another bomb to drop and to engulf him in flames or another trap of the Espheni’s design.

simply one of the many reasons that drives him to do something he wouldn’t normally be proud of. normal left the building years ago when the aliens invaded his planet. if holding a young woman at knife point is the way he has to get their attention, then so be it. she’s the one he encountered first. it has to be for a reason. he hopes the fact that he found this device planted in his pocket means that it's still functioning.

If you can see this, then I want you to listen very carefully. [ his words are exceptionally measured and articulate. he knows what he wants to say and how to say it from years of playing the messenger. being practiced never makes delivering bad news any easier. the discomfort is obvious for those wise enough to spot it, but his duty to his family comes before everything else, even his morals. ]

This isn't what you... [ the girl currently at knifepoint tugs a bit at his arm. clearly (or clearly enough for anyone who knows her) not trying her hardest to escape. she doesn't seem to notice the fact this is being recorded, or just doesn't seem to care, her attention more on her captor than anything. ] -think it is. If you'll just listen-

I’m through listening. [ he tightens his grip around her, struggling slightly to keep her under his control. is she stupid? does she want to die? it only proves his point that maybe she isn’t real. if she keeps this up, he’s only going to press the knife harder against her throat. ] Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to return my sister to me and tell me where the rest of my family is, or [ and he sighs, forcibly pushes the last part of his sentence out. ] people are going to start dying. Starting with her.

[ her eyes widen, then, like it suddenly sinks in that this guy is serious. it's the death threat that does it, something shifting in the lines of her face. she moves - subtly enough, as far as the camera is concerned. a sliding of her feet for balance, her hands moving for a better hold on his arm, and then she drops low in her stance. the exact moment she does that, she tugs, hard, pulling him over her shoulder and the camera goes with him.

sorry, ben. you don't really want to put a knife to the throat of a girl who's been training with black widow.

the feed is upside, tilted, thrown off somewhere a little ways away where it only catches a canted view of her legs as she walks over to where he'd fallen - not much more than a black mass against the grass. ]

Okay, now you're going to hear me out.

[ movement, and then the feed cuts. ]


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